DGNSS over the Internet   -   Server Instructions

EUREF-IP provides access to some DGNSS server programs. Euref-ip-dgps is the recommended program for this project. TCPCom-Win may be used in case you are less familiar with Linux platforms or accept to live without information on the usage of your server.



Operating System




Source code



Demo version, US$ 259, client and server



Source code, single-client-server


Euref-ip-dgps allows limiting the maximum number of users to the bandwidth of your Internet connection.

You must connect the serial port of the server-platform with the serial port of your DGNSS reference receiver. It is recommended to select a high transmission rate for this link, like 9600 bps, 19200 bps, or even 38.400 bps, if available, on both devices.

Firewalls often block communications through all but a few well-known ports. Make sure that the port you are going to use is accepted or install your server outside of your firewall.

Please note that by the end of 2002, new EUREF-IP dedicated free server software will need to be installed to meet protocol definitions which are currently under development.