station FFMJ (BKG Frankfurt)

The BKG GNSS Data Center

BKG's GNSS Data Center is providing high-accuracy observational and navigational GNSS data and products. The data come from national - the German GREF network - as well as from a European and a world-wide network of permanent operating stations, which track signals from GPS, Russian GLONASS, European Galileo, Chinese BeiDou, Japan's QZSS, India's NavIC and SBAS. BKG-GDC serves as a EUREF Permanent Network Data Center and, being part of the International GNSS Service, it serves as Regional Data Center for Europe.


Observational, navigational and meteorological data from more than 500 world-wide stations are available for download. These permanent stations are continously operating, equipped with high-precision receivers and antennas. Access to the RINEX formated files is given by our HTTP and FTP server.


Products derived from GNSS data are generated mainly by IGS and EUREF analysis centers. Beside station positions and velocities they encompass satellite orbits and clocks, earth rotation parameters as well as tropospheric and ionospheric products. Read more »

Real-Time Service

In addition to the file-based access an increasing number of stations provide their observations in the form of real-time streams. These streams are disseminated via Ntrip Broadcasters and BKG operates several of them. Read more »