GNSS Data and Product Holdings

Name Extension (RINEX v3 / v2) Format Description
RINEX Obs .MO.crx / .yyd RINEX Hatanaka compressed RINEX observation files
RINEX Nav .[GREJCSM]N.rnx / .yy[ngp] RINEX RINEX navigation files
RINEX Met .MM.rnx / .yym RINEX RINEX meteorological files
RINEX skeleton .skl RINEX RINEX header skeleton file (unofficial!)
site log .log site log site/station description file incl. history


Product files are located for each network in the subdirectory "products", e.g. IGS/products.

Name Extension Format Description
Precise orbits .sp3, sp3c SP3, SP3c orbits
Clocks .clk RINEX clock station and satellite clocks, see here
Earth rotation parameters .erp ERP IGSMAIL-1943
Station positions .snx Software INdependent EXchange (SINEX) format station position and velocity solutions
Coordinates .crd Bernese station coordinates
Tropospheric products .tro IGS-specified format Troposphere zenith path delays (ZPD)
Ionosphere TEC .ion IONosphere EXchange (IONEX) format ionospheric TEC grid products

More product information can be found at the IGS and CDDIS.