GNSS Data and Product Holdings

Name Extension (RINEX v3 / v2) Format Description
RINEX Obs .MO.crx / .yyd RINEX Hatanaka compressed RINEX observation files
RINEX Nav .[GREJCSM]N.rnx / .yy[ngp] RINEX RINEX navigation files
RINEX Met .MM.rnx / .yym RINEX RINEX meteorological files
RINEX skeleton .skl RINEX RINEX header skeleton file (unofficial!)
site log .log site log site/station description file incl. history


Product files are located for each network in the subdirectory "products", e.g. IGS/products.

Name Extension Format Description
Precise orbits .sp3, sp3c SP3, SP3c orbits
Clocks .clk RINEX clock station and satellite clocks, see here
Earth rotation parameters .erp ERP IGSMAIL-1943
Station positions .snx Software INdependent EXchange (SINEX) format station position and velocity solutions
Coordinates .crd Bernese station coordinates
Tropospheric products .tro Tropo SINEX SINEX format for tropospheric and meteorological parameters
Ionosphere TEC .ion IONosphere EXchange (IONEX) format ionospheric TEC grid products

Information about formats and standards can be found at
More product information can be found at the IGS and CDDIS.