Use Cases based on EUREF and IGS real-time GNSS resources

Date Country Application
2008/2/12 Romania I want to use these data for cadastral works, Geographical Information Systems, topographic measurements, and other related studies and projects. I am using a Trimble 5700 receiver and Trimble Bussines Center software.
2008/2/13 Poland I would like to perform some tests showing the range and work of new static reference stations. This activities are going to help to understand the rules of work of stations before full start of a network in Poland.
2008/2/15 Germany Processing of GPS Data using stations in Indonesia in near realtime ad estimating the coordinates of those stations. Therefore reference stations are needed.
2008/2/15 Croatia Education for Real Time Kinematic GPS measurements and other GPS surveying techniques. We want to prepare for NTRIP permanent stations.
2008/2/16 Spain We need access to real-time data for some of the subjects teached in the Superior Politechnic Universitary School of Avila, department of the University of Salamanca in Spain.
2008/2/20 USA Evaluation and development of NTRIP software. Caster implemented on network router and j2me clients.
2008/3/4 Germany Need of GPS Data for velocity measurement in the German Lakes and many rivers of our country, to use with our students.
2008/3/5 Brazil Reference frame and GPS Met are our main applications. Besides being a provider of 4 stations we are planning to use other stations.
2008/3/6 Spain Precise GPS location for educational purposes. It is intended to build an application useful for teaching differential GPS techniques in an undergraduate course.
2008/3/7 France Land survey over the city of Nice. We use our continuously operating reference station integrated to french IGN RGP network and we would like to use EUREF and IGS NTRIP network for testing only.
2008/3/8 Hungary Trimble AGPS ez-guide 250 Haicom 204-III, high sensitivity USB GPS receiver, GPS Trackmaker Professional for small parcel agricultural and personal usage.
2008/3/11 Spain My company dedicates at geometric civil construction and engineer installation control. I need corrections by NTRIP since the servant of the IGN in Spain does not work well.
2008/3/11 Czech Republic We are a part of the Czech technical univerzity. So we will use the data for research, testing and teaching purposes.
2008/3/19 Canada Education research on real time positioning applications by the use of differential corrections and long baseline real time kinematics using the IGS network.
2008/3/20 Poland I have a small corporation. I bought a GPS system and I want to try how GPS works with an NTRIP caster.
2008/3/20 Switzerland GNSS Networks Application Testing for software like Leica GNSS Spider and SpiderWeb and Reference Station Receivers like GRX 1200 and others.
2008/3/24 United Kingdom I'm currently developing an application which relates to my final year dissertation research at the University of Nottingham UK. This project is taking a hybrid approach using human and technological means to improving the accuracy of GPS for a user and so the GNSS data streams will be able to aide the work into the technological approach. It is purely a research project and so is entirely for non-profit purposes.
2008/3/26 Romania I am trying to create a project for school which involves detection of automobile collision using GPS and I need better accuracy for positioning the cars on the road. For this I need suitable corrections. Please let me know if you need any other specifications although I haven't completed my application specifications fully yet.
2008/3/28 Poland Localization and data transmission module for mobile application. Main element is GPS module support by RTCM messages 1 and 2 and 3 and 9 received via GSM/GPRS/EDGE modem. Microcontroller - central unit controls all other units.
2008/4/1 Germany Realtime positioning tests with GNMobile (a java enabled mobile NtripClient) and a Garmin receiver.
2008/4/4 Sweden Vehicle computer with positioning of city buses and coaches and firetrucks. DGPS will be received over 3GPRS and WLAN.
2008/4/4 Spain First year as professor in University of Vigo teaching GPS. I would like to evaluate and comment with the students the possibilities of the EUREF/IGS networks in the GPS accuracy.
2008/4/7 Poland RTK in neighbourhood of Wroclaw with GPS Trimble 5800 comunication with GPRS and Trimble survey controller. I need information from the WROC0 GPS station to work with one of my GPS Receivers.
2008/4/8 Morocco Survey works, RTK user with Leica System 1200 with GPRS.
2008/4/9 USA Data is used to instruct ground terminals as to what GPS satellites should be in view and the priority in which to search for them. This allows for a low cost and low power GPS receiver because the position calculation is done by a backend system rather than the terminal.
2008/4/10 Poland My company makes maps from GPS land surveying. We need Real-Time Data for surveying and sometime RINEX data for post processing.
2008/4/10 Poland Topcon HiPer Pro + FC200 + TopSURV. RTK and static measurment in Downer Silesia south-west part of Poland. Postprocessing software GeoNet.
2008/4/11 Poland For use in practical satellite land surveying by individual company. For surveying, comparing, testing etc. with our local state broad caster.
2008/4/16 Hungary We would like to define the GPS coordinates of the field on which the farmers can plant forests and grain or fruits.
2008/4/18 China I am a researcher. I want to test the NTRIP, first get the IGS data with NtripClient and then operate an NtripCaster myself.
2008/4/19 Canada General topographic surveys for environmental, hydrology, hydrogeology, and groundwater modelling. Use of data using Magellan Promark3 RTK L1. Will be used in Ontario and Quebec Canada.
2008/4/23 Estonia Real-time applications for measurements testing NTRIP software and technology. Used only for non-profit purposes. Testing possibilities for our own network.
2008/4/24 Hungary Geodesy, checking the Hungarian reference system.
2008/4/25 Germany Using GPS Data for velocity Messurment in the German lakes and rivers of our country.
2008/4/27 USA Sites ALAC0, ALME0, BELL0, CREU0, COBA0, GAIA0 for purpose of demonstrating and testing precise decimeter level RTK kinematic positioning techniques particularly with intersite distances typical of SBAS networks.
2008/4/27 Poland Educational students project of mobile robot navigation using GPS. Real time DGPS corrections will be used for improve accuracy of navigation.
2008/4/30 Sweden Investigating the usability of Internet for RTK correction aided averaging and improved time solution for a fixed station time receiver for non-profit use.
2008/5/3 New Zealand We are certified Topcon agents in New Zealand. We are building a GNSS high precision network in New Zealand and would like to add NTRIP broadcasting as an additional service to our customers.
2008/5/6 Austria The data will be used in the course Satellite Positioning at Graz University of Technology for teaching purposes. Furthermore the data will be used for research work at the Institute of Navigation and Satellite Geodesy.
2008/5/9 Romania I need to access Romania GPS stations for cadastral and topographic measurements. I would like to find more stations from Romania on your site because it is hard to get the data elsewhere.
2008/5/9 Italy Cartographer at I.G.M., G.I.S. Service, Capo II Sezione DB25K and responsible for the tablet PC instruments used in GPS geotopographic surveys.
2008/5/9 Poland The purpose of our application is free real-time access to GNSS data streams from EUREF-IP and IGS-IP especially for WROC IGS/EPN station.
2008/5/10 USA We are a surveying and GIS equipment manufacturer. We are interested in using real time streamed data for precise positioning.
2008/5/12 Egypt Research purposes, for example tectonic movement research, reference frame, global geodetic reference station analysis and atmospheric modelling, ground control for occultation modelling.
2008/5/13 Moldovia GPS RTK using Trimble 5700 GPS total station surveying mapping using NTRIP to determine coordinates and navigate in real-time
2008/5/17 Poland I need free real-time access to EUREF-IP NTRIP Broadcaster and the IGS-IP NTRIP Broadcaster. My GPS receiver is Topcon GMS-2 + option GLONASS and external antenna.
2008/5/20 Poland Leica, Trimble, and Garmin survey company. We need the access only for training and RTK and DGPS, checking accuracy of GPS receivers.
2008/5/20 USA Need an NTRIP client to do research for my masters degree, researching GPS and error correction data from the NTRIP client.
2008/5/21 Spain Poder utilizar un GPS trimble R6 GNSS a traves de la estacion ZARA. Realizar mediciones GPS via gnss para levantamientos.
2008/5/23 Germany For some private investigations. First I want to try something with distance and area measurement for agricultural usage f.e. field and meadows using an PDA-implemented GPS receiver.
2008/5/26 Macedonia Raw data stream from the station in Ohrid will be used to monitor the coordinates in Real Time of the GeoWILD MAK station in Skopje.
2008/5/28 Germany We would like to access your services in order to evaluate and develop a high-precision positioning tool for our field-workers.
2008/6/1 Uruguay Estudio del sistema y posible aplicacion en uruguay con la colocacion de un caster y estaciones permanetes Estudio de potencialidad alcanzable y desarrollo.
2008/6/2 Belgium Septentrio makes GPS receivers and as a support worker I often get questions from customers asking about the availability/compatibility for various reference stations which we like to test.
2008/6/3 China I am a scientific stuff of Shanghai GALILEO who is major in satellites geodesy. I want to do some GNSS Network data download tests using BKG related software if allowed.
2008/6/6 Poland I am student from Poland. Please be so kind and provide me a user-ID and a client password for geodetic measurements in the area of Poland for personal application with SmartRover RTK GPS.
2008/6/6 Poland Our application for testing GNSS receiver and evaluating their accuracies presentation purposes for clients and high accuracy surveying geodetic projects.
2008/6/6 Germany I want to use the NTRIP servers to precisely locate my position when biking or geocaching. And of course I want to help in testing this relatively new system.
2008/6/8 United Kingdom The objective of using this data is to determine and analysis the GPS data in order to identify correlation of tidal height and land movement.
2008/6/8 Romania I am Sales Manager for Leica Geosystems authorized distributor in Romania and we need access for testing the equipment - mainly BUCU which is the only reference station in Romania broadcasting RTK.
2008/6/9 Germany Please provide me connection toward EUREF/IGS reference stations. I need this data for scientific research, non-profit purpose and it is going to be its only use.
2008/6/9 Croatia As part of my thesis at Hochschule Karlsruhe I'm looking for free sources of GNSS correction data and test them as well.
2008/6/10 Spain We intend to try the generation of real-time SBAS corrections and integrity by processing real-time RTCM 3 messages from your stations.
2008/6/11 USA Trying to integrate external data streams into JPL repository of GPS data for use by various entities who are existing JPL users.
2008/6/12 Australia GPSat Systems Aust is a sole purpose satellite navigation engineering business delivering innovative satellite navigation equipment system solutions and technical services to regional markets since 1993.
2008/6/12 France GNSS Internet Radio but nothing special, only for tests and tests of connections, will be useful for simulating radios when it is possible.
2008/6/3 Australia GNSS research and development. Austral-Asia Distributor for NovAtel and Spirent Developing applications for marine defense and other GNSS users. NTRIP login is required for research purposes only for developing solutions.
2008/6/16 Czech Republic I will test DGPS network in Czech Republic with rover GPS L1 receiver and post processing in RINEX format.
2008/6/19 Romania Principal purpose is the study of terrain to determine the local geo-topographical conditions. The information obtained is necessary to sustain civil or industrial engineering projects research for construction rehabilitation communication or transport routes dams accumulation lakes pipes etc. exploring and exploiting of natural mineral resources quarries marble quarries pollution of the underground archaeological investigation etc.
2008/6/19 Germany In the frame of the HAPS study for ESOC we want to perform some test using real-time data. Planed test are near-real-time orbit and clock determination and a comparison between real-time data and RINEX-data.
2008/6/20 Germany I'm implementing a GPS add-on to a UMTS test system and need accurate coordinates for determining the exact position of areas with bad reception characteristics.
2008/6/20 Moldovia I represent Technical University of Moldova. We purchased GIS GPS receivers Trimble GeoXT and want to gain sub-meter real-time precision for studying subjects.
2008/6/20 Finland Experimenting GPS precise metering and mapping also for small-sized open-source mapping projects like OSM OpenStreetMaps if enough correction.
2008/6/25 Poland Leica Geo systems AG GX 1230 GG GPS System 1200, software is Leica Geo Office.
2008/6/25 Croatia We will use streams from Osijek or Dubrovnik for our RTK rover. Since we deal with smaller surveying projects eventual use of data will be few days per month and for the period of four to five hours a day.
2008/6/26 Spain Our main field is remote sensing research. We would like to use RTK corrections for field measurements of ground control points with centimetre accuracy. We used it last year with fine results.
2008/7/1 Brazil It will be used in tests using the PM500 by NTRIP or network VRS. Tests aims to disseminate the technology NTRIP for placement in real time - RTK.
2008/7/3 Spain Trabajar con receptores trimble 5800para medicion de parcelas conectandonos a la red de estaciones permanentes con las correcciones necesarias para obtener una buena precision.
2008/7/4 France Bureau detudes de confection de plans de reseau d assainissement etude darchitecture assistance à maitrise douvrage et maitrise doeuvre. Etude de lignes electriques et de gaz.
2008/7/5 Venezuela Implementación en el establecimiento de una red geodesica municipal en la ciudad de Maracaibo y tratar de mostrarlo aplicandolo a otras areas. Para esta investigacion se estan usando equipos de la THALES NAVIGATION como son el ZMAX y el ProMarck3 RTK.
2008/7/5 Italy Research on GNSS real time positioning with low cost receivers, real time application quality analysis, rinex created from RTCM streams.
2008/7/8 United Kingdom Experimenting with GPS for the guidance and control of small remote controlled unmanned air vehicles. Particularly the use of differential correction to improve the accuracy of position keeping.
2008/7/8 Croatia Experimental use of Differential GPS correction data for scientific work, student research, field trial testing, evaluation of DGPS positioning performace.
2008/7/8 Croatia Testing of relative positioning technique using two low-cost GPS receivers with differential corrections in urban environment of Zagreb for my master degree.
2008/7/10 United Kingdom Using NTRIP to improve accuracy of GPS receivers used for surveying and steakout. Currently wanting to try using NTRIP over GSM link to Leica 530 to improve stability and accuracy.
2008/7/14 Germany To process the streams for the IGS RT pilot project and disseminate results to users of the RTPP products. ESOC will also act as the coordinating analysis centre and provide a combination solution.
2008/7/15 Russia My application is for scientific research goals. Real-time data processing for purposes of GNSS-meteorology, estimation of total water content in atmosphere.
2008/7/16 Moldovia Real time field tests of the NRTIP-client software implemented into PDA connected with Leica GPS1200, GPS500 equipment using Leica-geos bluetooth adapter.
2008/7/16 Germany Testing and demonstrating real time sources for accuracy and availability, testing hard- and software for evaluation purposes. Comparison with other real time sources like VRS Beacon, SBAS etc.
2008/7/16 Austria Evaluation of a mobile application using NTRIP and DGPS with Windows Mobile 6 compared to GPS only learn how to handle NTRIP Protocol.
2008/7/17 Italy Outdoor robot project integrating an IMU and a DGPS-IP system.
2008/7/20 Germany Verify functionality and performance of user equipment namely mobile NTRIP clients which were developing and distributing for the machine control and guidance markets primarily.
2008/7/22 Finland I would like to improve the wikipedia style map on Metsaehovi-Veikkola area with the help of the METS0 NTRIP server.
2008/7/24 Belgium I am evaluating various NTRIP clients in order to decide which of them works on the various operating systems and 32/64 bit platforms we are using.
2008/7/25 United Kingdom I want to use NTRIP instead of SBAS for surveying local landscapes for personal interest. I like archeology and some areas are in woodland so I assume NTRIP will avoid the SBAS leaf cover issues.
2008/7/28 Poland Testing of other GNSS streams along with testing of EUREF/IGS streams compared with streams from the same reference stations but different providers.
2008/7/29 Czech Republic Testing application of finding the nearest station which can sending information in RTCM standard. Application should receive and parse data in this format.
2008/7/30 Spain In need this for my final career project of topography engenieer. I study in the University of Leon Spain. My Project is about GPS precision.
2008/7/31 France Consultancy firm plans to manufacture network sanitation control of the project and project management. Etude of power lines and gas.
2008/7/31 USA We wish to use the connection to demonstrate on the GPS products we sell. Magellan is our primary brand we represent.
2008/8/5 Austria Survey and measuring of finding positions of wooden artefacts on archaeological sites from the neolithic period in Carinthia Austria.
2008/8/6 Switzerland We are setting up a processing software using RTCM data streams. The SW supports simultaneous intake of parallel data streams from several GNSS receivers at a time. We like to test the SW with parallel data streams from IGS and EUREF and other European stations.
2008/8/7 Norway Test of GPS system for measuring vertical displacement of structure. The structure is monitored with 3 GPS receivers and data from these are processed relative to one reference station.
2008/8/10 Portugal We are developing a prototype of a positioning system for players in a football field. We are evaluating the accuracy of different configurations like autonomous GPS, GPS+EGNOS, and GPS+RTCM.
2008/8/11 Tailand Testing and evaluating the use of DGPS for the application of UAV hobby aircraft with microprocessor control and automatic gyro.
2008/8/12 Italy A project about DGPS. I need a stream near Trento for making some test about precision of this type of correction. It is for my thesis.
2008/8/26 Hungary We are working on GPS and video based survey of roads and road-side objects traffic signs bus stops bridges etc. We would like to use more accurate position data in this project.
2008/8/27 Austria Tracking from railed vehicles during test runs target is to deliver better performance in future additional we try to use this system for test systems for car and truck uses.
2008/8/28 USA Receive RTK corrections on the west side of USA for learning and evaluation porpuses. I have used the CORS stations and I would like to try the NTRIP protocol.
2008/8/29 Hungary Hobby creating Open Source geographical maps both topographical and road maps - see
2008/8/31 Romania I work in education and I want to try this facilities. I use ArcPad software an a Pocket Pc with GPS receiver.
2008/9/1 Bulgaria I want to try this service by using MobilenNtrip software and local GSM/GPRS service from Bulgarian cell phone operator. I need a precision of about 1 m. I plane to use GPS16HVS Receiver from Garmin.
2008/9/2 Italy Research within the study and documentation of archaeological excavations. The goal of study is to produce an orthofoto of Elaiussa Sebaste archaeological site.
2008/9/3 Australia I am working on a project in which an autonomously driving vehicle relies on precise GPS information for navigation purposes. Normal GPS is not accurate enough.
2008/9/4 Finland Europe wide pictometry aerial photography lidar field surveying and mapping supported by differential GNSS. Aerial photography databases with Internet access.
2008/9/7 Brazil Topographic survey coordinated by transport of RTK Railways Roads Urban and Rural Georeferencer Brazil support for immediate withdrawal management and control of network support.
2008/9/8 France We are a small business who use GPS technique since the early 80 and we use it to make Topographie Boundaries définition Land registry division.
2008/9/13 USA Intermittent testing and demonstration for educational uses at a teaching facility. Plan to consider experimental systems for use in medical tracking demonstrations.
2008/9/17 Romania I normally use a PROMARK 3 data collector for terrestrial determination and navigation. As far as data processing goes I use the GNSS solutions software in real time and post-processing.
2008/9/17 Germany Testing of real-time software and applications for the Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy at the geodetic observatory Wettzell for our own world-wide GNSS network.
2008/9/23 Spain Route alignments for projects of power lines and its subsequent study by a longitudinal profile of the terrain from which to carry out the distribution of towers.
2008/9/25 Vietnam For research GPS processing development Mutil-reference correction Relative GPS processing RTK networks PPP processing CORS application Build GPS reference station DGPS application Cadastral survey GIS Mapping.
2008/9/26 China Study on the techniques for pre-processing. To process GPS data in real time and the availability/reliability and efficiency must be taken into account.
2008/9/29 Belgium For testing of our decoders and encoders of RTCM 2.3 3.0 and CMR. Also looking for CMR+. We have users around the world and increasing support of NTRIP helps also survey community.
2008/9/29 Austria Testing DGPS in some environments, perhaps with PDA laptop etc. to make decissions on implementation in some software environments.
2008/9/30 Germany Automotive System Engineer working on driver assistant system in an advanced engineering department. I want to use you data as reference for comparisons.
2008/9/30 Italy None only for study I want to try to receive your data. In future I hope to buy an expensive GPS.
2008/9/30 United Kingdom National mapping agency of GB. Submit NTRIP data for 2 stations DARE and INVE. Access required for test purposes.
2008/10/1 United Kingdom We would like access to EUREF-IP and IGS-IP data streams for research in the fields of real-time precise point positioning and PPP ambiguity resolution for various geodetic geophysical and environmental applications.
2008/10/2 Finland I am the author of GPS based marine navigation software running on different platforms mobile phones S60 platform PocketPC and Windows. I would like to test the possibility to use this service in my products.
2008/10/2 United Kingdom Near Real time calculation of ZTD and IWV for meteorological applications. Used in the UK Met Office for assimilation into NWP models and for producing plots for forecasters to analyse.
2008/10/2 France Training courses in GPS surveying for public or private companies. Crops measurement in France, Europe French speaking Africa and some other countries in the world.
2008/10/2 Romania Mobile NTRIP Sokkia GSR 2700 ISX GPS RTK correction for connection to SATU or BAIA reference station.
2008/10/6 United Kingdom The evaluation of real time distributed network RTK processing engines using a mixture of local and remotely networked GPS and GLONASS resources.
2008/10/6 Croatia I need this approach for the purposes of the seminar at the college. This does not work for commercial purposes already out of hobbies.
2008/10/7 Spain Teaching of GPS technologies at the University. We would need the data for a Master thesis and probably we will use them for practical lessons.
2008/10/8 Spain Utility for Sea Port Containers Tracking. Monitoring current position into Sea Port. Help for transtainer user for containers location. This user must move containers thought the sea port.
2008/10/9 Russia We start to development NTRIP GPRS 3G client hardware for agriculture GPS applications. The old geodetic surveying equipment is also our possible target.
2008/10/10 Venezuela Here in our Laboratory LGFS. We have some GPS receivers with whom we need to do some tests using NTRIP. The GPS receivers we are going to use for these tests are ZMAX from Thales a Garmin GPSMAP 76S and a Promark3 RTK. The tests shall be used to compare with measurements using RTK in Maracaibo city and determine the upgrade level of measurements using NTRIP. The tests will also involve the use of our permanent GPS station REMOS-MARA to analyse latency and influence in final exactitude.
2008/10/10 Germany I need the Data for my diploma work for tests to control agricultural machines with the EUREF/IGS IP correction service and an analyse of the accuracy.
2008/10/18 Spain I would like to develop a platform on where there is an integration of some sensors. One of them will be a GPS receiver that uses RTCM message for better position computing.
2008/10/20 Norway We currently use NTRIP DGPS corrections provided by Fugro. I am interested in looking at the possible data rates and reliability of other sources.
2008/10/22 Portugal A location system for automated guided vehicle using differential correction of GPS inertial information and dead reckoning for Universidade de Coimbra.
2008/10/24 France Test GPS accuracy for development of future application. I try to have the best accuracy has soon as possible.
2008/10/24 Spain Performing research study on GPS raw data reliability, capability and latency to support real time POD and eventual usage of the real time data to assess the achievable orbit and clock accuracy for GPS.
2008/10/24 Germany Evaluation for track measuring course for train navigator with integral constrained GPS solution and track database compensation at German railway DB Netz AG.
2008/10/27 Germany Our company is working in the field of telematic solutions. We are offering application development and integration on our Advanced Telematic Platform. So far for DGPS positioning of the vehicles we are using EGNOS data. We would like to test DGPS correction of our vehicles based on the data of the EUREF/IGS NTRIP Broadcasters. Therefore we would like to register for the service.
2008/10/28 United Kingdom Research of weak-signal with data-wipe indoor GPS signal reception for static applications ultimately for synchronisation and validation of location of consumer telecomm equipment.
2008/10/29 Russia Receiving RTCM SC-104 differential correction for trial purposes and assesment of position accuaracy in different geographic areas, accuracy of different modes.
2008/11/8 Germany GPSD application, operating system is Linux. It is used to fix the actually positions of the GPS receiver and it works worldwide.
2008/11/10 Spain We are doing some tests to receive Real Time RINEX data from the Internet and would like to try EUREF-IP and IGS-IP.
2008/11/12 Germany Research on a combined GPS/Galileo receiver for consumer applications. The receiver is based on a single-shot receiver architecture which needs assisted data to compute the actual position.
2008/11/12 United Kingdom I am a Telecommunications Student at queen Mary University of London. I am studying GPS and GALILEO systems. My final year dissertation will be based on RTK and this service will help me.
2008/11/13 South Korea I would like to process with RTCM message via Internet. NTRIP browser suits my intention. Thank you. I'd like to try this program shortly.
2008/11/13 Italy Use of NTRIP - RTCM Streaming GNSS Data for comparison with different streaming protocol. Experimental on-field testes for evaluation purposes.
2008/11/14 Venezuela Land and marine survey in petroleum industry projects. Positions systems to pipeline bargeoff shore drilling rig side scan sonar sub-bottom profiler and magnetometers survey.
2008/11/14 United Kingdom We wish to use this data to investigate the possibility of using ephemeris data to assist GPS receivers in harsh environments.
2008/11/15 Italy Trimble Geometics Office post processing software. My instruments are 2 Trimble 5700 receivers with Zephir and Zephir geodetic antennas. We work in Padova, Treviso, Venezia, Vicenza etc.
2008/11/17 Germany GPS and Photogrammetry using low cost aerial platforms e.g. medium format and small Format and also UAVs. GPS is important for geo-referencing and time synchronisation.
2008/11/18 United Kingdom Source of ephemeris data for evaluation of assisted GPS technology for use in next generation network telecommunications where GPS is used for timing and synchronisation.
2008/11/18 United Kingdom To research the benefits and test use of RTCM corrections on Trimble Handhelds for use in land based exploration for the oil industry.
2008/11/19 Germany Testing my new Septentrio Receivers for NTRIP capabilities. This should be only for test purposes first to see if NTRIP works fine.
2008/11/19 Sri Lanka I am studying about NTRIP and trying to implement a server at our university. I am doing this for my project and like to create a virtual base station too.
2008/11/20 Venezuela Investigations about GNSS precise positioning techniques in geodetic and cartographic applications in Venezuela mainly combining GNSS heights with that ones from levelling methods for geometrical geoid determination.
2008/11/24 Italy GNSS software receiver in difficult environment indoor or for high precision measures data fusion with other sensor IMU. GIS application and survey.
2008/11/24 Spain Test NTRIP connections from our reference stations connected to EUREF-IP/IGS-IP. Use other stations as a complement for our reference stations network.
2008/11/24 Italy Use for tests into a PhD thesis at University of Ferrara. Transmission of differential corrections through Internet and GPS RTK positioning.
2008/11/26 Canada Es fenomenal tener un servicio tan fantastico en el mundo esto es un haorro de tiempo y dinero que cualquier persona podria pagar una subcripcion.
2008/11/26 Romania For testing TOPCON products in Europe. We are testing different methods of GPS using. We try NTRIP for Romania Network and we want to try to use external base.
2008/11/28 Germany Research and prototype development of an autonomous blimp based flying robot for fire fighting and land mine detecting. Guided by DGPS data.
2008/11/28 Germany Mapping with low-cost Eagle GPS and Echo Sounder. Test online DGPS and post-processing with u-blox Antaris4, difference of SBAS and NTRIP.
2008/11/29 Belgium No specific application. The purpose is to access the GIOVE data and in particular the data provided by GeNeRx receivers.
2008/11/29 Germany As part of a student project I try to create better GPS data for mapping for OpenStreetMap. ATM with laptop GPS receiver and cell phone for GPRS/UMTS Internet access.
2008/12/1 Spain For using GPS with mobile phone, connecting to the IP direction to take the correct coordinates without the reference GPS.
2008/12/1 Italy Research on GNSS applications and algorithms development GNSS deformation monitoring Atmospheric Tomography Inosphere monitoring Network RTK Survey Cartography Precise Point Positioning.
2008/12/2 United Kingdom I would like to improve the positioning on my boat by incorporating DGPS corrections into my GPS using the corrections from the Internet.
2008/12/4 Australia I am an employee of geodesy and positioning within the QLD department of Natural Resources and Water. I am applying for caster access to enable some software testing. I am also interested in some australian reference station data for non profit geodetic interests.
2008/12/4 Germany I'm one of the volunteers who produce GPS tracks for the OpenStreetMap project. For this I am striving to improve the accuracy of my handheld GPS receiver. If tests go well I want to add NTRIP support to some PDA tools.
2008/12/6 Spain I am topographer. I work normally in Spain. I need to use the EUREF/IGS network to realise topographic measurements and works.
2008/12/8 Germany Precise satellite constellation monitoring for ESA/ESOC and the IGS. Precise station quality monitoring of public and open GNSS networks for ESA/ESOC use in orbit/clock/position processing.
2008/12/9 United Kingdom I'm currently working in surveying projects around the caribbean. Usually I use my own base to get my DGPS but I'll like to try to use NTRIP corrections to set up control points.
2008/12/9 France Development of reat-time applications in different activities of the French National Geographic Institute such as surveying cartography metrology stereopreparation and quality control of geographical data bases.
2008/12/11 Italy Development of a prototype GPS SW receiver able to use also the RTCM corrections in order to improve the PVT solution.
2008/12/16 Spain GIS survey and civil works and cataster in general to work with Trimble GPS and spectra GPS in Galicia in the north of Spain.
2008/12/18 Venezuela Investigation about the functionality of BNC and compare the format and quality of the output RINEX BNC from the RINEX of the IGS stations after the processing.
2008/12/19 Moldovia MASPWare GPS MeterPE together with NTRIP GNSS Internet Radio Windows CE running on Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720 with CompactFlash size GlobalSat GPS Receiver BC-337 attached.
2008/12/28 Romania Works the land and topography dossiers prepared for registration of properties in the land and carry out surveying ridicari topographic plans situation tracing verification.
2008/12/30 Spain Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol of RTCM for ArcPad 7.1.1 in GPS applications.
2008/12/30 Norway I want this for educational purpose. I am a software developer and are working on a GPS project which aims to correct pseudo range code from the SiRF chipset.
2008/12/30 Germany I am interested in a better and usable way of guidance in agriculture crops by the usage of normal equipment.
2008/12/31 Italy Mobile PC with GPS attached via USB port with NTRIP software installed in order to receive RTCM corrections via TCPIP wireless connection to Internet.
2009/1/9 Spain Testing differential corrections against final IGS products particularly ionospheric delay correction. Testing in different parts of the world with different ionospheric activity.
2009/1/12 Estonia Monitoring the data in Tallinn GNSS station SUUR mainly using Estonian IP-stations KURE, TORA and TOILA and also stations from Sweden and Finland.
2009/1/14 Germany Development of a precise point positioning real time software for the monitoring of EUREF stations in cooperation with the BKG.
2009/1/15 Spain Railway control. It is needed to calculate the distance between control points. We are thinking to use GPS data. In addition to get the position of the train is also important and we make a pilot project for address such issue.
2009/1/19 Mexico We are testing free NTRIP software and the required configuration. Until now we are trying to start working with the internal network.
2009/1/20 Romania This is for my Diploma Project about DGPS and NMEA, SIRF and other GPS compatibilities between protocols an conversions of all data. Also: testing new antenna for the DGPS receiver.
2009/1/21 Italy I want to register as user to BKG real time streaming NTRIP RTCM because of studying and scientific aims thank you for your support.
2009/1/22 Estonia PH student in EMU university. GPS test and science work maybe some projekts and so on. Sometimes I do some GPS measurements and test GPS accuracy.
2009/1/23 Spain Photographic studies of castillian castles and adobe pigeon lofts and other photographic applications related to territory and patrimony catalogs. Also for personal work.
2009/1/24 Germany Collecting most precise data for mapping on OpenStreetMap project and testing for use of higher precision for Vehicle tracking on APRS Network Hamradio.
2009/1/25 Japan Evaluation and demonstration of real time GNSS satellite precise orbit and clock determination in order to provide correction information for PPP-RTK.
2009/1/26 Japan To examine the performances of the NTRIP channels for the real time RTK terminals for mobile or static in restricted areas in the world.
2009/1/26 Germany Telematics project developed within a student course at University of Applied Sciences Erfurt. Data will be used to improve accuracy of GPS positions measured by handheld devices with embedded antenna and GPRS communication facilities.
2009/1/28 Sri Lanka For my university project we are establishing a NTRIP environment and I want to see in our Trimbe 5700 whether this works.
2009/1/28 Bulgaria Communications in maritime mobile services. Maritime and land precise positioning. Global Maritime Electronics. Communications and systems research on possibilities of ships radio equipment for use in data communication networks.
2009/1/29 Italy We would like to test the capabilities of our new equipment Trimble geoXHand learnign something about NTRIP, get familiar with it, never used here before.
2009/1/29 Venezuela I am a satellite geodesy teacher and I would like to use this technology with my students for surveying and other applications.
2009/1/30 Australia For CRCSI project 1.04, precise positioning service for regional area. CORS data around AUS and world are need for analysis and evaluation.
2009/1/30 USA My request for your service is for research. I am doing research for Riegl USA, see We are a laser scanning company in the united states. Our research consist of mobile scanning corrected by boresight calibration. Your service will provide use with real time data and that will in time align our data to earth.
2009/2/4 Germany Software tests algorithms tests. Do these tests with real data streams. To improve the software and the algorithms by using real data streams.
2009/2/4 Spain For use in agricultural applications, guided machinery, tractors, harvesters. To plot measurements, signalling points, mapping of performance for precision agricultural for use in research.
2009/2/6 Japan Investigate standards and formats for real-time data collection data dissemination and delivery of derived products. Formats including RTCM 3.0 BINEX and RTCA will be investigated. The objective is the development of an open standard.
2009/2/7 Sweden Automatically controlled vehicles. Only for testing purpose.
2009/2/9 Morocco For surveying and geodesy, tests for real time Internet utilisation. Research for GPS accuracy with real time utilisation.
2009/2/9 Sweden I would try to evaluate if I can get a slightly better accuracy in the forest to try to locate old and covered boundary markers for our land properties. I plan to evaluate this under the summer 2009.
2009/2/9 Macedonia Surveying, intend to test GPS+GLONASS receiver with new RTCM 3.1 stream messages. Which are hardly to find like examples except on few stations on EUREF.
2009/2/9 Morocco Only for personal use. Point control in photogrammetry in real time or post processing. Our equipment is dual frequency Trimble 5800 with GPRS.
2009/2/11 Germany Data will be used for near-realtime GNSS orbit determination in the context of a collaboration with DLR. Topic of a related diploma thesis is POD using a sparse global network in view of Galileo.
2009/2/11 Russia Geophysicist developing server programs for aquizition geophysical data sonar multibeam navigation acoustic positioning system and so on working on Linux and several client for this server each client is concerned to each type of acquired data.
2009/2/12 Italy RTK land survey, cadastral survey, GIS and mapping. Roads survey, mining and quarry. Javad Topcon receiver for GPS and GLONASS.
2009/2/12 United Kingdom For testing purposes of RTCM corrected positions in a land based oil survey. Using Trimble GeoExplorer handhelds for a data collector.
2009/2/13 Germany Correction of u-blox lea 4h GPS data for controlling automated recovery of model rockets. Application measures continuously the height of the flight. When height decreases the parachute will be thrown out.
2009/2/15 Norway I wish to test DGPS via Internet as an alternative to picking up radio beacons. Wish to test the navigation performance offset with consumer grade GPS and DGPS.
2009/2/16 USA We are investigating the development and standardization of real-time GNSS updates through NTRIP for mobile mapping applications. We want to participate in the development of this standard and share our experiences as we integrate NTRIP into a mapping system.
2009/2/19 Brazil Access data of NICO0 and ILHA0 stations for tests with respect to GNSS data - observation files navigation data - comparison of stream of this two stations.
2009/2/20 Slovakia I am at Slovak University of Technology and I am a young lecture at Department of Theoretical Geodesy. I have a responsibility for practice part of GNSS lecture. We would like to use this account for student and also for our research in GNSS.
2009/2/22 Germany Evaluation of consumer grade GPS receivers and freeware post processing software.
2009/2/26 Malaysia I'll use this data stream for network-RTK established in Iskandar region Malaysia. Hopefully I will get use and better understanding in order to achieve my research project.
2009/2/26 Finland I'm a developer working with DGPS software and would like to have access to few more real time NTRIP streams besides our own server and caster for debugging purposes.
2009/2/26 Spain We manage the Spanish caster. We would like test broadcasting our stations IGN in different networks in order to observe latencies and other parameters.
2009/2/27 Finland We are checking DGPS system for our university project work. Purpose is to test what is the difference in accuracy with correction and without it.
2009/2/28 Portugal Testing precision with DGPS, if successful will use it for data logging of tractor work in orchards low cost precision farming.
2009/3/2 China We do research in the field of GNSS satellite orbit determination and real time positioning. At the same time we are teaching in this field.
2009/3/2 Spain We carry out topography work with GPS reference stations to calculate UTM coordenates for public infrastructures like airports, roads and railway stations.
2009/3/5 Romania Land surveying and map design, geodetic measurements and topographical works needed in the elaboration of various scales, cadastral, topographical and situation plans for urban and real estate cadastre land registration.
2009/3/6 Switzerland Real-time GNSS analysis and processing. Integration in Bernese GPS software. Linking of own GNSS stations of local network in Switzerland.
2009/3/13 France Testing our Leica rover in France with your services because we receive some request on technical support by phone. We manage technical support for France and domtom.
2009/3/15 Poland I'm trying to get the best possible accuracy with GPSD while doing tree inventory work for polish railways company PKP near Leszno.
2009/3/19 Romania Our company is dealing with cadastral and topographical services for our costumers end users and other companies. Topocad serv is active in topographic surveying. This involves the production of data.
2009/3/19 France My application is for a client, CNES, analysis of feasibility of a demonstrator of real-time precise location using EUREF and IGS files.
2009/3/19 Venezuela I am interested in studying and evaluating the technique with the aim of testing for the development of the technique in Venezuela.
2009/3/24 India I am writing a sample client application to monitor NTRIP server using framework and C as a programming language.
2009/3/26 Spain Surveying and alignment of power lines for future projects of new lines or increases in capacity. The work ends with the redesign of the legs of the towers.
2009/3/26 Germany PhD. Student, DAAD scholarship in Satellite Geodesy Area, supervised by TU-Darmstadt, Physical Geodesy Institute and HS-Karlsruhe, Faculty of Geomatics.
2009/3/26 France Land survey for the city of Nice and suburbs, geodetic use of real time kinematics GPS receivers, tests of NTRIP protocol.
2009/3/26 Poland I need access to your server to improve accuracy of my GPS device Garmin Oregon 300. Especially I'm interested in data streams from Polish stations.
2009/3/26 France Compare corrected position with RTCM to corrected position with EGNOS position and maybe becoming a signal provider equipped with Septentrio Polarx3 in our laboratory.
2009/3/27 United Kingdom Looking at evaluating the accuracies and reliabilities of these systems for hydrographic surveying purposes. Would like having the option of not using an RTK base station.
2009/3/30 France Test to improve accuracy for a positioning system. We want to stabilize an UAV on a position given by a GPS.
2009/3/31 China I am a Ph.D in Wuhan University and I am concentrating on the research in GPS carrier phase resolution and the application to massive network data processing.
2009/3/31 Germany Evaluation of low cost GPS receivers for Real Time Kinematics. Detect how high and far the kite surfer jumps in real time and determine who most highly jumped.
2009/3/31 United Kingdom NTRIP client implementation testing and demonstration in our Penmap software mobile GIS and surveying data collection more information on
2009/4/1 China I am a student majoring in geodetic surveying with emphasis on study of real-time GNSS data processing, therefore need to be able to access the base station data.
2009/4/1 USA The application is used to provide highly accurate GPS positions in cases where the customized base station failes. NTRIP to be used as reflex fallback GPS Source.
2009/4/3 United Kingdom Access would be useful for the evaluation of NTRIP client software data streaming for real-time processing of network GPS data.
2009/4/6 Germany street mapping GPSD Navilock mouse, mobile EEE PC with GPSD and GPS mouse, DGPSIP streets and city survey.
2009/4/6 Chile I have to give a talk at the AAGG meeting 2009 in Mendoza Argentina. So it would be nice to have the possibility to demonstrate the receiving of NTRIP streams.
2009/4/7 China For testing software for real time positioning and real time precise GPS satellite clock and orbit estimation. I wish I can get at least 50 stations real time.
2009/4/7 Germany Evaluation of services for non commercial research purposes, only use with GPSD on Linux on notebook in car.
2009/4/10 Belgium Hydrographic survey, measuring of control points, checking of reference stations, topo survey, geodetic survey, test of receiver, NTRIP caster test.
2009/4/11 India Presently it is only an academic interest in the project. I wish to compare the performances of the present methods of achieving correction with NTRIP options.
2009/4/13 Malaysia For research study testing and continuously checking data quality. To retrieve the data from this application for new study.
2009/4/14 Russia Receive navigation data for scientific research in the field of EGNOS capabilities research satellite based augmentation systems estimate of accuracy GNSS.
2009/4/14 Spain Researching in RTCM real time streams. We have a previous account only for EUREF-IP caster and now we would like to renew that account and also use IGS-IP caster.
2009/4/15 Russia Client-receiver to get RTCM streams via NTRIP protocol. Client has a Java graphic interface which allows user to change various options.
2009/4/15 Ireland I want to use it to increase accuracy for a tractor parallel guidance system. I am trailing free software I found on the Internet and it has the ability to take NTRIP data.
2009/4/19 Venezuela I would like to have access to EUREF and IGS streams because I'm working with the BKG NTRIP CLIENT software and I need to download data for my test.
2009/4/20 Australia Testing of NTRIP standalone hardware device. Using UMTS 850 900 and 2100 modem for carriers in Australia and New Zealand.
2009/4/20 USA I am interested in determining if the NTRIP real time data streams can be used to generate estimates of TEC for ionospheric studies and modelling.
2009/4/21 France We are a land surveying firm. We use your service with our GPS to work with Cannes reference station.
2009/4/21 Hungary Evaluating and using RTCM 3.0 data for GNSS position correction in different environments using different GPS receivers in Hungary.
2009/4/22 Croatia I am student on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb Croatia. I am working on my graduate thesis Analysis of efficiency DGPS corrections in urban environment so I would like to use NTRIP technology.
2009/4/23 United Kingdom Download data from ADIS IGS site. Using raw GPS data from Adis Abbeba station as a fixed station for local network adjustment.
2009/4/24 Venezuela Receive corrections and/or updates for RTK without utilizing the radio modems therefore obtaining quality results in a much faster manner.
2009/4/28 Ukraine Using SULP data stream in education purpose in our university. We have several ref stations and want to use SULP data stream too.
2009/4/29 Spain Control of a mobile robot through GPS information and additional sensors like stereo vision 3D laser. We need a very good precision in order to use GPS Information and we have a Wifi network in our Campus for receiving the RTCM corrections.
2009/5/4 Italy I am manager of a GNSS regional network distributing data with NTRIP. I need access for test purposes.
2009/5/4 Germany I would appreciate getting a stream for entirely non-commercial purposes simply for evaluating the capabilities of DGPS with the GPSD client.
2009/5/5 Latvia I am a student in Riga Technical University Information Technology department. I am graduating this year and I'm writing my graduation work about differential GPS and DGPS via Internet. So I am investigating different software for getting GPS correction data over the Internet. For now my investigations show that it is problematic to get correction data in Latvia. So I want to include GNSS Internet Radio in my graduation work because I see that there are several base stations near Latvia from which I could get correction data for GPS.
2009/5/6 USA Evaluation of NTRIP based positioning as part of a USDA funded research program investigating use of sensor networks and robotics in specialty crop production. Link
2009/5/6 Sweden Learn more about GPS and kinematic positioning as a hobby by setting up my own base station and use EUREF stations to find my initial position.
2009/5/6 Canada We plan on using a combination of GPSD eepc and mapserver to create a fiber-optic network management application. We need some kind of DGPS to increase the precision of our mapping application.
2009/5/6 China I am a Master student and I need some data for my paper. I will appreciate if the GNSS DATA CENTER supports my application.
2009/5/6 Russia Remote sensing of the atmosphere with the help of satellite navigation signals and the determination of the delay of signals in the atmosphere.
2009/5/10 Austria I would like the data for correction of GPS positions received from ANTARIS 4 chip. I use it to control a RC car in my school project.
2009/5/11 Austria For evaluating the possibilities and accuracy of NTRIP based DGPS receivers using Matlab programs and possible application to show the position of remote controlled cars and helicopters in real time.
2009/5/12 China Just for testing my GPS receiver with RTCM formated DGPS infomation to see if I can download some RTCM infomation from NTRIP client software.
2009/5/13 Italy Trying a software correcting pseudoranges acquired with a cheap GNSS receiver using master station data through an NTRIP caster.
2009/5/18 France We are a small company specialized in underwater acoustic and signal processing. We apply these technologies since 2002 to environmental submarine cartography using side scan sonar and multy beam echosouder. Generally we need high accuracy for our survey so we use fixed and mobile GPS. However sometimes we cannot use in real time our base so the alternative which you propose is very interresting for us. We currently use the NTRIP station in Cannes but would try other.
2009/5/18 Germany Experiments with real-time kinematic application. Applied will RTKLIB Japanese Program and a Ublox Receiver on a wireless connection. These experiments are a private individual hobby.
2009/5/18 Spain Use EUREF with NTRIP protocol for work with GPS and GIS in projects and studies of agro-forestry and environmental assesment.
2009/5/18 Venezuela Here in our Laboratory LGFS we have some GPS receivers with whom we need to do some tests using NTRIP. The GPS receivers we are going to use for these tests are ZMAX from Thales and Garmin GPSMAP 76S and a Promark3 RTK. The tests shall be used to compare with measurements using RTK in Maracaibo city and determine the upgrade level of measurements using NTRIP. The tests will also involve the use of our permanent GPS station REMOS-MARA to analyze latency and influence in final exactitude.
2009/5/19 Venezuela We are responsible for the administration and monitoring of the IGS MISC station Maracaibo in Venezuela. We evaluate NTRIP functionality in Venezuela using different hard- and software systems.
2009/5/21 Brazil I am a PhD student at INPE Brazil and I would like to test the software NTRIP with some stations outside Brazilian network RBMC. I am having some problems with our stations because I can not retrieve real time navigation RINEX files. I suspect that Brazilian receivers are operated with some different configuration. I would like to verify if I can obtain real time navigation files from IGS stations. If I am successful retrieving the IGS navigation files I am going to report this issue to the Brazilian agency IBGE.
2009/5/23 Canada Creating detailed 3D topographic digital elevation models DEM for mining and renewable energy projects in the north east region of New Brunswick Canada.
2009/5/23 Italy My application is a simple perl script that use GPSD daemon to store coordinates and calculate distances betwen two points.
2009/5/25 France Our company conducts surveys for control of society.
2009/5/28 Latvia I need to test GNSS Internet Radio 1.4.11 for my graduation work about GPS differential corrections via Internet at Riga Technical University.
2009/5/28 Switzerland I am electrician engineer doing research on GPS receivers. my target is to position radio controlled equipment using GPS. deviation of up to 12 meters is currently limiting my research and I hope to get to the next level using differential GPS.
2009/5/29 Ukraine I work for a small firm which sales geodesic equipment. I try to set Epoch 25 rover in order to receive DGPS correction via internet. Now I need to test how the equipment and software will work with RTCM and NTRIP. Among our clients are institutions and organizations that probably would like to participate in EUREF-IP Project or the Real-time IGS Pilot Project. I certainly will inform the clients about the possibility to join the projects as brodcasters.
2009/6/1 Canada We provide land surveying and engineering surveying services in the Fredericton New Brunswick area. We use Javad Triumph receivers with GPS+Glonass.
2009/6/1 China I want to do some tests. So I must use some data from your website. Please allow me to be a member of this group.
2009/6/1 Spain In order to improve GMVs contibution to IGSRT project the latency of the data acquisition needs to be reduced. This requires to collect data via NTRIP.
2009/6/2 Ireland TopSurvey are a Survey training organisation and seek to further understand the benefits of this technology for training purposes. We want to understand the accuracies etc without being influenced by any one commercial supplier.
2009/6/4 China I need streams from less than 10 stations to test my software for real time ionosphere corrections.
2009/6/4 Spain Monitor station status during campaings in an easy way for campaign coordinators. Check data availability since we provide two stations to the project.
2009/6/6 Germany I want to develop an Open Source DGPS enabled mapping software for mobile phones that aids in mapping for the OpenStreetMap project.
2009/6/9 France My application is for a client CNES Analysis of feasibility of a demonstrator of real-time precise location using EUREF and IGS.
2009/6/10 China I am a postgraduate student of Wuhan University and I am interested in your NTRIP project and I want to do some studies on my plans.
2009/6/12 Italy I want to test the improvement of SBAS signals in a RTK connection made with a Promark 500 rover by Magellan.
2009/6/13 China For my Final Year Project my professor asked me to find out how NTRIP works and to have some testings about the NTRIP Client Software.
2009/6/15 Portugal I am developing hardware and software for robot and other mobile vehicle localization under my PhD research program at Institute of Systems and Robotics at University of Coimbra.
2009/6/15 Brazil Environmental engineering, surveying, degraded soil, water conservation, geoprocessing.
2009/6/16 Taiwan We could like to do RTCM functionality trials on our designed products and verify the GPS accuracy on our units.
2009/6/16 Spain Testing several RTCM corrections from different casters available in Northern Spain from those located within a few kilometers to the DGPS corrections provided by EUREF-IGS.
2009/6/16 Germany I want to test low-budget GPS receivers like u-blox etc. for survey with program RTKLIB. It is an RTK program with NTRIP option.
2009/6/17 Venezuela I want to compare RINEX files from BNC with RINEX files from GPS receiver firmware.
2009/6/18 Taiwan Study NTRIP RTCM message format and DGPS protocol. Since the WAAS signal is not available in Taiwan we want to improve precision of GPS in order to locate wide animals in mountains.
2009/6/19 France For check and control of fishing buoy displacement and to send alert via Short Message service into the Seine river in France.
2009/6/22 South Africa I need to configure the station in Ile-Ife in Nigeria which is still not streaming NTRIP data as well as monitoring our other station in Nairobi Kenya.
2009/6/23 Germany I want to test the RTCM Data via NTRIP with GNSS Internet Radio and my GPS Garmin for exact positioning data for a privat map of my garden.
2009/6/24 Germany Access to NTRIP data of CONGO network for ionospheric research by using GIOVE observations, estimation of Total Electon Content of Ionosphere by using Galileo frequencies.
2009/6/24 Spain I am surveyor in civil works and I need to work in real-time for a better efficiency.
2009/6/25 Venezuela Geodetic survey of pipelines, oil tanks, streets, GIS support, cartographic jobs, cadastral applications, survey controller applications, natural disaster control, remote sensing, mapping.
2009/6/25 Australia Doing research and development on using NTRIP for RTCM transfer, IMU GPS integration, developing NTRIP server products for OEM GNSS receivers, mine machinery monitoring applications, regional NTRIP single base stations and networks.
2009/6/25 Malaysia I want use the GPS data from IGS stations for research purpose. This research will be implemented in University Technology Malaysia. I want use the IGS data for Zenith Total Delay ZPD estimation in near real time. Absolute ZPD can be estimated only when the network is covering a reasonable region because the same satellites are seen from different elevation angles at each station. In other words, long baselines may contribute to a better separation of correlated parameters of ZPD estimation.
2009/6/25 Japan I want to apply the use of this system and data in order to research and evaluate the performance with GPS and GLONASS RTK in a variety of baselines such as short to long length.
2009/6/25 Argentina We are planning to install an NTRIP Broadcaster in the Institute. So we need to gain some experience on NTRIP functionality.
2009/6/25 Argentina Technical Support in Global Positioning Systems equipment in real-time kinematikic single and double frecuency systems from Topcon, Leica and Magellan.
2009/6/26 Mexico Single and multi beam bathymetric survey of coastal areas, harbours, lagoons and tide currents and land surveys using RTK.
2009/6/26 United Kingdom We would like to evaluate NTRIP for providing RTCM corrections to a test platform with the aim of generating high-quality truth trajectories for inertial sensor testing. Registration will allow us to gain familarity with the configuration of an NTRIP system before deploying our own station server.
2009/6/26 United Kingdom I am a surveyor working on an urban regeneration project and am interested in testing Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol.
2009/6/29 Argentina The UNRO Permanent Station is sending data to IGS-IP NTRIP Broadcaster. I'm going to use this account to verify the operation of the station.
2009/6/30 China I am a scientific researcher. My research work is for GPS application in meteorology.
2009/7/1 France Topography simulation of lands because I need to simulate this kind of reference. It is usefull for me to control my GPS and my data compared to another reference.
2009/7/2 Spain Search for burned parcels of land and map them with ArcGIS with the goal of forest restoration work in mountainous areas.
2009/7/2 Kazakhstan Using the NTRIP GNSS Internet Radio for Windows.
2009/7/7 Romania Topographic measurement in Satu Mare Romania. I am measuring with Sokkia GSR 2700 ISX GPS receiver and with Mobile NTRIP.
2009/7/7 Germany Using and testing a self written GPS-Component for Windows. Using a mobile phone to request NTRIP-Data on a mobile PC.
2009/7/8 South Korea Major research interest is the ionosphere effect on GNSS which includes effect of ionosphere storm on integrity modules. GNSS augmentation system algorithms - GBAS.
2009/7/9 New Zealand For the testing of the precision of DGPS. If successful it will be used for validating container movements on a port yard.
2009/7/10 Finland Development of our own NTRIP-client software solution to our excavator control system.
2009/7/13 Germany We want to proceed from our RASANT-based DGPS augmentation in mobile security systems to NTRIP in order to improve the overall availability. This will be a feasibility study related to our conribution to Galileo Masters 2008 where we achieved the regional price last year.
2009/7/14 Romania Land and marine survey near to the coast or river. This data will be used for backup in case of no corection from our permanent base station.
2009/7/16 Australia RTK positioning for agricultural control and precision applications within the agricultural industry in Australia. In the throws of testing now.
2009/7/18 Poland Field measurements controlling the network solution of LAAS in Poland as an additional tool for receiving corrrections in case of troubles with official solution.
2009/7/19 Finland Personal interest in GPS service and studying to use of DGPS devices in OpenStreetMap map making. I'm interested could the real time accuracy be better with this DGPS service than with EGNOS corrections. In short: I'm trying to improve accuracy of GPS tracks and real time data.
2009/7/21 Venezuela Responsible for administration and monitoring of the IGS station Maracaibo. We evaluate NTRIP functionality in Venezuela using different hard- and software systems.
2009/7/22 Germany I would like to show interested persons and customers how DGPS over IP does work and use it from time to time to do local GPS equipment testing.
2009/7/23 France Students in an engineer school in France specialized in land surveying.
2009/7/24 France Our application is to compute and provide satellite ephemeris at a high data rate for example 1 sec or 10 sec.
2009/7/25 Spain I am usually working with Trimble GPS XT to capture points for GIS works. The sofware has the capability to work with the NTRIP protocol.
2009/7/30 Spain We are testing South and Latin American Real Time stations behaviour within the CELESTE and SACSA project, a colaboration project to try to install a SBAS system there.
2009/7/30 Canada We are in the process of implementing NTRIP client and server on our next generation product. We would like to test with your casters.
2009/8/3 Malaysia Continuous deformation detection and analysis by connecting the local CORS to IGS for Iskandar Malaysia region.
2009/8/3 Brazil Improved GNSS positioning and navigation.
2009/8/6 China I am a software engineer of GPS applications working for SOUTH-Survey and I aready study NTRIP since five years.
2009/8/6 USA Use of our Leica RTK Rover for Land Surveying purposes in southwestern Connecticut USA. We are the source of this stream.
2009/8/7 Germany To get RINEX-data for postprocessing a u-blox LEA-5T.
2009/8/7 USA I would like to introduce students to NTRIP for RTK in my classes. I am also interested in using real-time GPS data streams for geophysical applications.
2009/8/8 Norway Using the connection for testing the GPS setup for cars and tractors. If it is accurate enough for agriculture, it is used for routes for the spread of mass to the fields.
2009/8/8 Brazil The Municipality of Manaus is starting its activities in the core and Geoprocessing. Geoprocessing has been studying the new technologies for data collection.
2009/8/12 Switzerland I would like to try the usage of NTRIP on a iPhone to see if it is possible to get better Google-Map postitions.
2009/8/12 Poland NTRIP GNSS Internet Radio Client v1.4.3 Windows Windows XP Pro SP3 Pentium 3 RAM 512MB HDD 40 GB Garmin 48 and Garmin GPS17HVS.
2009/8/13 United Kingdom I am planning to survey some UK lakes and make bathymetric maps using the BKG NTRIP Client.
2009/8/14 France Training courses in the use of GNSS for topographical surveys, DTM ground control points measurments for aerial picture and satellite images.
2009/8/17 Germany Evaluating current available open source software with RTCM and develop new applications for mobile devices with built in GPS receivers e.g. Palm Pre.
2009/8/20 Canada Our application is a portable maritime pilot situational awareness tool. This is a GPS based application where accuracy is essential. NTRIP may be useful as an alternate method of correction delivery.
2009/8/21 USA I would like to conduct tests of real time point positioning using an IGS NTRIP stream with corrections to the GPS broadcast ephemerides and clocks. I believe CLK10 is one such a stream so I am applying to be registered to use it.
2009/8/23 USA I am applying for RTCM3EPH with the up-to-date information from the broadcast GPS Navigation Message to use along with the IGS Real Time Pilot Project broadcast epehemeris and clock corrections.
2009/8/29 Italy Professional and government GPS Trimble 5700 and Topcon Hiper GGD with software Meridian Topcon Italy and various Trimble programs.
2009/8/30 United Kingdom I am looking at the feasibility phase of developing a data acquisition application to gather data from distributed mobile points using the 1PPS from the GPS network and the DGPS to reconstruct the data.
2009/9/1 Germany I need DGPS corrections for Trimble receivers to collect GIS data. The task is finding telecommunication cables and water pipes.
2009/9/2 Brazil I am interested basically in the study of GNSS networks as well as the analysis of GPS data in real time.
2009/9/3 Slovenia Testing mobile coordinate system of multi-sensor RT DAQ. The project includes multi-spectral measurements of EM field and coupling the results with dynamical photogrammetry produces from smart cameras. The coordinate system is mounted on remote controlled robotic device. We would like to test RT high resolution semi-autonomous referenced robotic RT DAQ system.
2009/9/3 Malaysia I am applying for carrying out a study on ionosphere using regional GPS network reference stations. Data will be streamed from nearby reference stations e.g. BAKO NTUS CUSV PIMO and XMIS in order to study ionospheric variations in equatorial region especially Malaysia. Local GPS reference stations also will be utilized in order to increase the density of network in this region.
2009/9/4 France We want to check your GPS with NTRIP on GPSD.
2009/9/8 Germany We would like to derive precise positions using GPSD as a routing engine on an Openmoko Freerunner. Communication via GPRS is available. We plan to use this technique for a robotics project.
2009/9/8 Russia A method for estimating an ionospheric index of Solar-activity IISA based on the processing of spacecraft radio-signals is suggested. The IISA values are obtained by comparison between measured and calculated variations of radio-signal characteristics.
2009/9/9 Brazil I need real-time GNSS data for teaching postgraduate students how to make VRS calculations. We will use IGS stations and stations from the Brazilian RBMC network.
2009/9/11 United Kingdom Writing software for gridless surveying of archaeological sites. The software produces an overlay of geophysical measurements (magnetometer etc) onto Google Earth. Accurate real-time positioning is needed for this application.
2009/9/15 France We try to make a street survey in Cannes. We have difficulties to connect with UHF RTK mode and we would like to test your network.
2009/9/15 Nigeria I am a researcher with Nigeria's Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics that is being set up. I need real time data to be able to accurately analyse the data that the installed equipment in the centre is turning.
2009/9/16 Germany We need an account for gaining access to RTCM/NTRIP data over Internet. It is desired for educational purposes as well as helping in development of GNSS Receiver hard- and software.
2009/9/16 USA To explore the feasability of NTRIP and the IP.NET for sub-meter and centimeter location work throughout the eastern US.
2009/9/20 United Kingdom To be used in creating and testing software for automatic control of agricultural vehicles to be interfaced to an automated steering system.
2009/9/20 Spain We are dedicated to surveying and mapping throughout the Spanish territory. Mostly agricultural engineering works for autonomist deputies. We have four RTK GPS equipments and we would like to try the EUREF-IP system.
2009/9/21 South Korea Major research interest is the implementation of Real time RTK by observation meassages from NTRIP Broadcaster.
2009/9/21 United Kingdom I would like to conduct tests on long baseline RTK initialisations.
2009/9/21 France Mobile Survey base on a vehicule mounted lidar scanner. We usally use our own base station but in some case using EUREF-IP network may be usefull.
2009/9/23 South Korea I am working on a GPS data processing programe and esspecially in network GPS so I need some Net Station data for test and debug.
2009/9/24 Germany I need EUREF IP in connection with my thesis diploma. I want to test a lowcost GNSS-INS sensor and examine the accuracy of the measurements.
2009/9/24 USA We do mobile mapping technolgies for Utility companies truck tracking and 911 response like local fire departments. Also doing simulations for an unmaned aircraft to deleiver payloads to put out forest fires when regular plans can not get close enough.
2009/9/28 USA Land Surveying functions and services via RTK, performing boundary geodetic control, topographic monitoring, environmental and construction surveys, aerial control establishment for photogrametric surveying.
2009/9/29 Turkey We will use RTCM message to teach RTK method for students. GNSS Internet Radio and NTRIP RTCM Decoder softwares will be used to manipulate data.
2009/9/29 Germany Our plan is to implement a real-time point positioning software. At the moment our main interest is real-time remote clock monitoring via GNSS.
2009/9/30 USA We are testing a DGPS device and need a stream to verify operation. We are working on getting our own NTRIP caster up and running and it will be shortly.
2009/9/30 Germany I am a scientific employee in laboratory GNSS and navigation. I plan to use this service for scientific work and to write a dissertation.
2009/9/30 Italy Testing how consumer GPS receivers can use DGPS correction to improve GPS accuracy for future clock sync and tracking usage.
2009/10/1 Puerto Rico Establish and expand RTK Network in the Caribbean for centimeter level accuracy. At the moment we have 15 GPS station spread island wide. We want to test some Trimble 4000 SSI RTCM 2.1 streams in our network.
2009/10/7 Australia We would like access to all of the IGS orbit and clock products available as well as data sources in the Australiasia region so that we can make them available for distribution in the Australian Region.
2009/10/8 Venezuela I want to experiment with the NTRIP technique and apply and evaluate it in our country following today's technological advances.
2009/10/9 France We are a French expert surveyor engaged in navigation, civil works and bathymetry. We carry out navigation tasks in the Mediterranean Sea.
2009/10/11 Czech Republic I would like to get access for testing purposes. The main purpose is Real Time Kinematic mainly from TUBO0 site.
2009/10/12 Ecuador I am studying Geodesy in Ecuador and I need information and help to develop my thesis which is about NTRIP in Ecuador.
2009/10/12 USA We are utilizing the system for real time kinetic services to determine the position and attitude of a group of semi-autonomous robots for research into search and resuce type missions.
2009/10/14 Netherlands We wish for sub meter accuracy navigation on a Windows mobile device with integrated GPS and GPRS simcard. I am researching the possibility to do this using NTRIP instead of buying extra hardware beacon receiver.
2009/10/14 United Kingdom Data will be used for estimation of water vapour from GPS delays. At the moment this is a trial system to test out whether sub-hourly processing of GPS data is feasible for ZTD and IWV estimates.
2009/10/15 Taiwan We could like to do RTCM functionality trials on our designed products and verify the GPS accuracy on our units.
2009/10/15 Norway We want to test out and evaluate the real-time data stream from IGS. In particular we are interested in seeing the performance of the real-time IGS data for precise orbit and clock calculations of both GPS and GLONASS. We are mainly interested in data from the IGS net but take the opportunity to ask for EUREF data at the same time.
2009/10/18 Germany We are developing unmanned areal vehicles for scientific usage. Main target is to deliver a plattform for experiments and especially for areal photography.
2009/10/18 Austria Car tracking system over GPS with a central server application and data access over website for live tracking and route recording.
2009/10/21 USA GPS for bathymetry work in the Mid Atlantic region of the eastern United States interfaces with Knudsen 320 BP echo sounder and Hypack software.
2009/10/23 Germany Just to find out how good is NTRIP for a normal users with an low budget receiver. Check if it is possible to fill up the reciver with the NTRIP data stream.
2009/10/27 Argentina I am researching this method of connection to RTK data in order to provide geosystem clients with the technology.
2009/10/30 Switzerland We would like to use the datastreams for interoperability tests between different receiver brands and to reproduce customer issues.
2009/10/30 USA Develop and demonstrate high-accuracy GPS positioning in real time. The NTRIP connection will be used to test the real-time precise point positioning PPP software engine.
2009/11/7 Argentina Precision agriculture in addition to soil conservation works and design of drainage systems and runoff of excess water.
2009/11/10 Germany We would like to use the streams to improve the GPS accuracy in context of car navigation and autonomous mapping with open-street-map. The possible positioning benefit will be evaluated with consumer and low cost GPS devices.
2009/11/12 Venezuela I am a student of Surveying Engineering and am interested in doing some tests using Maracaibo NTRIP station for research for the University of Zulia.
2009/11/16 Spain We are a company that carries out civil works and therefore use GPS measurements for survey tasks.
2009/11/16 Venezuela Test the implementation of BNC for processing GPS data in fast static survey mode with the permanent stations REMOS and MARA.
2009/11/18 Finland Differential correction experiment. Documentation of buildings location for designing purposes. Want to study basestation length dependencies.
2009/11/19 Ukraine Industrial and civil building project works, production of concrete and reinforced concrete constructions, transport services development of non-metallic deposits and production of crushed stone, production of steel constructions, foreign economic activity.
2009/11/19 Portugal I am a farmer and I have 3 GPS guidance systems. I need better precision. I was told I could get centimeter precision with this kind of corrections.
2009/11/22 Germany We develop GNSS applications for surveying and monitoring machine control. We are a dealer of Topcon and NovAtel GNSS equipment. Online access to EUREF/IGS is very usefull for development, demonstration, evaluation and european-wide technical verifiction of our systems.
2009/11/23 Italy Development of a software application for infomobility based on services and performances provided by Global Navigation System GPS + GALILEO.
2009/11/24 Switzerland Whithin a small group of mathematicians we are exploring the algorithms of RTK-GPS for land survey in switzerland in view of terrain shapes, mountains valleys etc.
2009/11/24 Bulgaria Testing the accuracy of applications. Possibility to combine with other networks on the territory of Bulgaria.
2009/11/24 France We are a land survey firm and use GPS for survey stake out to determining the coordinates of our works. We are working close to the reference station in Cannes.
2009/11/25 Bulgaria I work with Trimble equipment Juno SB and GeoXH. Real-time differential correction is important in my work especially when identifing different occurencies in the forest.
2009/12/1 Austria Correction data for hydrographic survey work, checking with other sources like RTCM correction data along the Danube eg. via Donau or SAPOS, backup system.
2009/12/1 France I am a land surveyor and I want to use this service to verify the mesurement of severall works at Ajaccio.
2009/12/1 Romania RTK measurements in various area using different equipment, test best results using real-time data provided on Internet, find other solutions for real-time measurements.
2009/12/1 Germany Geocaching with GPS on PPC Windows Mobile systems
2009/12/2 South Korea My topic is LEO orbit determination using RTPP products and the possibility to use them for onboard orbit determination.
2009/12/2 Italy We are interested in NTRIP applications for geodetic work.
2009/12/2 Italy We are involved in the building of a new Italian radio telescope. Your data will be useful for monitoring the construction site.
2009/12/2 Russia Development and evaluation of client-side NTRIP 2.0 protocol implementation for NTRIP Client and NTRIP Server features of GNSS receivers.
2009/12/5 Czech Republic Precise positioning with consumer grade GPS receivers using RTCM corrections for the exploitation in fields of GIS data collection, geocaching, mountaneering, etc.
2009/12/8 Germany I am writing an article about localization protocols for a seminar at University of Tuebingen and I want to try how NTRIP works.
2009/12/8 Germany Evaluation of usability of NTRIP-streams on Android-based smartphones especially for application used in testing and surveillance of traffic control systems.
2009/12/9 Russia Testing and checking compatibility and hopefully estimation of capabilities in comparison to PPP-technique. We will try to find out how to create a similar service in our area.
2009/12/10 China My device is a moblie GPS. I want to try to get RTCM data via GRPS to improve its precisiion.
2009/12/10 Czech Republic I am a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at Czech Technical University, Department of Radio Navigation Systems. I would like to use EUREF for study purposes i.e. the impact of using DGPS corrections on GPS accuracy.
2009/12/14 Romania I came across your site by mistake, a very fortunate mistake because I had to do a survey and I did not have a reference point. This site kindly provided me one.
2009/12/15 Germany Researching the usage of DGPS for indoor localiziation purposes. Therefore I need some RTCM data that I can send to the GPS device for testing.
2009/12/16 Romania I am a surveying engineer, I use a Leica SR530 GPS system and I receive differential corrections by Internet with GNSS Internet Radio 1.4.11.
2009/12/16 Spain DGPS corrections for mobile devices equipped with standard GPS engine to provide more accurate readings.
2009/12/17 Germany High precision localization of autonomous agents for navigation tasks, swarm logic and robot interaction in field robotics. Main application is autonomous sailboats.
2009/12/17 Netherlands Use of the NTRIP RTCM messages to correct the position of our base station during field test for precision farming and field robotics. We use a Trimble base station and Topcon system for university research purposes.
2009/12/18 Romania Processing GPS vectors between base stations and rover stations. We will use files in our activity.
2009/12/18 Spain At this moment the main use is environmental regulation managing the boundary between human activity and the natural environment. This involves regulated sites such as municipal landfill dumps and incinerators and environmental infractions.
2009/12/18 Italy Use of ephemeris data for research purposes in the field of GNSS assistance. A server will use data in order to made them availble to user terminals on the field.
2009/12/18 Greece I am a surveying engineer and I want to use AUT1 for real-time kinematic applications with LEICA 1200 system, one reference station and three rovers. I want to test the system in real-time in static mode. I want to create a network and a geoid model in Macedonia and Thessaloniki.
2009/12/25 Spain Evaluation of moderate-accuracy wide-area RTK applications over Spain using EUREF base stations and single-frequency or dual-frequency rovers and comparison with other techniques such as PPP.
2009/12/27 United Kingdom Collection of messages to correct GPS coordinates for tracking the postions of sport competitors for showing positions on maps.
2009/12/29 Romania I want to have access to EUREF and IGS real-time GNSS resources because I need to determine the position of my GPS.
2009/12/30 Spain To realize hydrographic work in which it is important to have a planimetric precise position. It will be useful in case of not having of Radiofaros or RTK coverage.
2009/12/30 USA We want to use GNSS streams to test our client processing software suite. It will help us to test the possibility to process long baselines.
2010/1/3 Germany Improve accuracy of several Windows Mobile 6.0 devices linked to consumer GPS receivers used for geocaching purposes as well as street navigation.
2010/1/4 Germany Nowcasting applications of GPS water vapour networks considering the variation of zenith wet delays, monitoring of coordinates of stations in real-time and near-real-time, geodynamical investigations.
2010/1/4 Spain Our corporation uses high precision GNSS solutions for jobs in the forest as well as in other territories.
2010/1/7 Finland I am studying Geodesy and I need RTCM data for training RTK and testing accuracy of my Trimble GPS receivers.
2010/1/7 Spain High resolution study of an archaeological place with the aid of mobile GPS devices using real-time DGPS corrections via GPRS.
2010/1/8 Italy Ephemerides data upload to a GPS receiver to test assisted GPS performance gain compared to standalone GPS receiver performance in different environments.
2010/1/12 France Test connection to an NTRIP caster to verify that the client works correctly for a draft correction GPS signal.
2010/1/12 Romania Experiment on the use of GPS receivers for static positionning with Sokkia Stratus receivers and conversion of WGS84 data into Stereo 70 datum.
2010/1/12 France We are a land surveying firm and want to use your real-time access for working with Cannes station. We use real-time GPS for survey.
2010/1/13 Ukraine Education and research purposes in the sphere of precise GNSS positioning. Development of post-processing and real-time in future software for GNSS positioning. GNSS hardware testing DGPS and RTK messages (forming, transmitting, receiving, and decoding RTCM v.2, RTCM v.3, CMR, and RTCA). Collaborating with Ukrainian GNSS real-time networks.
2010/1/13 Romania I need RTK access to test a lea-4t u-blox receiver for a school project.
2010/1/15 Romania I need to process GPS data in order to obtain coordinates.
2010/1/18 Romania I need this information for a school project. The streams must contain observation data and GPS nav data for station BUCU.
2010/1/18 Romania I need streams with ephemeris of GPS satellites for a school project.
2010/1/20 Germany I study Aerospaceengeneering at the University of the Bundeswehr. I need access to these networks to draw up my bachelor thesis.
2010/1/22 Switzerland For testing the DGPS implementation of our receiver firmware we would like to have access to a big variety of different RTCM streams. This would really improve our testing procedures.
2010/1/22 USA We would like to explore the benefits of supplying observations from our network of reference stations.
2010/1/23 Canada Agricultural GPS evaluation using low cost off the shelf components u-blox GPS receivers and RTK library software hopefully produce auto steer components light bars etc.
2010/1/25 France I am currently responsible for the Ntripcaster of the IGN. This access is intended to check the proper functioning of the streams from France on and concerning latency, content of sourcetable etc.
2010/1/25 USA We are developing a robotic lawn mower that uses a RTK GPS receiver to record and playback path data. We would like to be able to test the NTRIP part of our software with data from many different sources.
2010/1/27 Romania We are very interested in this direction because our company is involved in a hydrotechnical project using this technology.
2010/1/28 Germany Demonstration of the accuracy of surveying with the help of modern GPS-devices as a part of an student seminar at the Technical University of Dortmund Department of Geography.
2010/1/29 Greece I am an environmental engineer and I need to use GNSS streams in order to maintain better groundwater well recording accuracy using GNSS streams in Thessaloniki and in Cyprus.
2010/2/1 Russia For development and testing the client software that parses NTRIP and RTCM protocol messages. The purpose is to increase the accuracy of GNSS receivers. I am particularly interested in DGPS RTCM streams.
2010/2/2 Portugal I am the head of the department of geodesy of a national mapping agency. We are responsible for EPN stations in our country.
2010/2/3 Netherlands Testing purposes related to development of light NTRIP client embedded in companys GNSS products that are used for marine operations.
2010/2/3 Belgium Thematic relay of the EUREF NTRIP streams from the main casters at BKG over, the caster at Royal Observatory of Belgium.
2010/2/3 Italy Relief works and road signs using handheld device with submeter precision with differential correction for the road network in the Province of Piacenza.
2010/2/3 Portugal I want to use NTRIP and related products for demonstration purposes at scool using some examples to teach students in the context of GNSS subject.
2010/2/4 Spain We work on studies dealing with GPS corrections in America for a future SBAS project.
2010/2/9 Netherlands I want to write an application for small robotics. Navigating in the open guiding tours around a specific perimeter. Furthermore I would like to get to know the possebilitys of DGPS with this registration.
2010/2/10 Singapore Initial assessment of inter-distance baseline lengths in equatorial regions with NTUS0 station in Singapore. Leading to alternative Network RTK solution spanning Indonesia Singapore and Malaysia.
2010/2/10 Singapore As the Asia Pacific regional manager for a major manufacturer I am currently doing some research on InterSpace distances of reference station networks in an equatorial region and I would like access to NTUS0 station to include it as part of our study network.
2010/2/10 Poland I am a student and would like to compare results when using RTCM corrections from EUREF-ip and the Polish ASG-EUPOS.
2010/2/11 Germany We are a developer of value-added navigation services and applications for professional market segments. As such be build upon state-of-the-art enabling precision services for our solutions of which real-time IGS/EURF is a latest development with interesting potential in it.
2010/2/11 United Kingdom Application is a DGPS system for vehicle tracking asset tracking and people tracking. We need EUREF for testing and trialing the system.
2010/2/14 Germany Private use to locate a rover. To learn about the accuracy that will be achievable. If you agree my experience will be reportet in the forum
2010/2/17 Spain System for tracking sea port machinery. A software must be installed in every vehicle. This software reads RTCM data from NtripCaster and writes the data to DGPS.
2010/2/17 Venezuela Application will be in the field of cadastral rural and urban level to implement a geographic information system in PDVSA.
2010/2/18 Sweden Testing purposes for better positions in urban areas. Better postioning is needed for our application. nTrip hopefully provide that for us.
2010/2/22 Italy I am investigating the possibility to develop a procedure to detect GPS co-seismic offset with low latency time by using real-time telemetered data from permanent GPS stations.
2010/2/22 Chile We need to test NTRIP system in Santiago Chile for applications like mapping, mining, topography, geology. In Chile traditional RTK GPS systems with radio modem is a little habitually.
2010/2/24 Poland I am interested in real time and near real time PPP. I would like to test new PPP capabilities of BNC software.
2010/2/24 Spain Analysis and evaluation of the evolution of new standardized RTCM messages such as clock and ephemerids correctors in NTRIP transport
2010/3/1 New Zealand To be able access message types 1019 1020 and 1060 in order to be able to process some of the sites we stream here in NZ.
2010/3/2 Brazil The latest BNC version comes with a real-time PPP option. It should allow to get ~20..30 cm accuracy world-wide at any location after a convergence time of ~20...30 min. We want to test it in our country Brazil. To do this we need access to mountpoint CLK44.
2010/3/3 United Kingdom Log navigation data to be used as ground true in the evaluation of the performance of an autonomous navigation system we are developing.
2010/3/3 France Since the beginning of this year we are operating our own permanent GNSS reference station. We are also using NTRIP to transmit data and we would like to access EUREF real time products for test purposes. The EUREF real time streams would be used to periodically check the quality of our own data stream and alert us if a malfunction is found.
2010/3/5 Romania Testing purposes related to development of a mobile land survey system using Win Mobile enabled PDA and GPRS/EDGE/3G public network, use for land reclamations operations.
2010/3/6 Spain We are interested in real time and near real time PPP. We would like to test new PPP capabilities of BNC software.
2010/3/8 China PPP GNSS receiver and GIS data collector study to improve realtime accuracy for GIS. The next step will be to start to resarch low-cost RTK for survey and construction.
2010/3/8 Switzerland There is an interest and need for using PPP live data streams in the future. Therefore it helps me a lot to have some data streams for testing and first investigations.
2010/3/9 Finland I would like to test the BNC software and try to make a software reading data from NTRIP caster and feed it to DGPS.
2010/3/9 USA Testing purposes for better positions in urban areas. Better postioning is needed for our application. NTRIP hopefully provide that for us.
2010/3/10 Austria I am currently working on a PPP related project called rapid precise point positioning at TU Graz where investigations on real-time possibilities of PPP are made.
2010/3/11 Poland Monitoring of services of ASG-EUPOS network in relation to EUREF-IP and IGS-IP networks, additionally PPP from reference stations which needs clock corrections and ephemeris broadcasted in IGS-IP.
2010/3/11 USA Development of a single frequency PPP-RTK module for contribution to RTKLIB or other GPL licensed GNSS position and navigation software package with multipath mitigation through wavelet analysis of rover observables.
2010/3/12 Germany I am involved in IGS AC activities. I would like to test BNC and eventually support its development.
2010/3/13 Germany Development and evaluation of low cost RTK solutions tailored for agricultural markets. The goal is to develop a system solution with a per machine price below EUR 1000 for the individual receiver and to achieve a precision of better than 5cm. We expect to significantly enhance agricultural production by wide spread availability of these receivers. Application specially targets in-machine RTK solutions with both stations on one machine thus also offering precise angular measurements between traktor and trailer without mechanical sensors.
2010/3/14 Netherlands Testing GPS connectivity and accuracy under Linux for use with various GPS related projects. The use of NTRIP broadcasters should significantly boost GPS accuracy.
2010/3/15 Russia I registered our GPS station at for a test period. Now I would like to register for access to our streaming data.
2010/3/15 Romania I want to send RTCM to a Promark3 GPS receiver using two mobile phones, one connected to the PC running Internet Radio and the other one connected to the Promark3.
2010/3/16 United Kindom We would like to test our receivers on different aspects like VRS for short and long baseline with corrections being send over the Internet.
2010/3/21 Romania I will use the data in faculty projects involving GPS measurements. I will show to the students how the NTRIP Broadcaster works.
2010/3/24 China I am new in GNSS applications and very interested in this technique. So I want to learn more about it and also about RTK.
2010/3/24 Iraq Test for installing an active GPS station in Duhok, Iraq. Seeing the results in real-time helps us with our Geo jobs.
2010/3/25 Netherlands Surveying canals and waters in the Netherlands requires a high accuracy level of location data specificaly returning to the exact position of a servey.
2010/3/26 Russia As one of major competitors on GNNS applications market we are interested in Precise Point Positioning technology evaluation. Of course we are ready to provide necessary feedback if requested.
2010/3/26 New Zealand I want to access streams using the BKG NTRIP Client so that I can output RINEX ephemeris files. I am just using the software for the first time and am still becoming familar with it.
2010/3/26 USA We would like to use NTRIP streams for real time tropospheric estimation. We plan to use the realtime clock streams for PPP processing.
2010/3/27 Italy Analysis of GPS signals captured with a smartphone and application of different correction methods.
2010/3/30 USA I want to study PPP and RTK for finishing my doctor degree. I need the real time carrier and code information and NTRIP will help a lot.
2010/4/1 Norway Application is a DGPS system for vehicle assets tracking as well as realtime positioning via mobile networks. We need EUREF for testing and trialing the system.
2010/4/8 Poland We would like to test your system with our navigation system for aviation. We need DGPS corretions for our remote receivers in planes.
2010/4/9 China I want to learn how it work and how it can be used. And I want to use NTRIP data to test my new device.
2010/4/9 Italy I want to study NTRIP and RTK techniques in order to familiarize myself with these methods. My actual work involves online tracking for fleet management applications but I want to approach higher precision applications as e.g. precision farming.
2010/4/9 Germany We are a developer of value-added navigation services and applications for professional market segments. As such we build upon state-of-the-art enabling precision services for our solutions of which real-time IGS and EUREF is a latest development with interesting potential in it.
2010/4/11 Germany I try to build my own reference networt with my own receiver. Now I am testing this equipment with some other connected servers. I am still a newcomer for RTK-Services.
2010/4/11 Indonesia I am working in a seismic company so I want to try this service to find out the benefit or any features that can help me in my duty.
2010/4/12 Ukraine I am owner of a small fast developing geodetic company. Our team executes geodetic works all over Ukraine. The main types of work are topographical surveys in different scales, construction support, and support of geological and geophysical researches.
2010/4/13 China We want to make educators and students aware of these two new emerging technologies: Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS).
2010/4/14 Japan I research an autonomous mobile robot in outdoor environment. I am interesting in a GNSS technology for localization of mobile robot.
2010/4/14 Germany In the frame of a project at the Institut of Geodesy and Navigation at the German Federal Army University of Munich I require some IGS and EUREF data.
2010/4/14 Switzerland Testing different applications for CORS network data analysis, quality checks, data completness, real time streaming, and positioning applied to current projects.
2010/4/15 Poland I need access to this application for my final research at the University in Olsztyn. I would like to do measurements using it.
2010/4/16 Poland I am studying Geodesy and Cartography at Warsaw Univerity of Technology. I will use access to EUREF-IP for educational purposes such as my thesis.
2010/4/19 South Korea We will develop a real-time system for clock estimation. The generated orbit/clock-products will be used to support orbit determination of GPS satellites which require near real-time orbit determination accuracies.
2010/4/19 Germany We try to improve the performance of low-cost portable RTK-GPS/GNSS equips in Machine Guidance. The NTRIP is one of our chose for obtaining reference information.
2010/4/20 Germany We would like to evaluate how DGPS can improve the GPS accurancy. For this we would like to access an RTCM stream.
2010/4/21 Germany For my Phd reseach the application of RTK-GPS/GNSS is investigated. Thereby NTRIP will be one of our choices for data communication between reference and rover.
2010/4/23 France I need differential RTK EGNOS corrections in order to train surveyors and also for testing new GPS receivers and new GPS boards.
2010/4/23 Portugal I am a student from Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto Portugal and I am going to do a research about NTRIP, DGPS and RTCM. I have already installed the GNSS Internet Radio Software but I need an account to access the NTRIP broadcasters.
2010/4/26 Romania Working with students at homework themes in the Geodesy section of the University. We have two pairs of GPS receivers.
2010/4/26 Germany We want to try this in our Master of Science degree program. Further we are interested in research in this field.
2010/4/26 Germany For the purpose of evaluating the performance of navigation GPS receiver in RTK we would like to obtain the RTCM stream via NTRIP Internet download.
2010/4/26 United Kingdom We require real-time streams in order to test our DGPS application for a particular project. If it goes according to plan then we will consider having our own base station and allow access to the stream aswell.
2010/4/26 Venezuela For testing and evaluation new technologies and software in hydrological studies.
2010/4/27 Italy I am a university professor of geomatics and I deal with geodetic research on GNSS reference station monitoring and geodetic networks.
2010/4/27 France I am working on system development providing high accuracy level navigation data. In order to test and validate this work I need to access casters to feed the inputs of the system.
2010/4/27 United Kingdom Investigating the use of RTK corrections in the positioning of offshore monitoring buoys for marine archelogy purposes to provide better survey support.
2010/4/27 United Kingdom This is a research project in order to observe the effects of DGPS corrections along with the L1 and L2 carrier phase data. The objective is to improve the accuracy of normal GPS receivers to a reasonable degree.
2010/4/28 Romania Our company has 3 single frequency Leica SR20 receivers (geodesic class) and we need real-time data for executing topographical measurements.
2010/4/28 Venezuela I am an engineer in geodesy and my primary job is on GPS. I want to learn how to use NTRIP in navigation equipment to determine the coordinates of control points.
2010/4/29 Spain Studying the possibilities of NTRIP protocol in order to evaluate its feasibility and the data obtained for a future integration.
2010/4/30 Canada Test potential improvements to positioning accuracy when used with our GIS/GPS handheld device that has a GPRS module in areas that are currently not covered by SBAS, WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS.
2010/5/2 Andorra Topography, cartography, and geodesy with maximum accuracy for works a real time. Cadastre and many others works with more precison.
2010/5/4 Hungary I would like to test and evaluate PPP solutions using BKGs BNC software and compare results with our network RTK solutions.
2010/5/5 Spain I am a teacher in the University of Cantabria and am going to teach the use of the system GPS in Karas University in Togo.
2010/5/6 Taiwan We try to use GNSS for crustal deformation, seafloor geodesy, plate motion geodesy, surveying, GIS navigtion, earthquake monitoring, and subsidence ground water.
2010/5/6 USA We use these data to generate reconstructions of the ionosphere as an input to our understanding of processes which manifest themselves in the ionosphere. We may wish to change the stations of interest to us at a later date based on optimal geographic coverage once we gain some experience with the initial data sets.
2010/5/6 Canada Development and test of a new embedded NTRIP client for new GPS product development. This will be used to test and verify the NTRIP implementation and verify proper NTRIP protocol of our own development.
2010/5/7 Argentina I am a student from the University of La Plata, engineering faculty of land surveying, and I want to test this technology applied to dual frequency GNSS receivers.
2010/5/10 New Zealand We would like to access these streams to trial the use of the broadcast orbits and ephemeris data to determine how we can improve our own service.
2010/5/10 USA Provide support for GPS projects involving mapping water utility, pipelines, valves meters, and other facilities. Also to support GPS mapping for unspecified GIS projects as they arise.
2010/5/10 Germany Test and implementation a real-time DGPS solution in a laboratory environment for mobile platforms. The mobile platforms are unmanned ground vehicles UGV and unmanned aerial vehicles UAV that should use DGPS corrections for a better accuracy of the GPS receiver solution.
2010/5/11 Malaysia Due to the deformation monitoring purposes GNSS data is going to be implemented in a continuous deformation detection system. Tsunami prevention can be conducted in order to decrease the casualties and have a proper risk management.
2010/5/12 China Real-time point positioning data processing and analysis is the subject of my graduate design so I need the real-time data from GNSS Data Center.
2010/5/16 Taiwan This account is applied for the purpose of understanding how the NTRIP works and to learn the use of relative softwares.
2010/5/17 Spain I am interested on collecting GNSS data from Brazil. I would be pleased if you could provide a user ID and a password for stations from this country.
2010/5/18 Germany We have a system running for indoor storage navigation. This consist of reference points which are detected through 2 lasers. The next step is to integrate outdoor storage systems. Therefore we evaluate different systems for outdoor navigation and one system is DGPS with NTRIP over EUREF-IP and IGS-IP.
2010/5/18 Switzerland The streams are used for u-blox receivers for short test and verification e.g. testing receiver behavior, displaying fix status, or when switching RTCM sources.
2010/5/18 Venezuela Geodetic measurements and surveying densification of geodetic networks, seismic mapping, stakeout control points, remote sensing, positioning of oil rigs, seismic vessels calibration, etc.
2010/5/20 Singapore I look forward to test NTRIP with GPS receivers from Hemisphere, Navcom and Novatel in Singapore.
2010/5/20 China I use this account to get GNSS streams from NTRIP caster. The application I use is BNC.
2010/5/20 Austria Testing of NTRIP protocol for data transmission in GPS monitoring projects related to land slides and rock falls in alpine environment.
2010/5/22 Sweden Requesting this account to use with GPSD's NTRIP support in order to evaluate it and see what improvements using the NTRIP support brings.
2010/5/22 Germany I want to use DGPS in order to improve the GPS receiver accurancy of my UAV project at the Ilmenau University of Technology.
2010/5/24 Sweden Testing of GPS and GPRS modem. Program development to receive GNSS data via machine control computer and send to the GPS via serial cable.
2010/5/25 Australia Testing of NTRIP correction data using handheld GPS. To check accuracy as there is no WAAS correction available in Australia.
2010/5/26 Australia To further develop our RT-PPP algorithms and monitor RT-IGS stations in which I am involved.
2010/5/27 France We are an engineering company specialized in underwater acoutics. We are doing high precision bathymetric survey which requires very high precision in the positioning. That is why we need some real-time RTCM data in order to use GPS on RTK state.
2010/5/27 Chile Precise positioning based on GNSS system. We are part of the University of Concepcion and our team is focused on research and solutions devlopment in the GNSS field in order to improve production processes.
2010/5/28 Georgia I would like to build my own NTRIP caster station in Georgia but for testing purposes and getting further experience in this field I would want to get your account.
2010/5/30 Spain To understand the GNSS technologies and to be able to teach them in the Technical University of Madrid. The applications are in the field of topography in collaboration with public institutions.
2010/5/31 Australia I want to make use of this product to test the accuracy and availiabitly for real time PPP positioning in Australia for research purpose.
2010/6/1 Spain I need access to NTRIP Casters to prove receiving GPS data all over Europe for precision agriculture applications and to replace data download via FTP.
2010/6/1 France I am a sales engineer. I want to use your service for demonstration of our GNSS system.
2010/6/2 Norway Using the connection for testing the GPS setup for cars and tractors. If it is accurate for agriculture it is used for routes for the spread of mass to the fields.
2010/6/7 Italy Using differential GPS to collect data in real time to survey points in the Bolzano area using a portable GeoExplorer 2008 device.
2010/6/8 Poland Im studying geodesy at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Poland. Currently I am working on my MA thesis which is mostly about DGPS. I need access to casters to continue my work.
2010/6/10 Spain Surveying and staking necessary for the development, monitoring and controlling of the progress in mining operation. Calculation of volumes and road design.
2010/6/12 China I want to study NTRIP protocol to complete a grogam in C. For that I need some real-time data streams.
2010/6/12 Maroc I am a survey engineer and I would like to try NTRIP corrections for RTK to check if I can use it in the future.
2010/6/12 Spain Since I work with GPS and work outside of Spain I want to keep learning and stay informed.
2010/6/16 Indonesia I like travelling and adventure and I have a Garmin III handheld and I need to get a more accurate position.
2010/6/20 Germany Evaluation of an agricultural navigation system using NTRIP correction data streams via GPRS modem. Testing of availability and quality of service of utilized hardware in different environments and regions.
2010/6/20 Germany I am involved in developing amateur radio software for Linux operating systems. Therefore I need to feed NTRIP data into the GPSD daemon.
2010/6/21 Canada I am testing new receiver designs for use with various third party base stations specifically I am looking at GLONASS performance.
2010/6/21 Germany Research and development in GNSS navigation and in mobile GIS. Research and development in RTK DGNSS algorithms such as Ambiguity Function Method for Low Cost GNSS Systems. Demonstration of EUREF-IP and IGS-IP for students and PhD candidates.
2010/6/22 Sweden First evaluate and compare to the national SWEPOS service. Second use in education to provide corrections to students using GNSS equipment.
2010/6/23 Moldova I am a lecturer at the Technical University of Moldova. I teach students to collect GIS data using Trimble GeoHanheld GPS receivers. I want to test how it works using real-time corrections and what will be the maximum precision.
2010/6/24 Canada Evaluating for possible inclusion in our AGPS offerings. Rx Networks generates AGPS solutions that are supplied to mobile carriers and E911 centres.
2010/6/24 Italy Develop a GNSS base magazine allocation system. Actually I am starting to experience the GNSS system for gaining accuracy around 1 m.
2010/6/25 United Kingdom I wish to use the data for personal education into high-precision GNSS techniques. Once I have completed this phase I will use this knowledge to plan future research and development into these areas.
2010/6/25 Russia Study of high-precision positioning in real-time for standalone receivers and posibility of usage for long distance RTK research and to monitore problems of the GLONASS system in real-time.
2010/6/25 Spain The system manages GPS and other information from machines and people working in a sea port. The data is used to detect dangerous situations beetwen machine and person or machine and machine.
2010/6/25 Germany I am a realtime telematik enginer and I would like to test NTRIP for best performance of GPS.
2010/6/26 Australia I am researching NTRIP applications for the surveying and mapping industry and would like to do tests with IGS stations which I can then postprocess.
2010/6/28 Poland I would like to check PPP possibility in BNC 2.1 software. This requires access to ephemeris and clock streams. Later I would like to investigate how to provide this kind of data.
2010/6/28 Canada I am testing receiver performance when using base stations from different manufacturers. Using NTRIP streams provides a simple way to accomplish this.
2010/6/30 Russia Our company streams new RTCMv3 messages 1074 and 1084 to caster mountpoint NANT0. So we need access to receieve and monitor this data.
2010/6/30 Canada Smart Dual Frequency GPS Receiver for Agricultural markets. Integrating and testing Telit Cellular modem for network connectivity to COTS networks as well as proprietary communications networks.
2010/6/30 South Korea First education for my students and engineers in fields. Second test of real time precise point positioning based on the NTRIP protocol.
2010/7/1 Germany SEA GATE test application in the harbor in Rostock to evaluate the position results of our calculations. The stream is needed the evaluate the own generatet RTCM stream.
2010/7/2 New Zealand Purely for research purposes I am interested in what this project is doing and would like to evaluate what it is like in my area.
2010/7/5 Iran In order to test our server we need your data to verify our results. NCC is resposible for civil geomatics engineering activities.
2010/7/7 Germany Investigating the use of RTK corrections in the positioning of geophysical survey lines for onshore applications especially for surface wave seismic.
2010/7/8 Italy We analyze high-rate GPS data from the present real-time trasmitting continuous GPS network in Italy RING using the Gipsy software with PPP strategy to retrieve quick but accurate mean co-seismic displacements after an earthquake.
2010/7/9 Canada We want to test the precision and latency of the real-time orbit and clock products. If satisfied these real-time corrections will be incorporated into our PPP software for improved performance.
2010/7/9 France I am a teacher in GPS at Meymacs forestry school France. The students use Trimble and Garmin receiver models. I would like to test NTRIP corrections with these receivers.
2010/7/9 Venezuela I am a student of the University of Zulia in Venezuela and I am interested in studying the NTRIP technology which is relatively new in my country.
2010/7/9 USA Our companies mission is to make impossible ideas possible by constantly developing new optical and measurement technologies. Our goal is simple to provide you with the most innovative GNSS based equipment so that you can better serve your customer.
2010/7/10 Hungary For development and testing the client software that parses NTRIP and RTCM protocol messages. I need differential RTK EGNOS corrections for testing new GPS receivers and new GPS boards.
2010/7/16 Mongolia For studying regional deformation of crust tilt of ground around Ulaanbaatar area because recently seismic activity around Ulaanbaatar area is dramatically increased. Furthermore, moderate size earthquakes start to occur more frequently.
2010/7/24 United Kingdom My aim is to evaluate the use of correction data to see if it can be used to improve the positioning of our small scale UAVs. These UAVs are used to localize a target. Therefore improving the positioning of UAVs will result in significant improvement in target localization.
2010/7/27 USA I would like to set up a permanent base station to transmit RTK correction signals to rover receivers mounted on agricultural equipment for multiple farming applications. Rolling terrain does not permit 900 MHz radio transmission so a wireless internet connection is our next objection to connecting to a base station.
2010/7/29 USA Preparation for contributing satellite orbit and clock solutions to IGS and for supporting SOPAC regional data analysis as well as for various research projects.
2010/8/1 USA Implement autonomous vehicles localization for chemical and biological contaminant measurement and forecast. Current standard GPS hardware is not resolved enough to provide accurate position information. The NTRIP stream information would be used as a based station information for RTK GPS implementation.
2010/8/3 USA Developing a java based NTRIP Caster application and in addition a perl based test NTRIP client. I want to verify the functionality of the test client.
2010/8/4 Venezuela Education and research in GNSS area and its application. Also other topics related with satellite geodesy.
2010/8/6 USA Testing a NTRIP Caster that we developed. Using a NTRIP server to supply streams to the Caster. I would like to test multiple simultaneous streams.
2010/8/9 Italy I use a Skytraq S1315F receiver together with RTKLIB. The results we had are encouraging. I will try the new PPP with my receiver.
2010/8/9 USA Testing an NTRIP Caster. The multiple streams of differential correction data are needed as sources to be directed to various clients.
2010/8/10 Portugal I am working with GPS receivers and i need to establish NTRIP connections for our project.
2010/8/13 Germany We evaluate precision positioning with low cost GPS receivers and RTKLIB for navigation of forklift trucks and large outdoor warehouses.
2010/8/13 Argentina I am researching NTRIP for my doctoral thesis. I want to perform various real-time experiences but in Argentina there is only one caster which is not always working properly.
2010/8/16 Germany Evaluation of GPS correction data from internet sources for development purposes in vehicular environments. The data is used for more precise position beacons of stationary road side units.
2010/8/17 Austria Hydrological survey on alpine lakes with echo sounder and GPS. We want to test RTCM correction via internet instead of sending data by gsm-modem.
2010/8/18 Australia Working with the UNSW we are testing a RTK GPS solution for use on UAVs and would like access to the precise ephemerides.
2010/8/18 South Korea I am going to use this NTRIP service with Korea IGS observation station because I want to test a survey using NTRIP for DGPS service.
2010/8/23 The Netherlands We would like to investigate the accuracy, the reliability and the availability of the Real-Time GNSS orbit and clock products provided by the IGS.
2010/8/25 Italy We are trying to develop a low-cost positioning system with an accuracy of about one centimeter for agriculture. We are doing tests with the single frequency RTK L1 to keep costs low. The final project is building a robot to plant at low cost.
2010/8/25 China I want to make some study on real time ppp using orbit and clock products. These products will be used only for research and validation.
2010/8/25 Danmark GNSS analysis of CN for open sky conditions. We are going to compare this with mobile rover data. This is with a perspective of future applications.
2010/8/25 Brazil I want to write a free application in java. This application will use an NTRIP protocol to get GNSS data and convert it to RINEX format.
2010/8/30 Thailand I want access to the NTRIP caster for research work using RTKLIB PPP application for a comparison of RTK and PPP.
2010/8/30 Germany Our area of interest is unmanned ground vehicle navigation. These vehicles use GPS/GLONASS/Galileo based waypoints for navigation. High accuracy is vital e.g. when passing bridges.
2010/8/30 Germany Test the setup of a field printer with trimble bd982 for advertising on agricultural surfaces in cooperation with several experts in southern germany
2010/8/31 Germany Evaluation of GNSS positioning in the context of an european research project which aims to provide lane-level accuracy in urban environments.
2010/8/31 Germany I will test Euref NTRIP with DGPS SX-2 from Hemisphere and the Software DigiTerra Explorer. I hope it will work fine.
2010/8/31 Switzerland I need ultra-rapid ephemeris for processing a long baseline with RTKLIB. I look for a port internet protocol RTCM with messages 1019 and 1020.
2010/9/1 Russia I first want to test the GPS with DGPS service NTRIP before I want to connect to the service.
2010/9/1 Venezuela Research about GNSS applications in geodetic positioning and navigation for academic purpose. Real time GNSS applications are also interesting for us.
2010/9/2 Japan I would like to use realtime IGS data for research of PPP applications such as dynamic positioning system for maritime users, weather forecast, precise timing server etc.
2010/9/2 Italy The goal is to provide a precise localization of different mobile sensors placed in the environment. The sensors are able to organize themselves depending on the position.
2010/9/2 Germany We want to evaluate the use of GPS correction data from internet sources to improve position information in multi robot systems.
2010/9/3 USA Studying the application of PPP to monitor base station integrity in real time to avoid surprises later in post processing single and multibase PPK
2010/9/7 Romania The data will be used for development of datum transformations, applications related to gnss permanent reference network and also for monitoring of structural deformations research
2010/9/7 USA Our research lab focuses on vehicle safety systems and needs some type of differential corrections when doing highway testing. Ideally we would have a GPS solution accurate to less than 10cm.
2010/9/8 Taiwan Real time precise point positioning, real time kinematic positioning, geodetic surveying, crustal deformation monitoring, volcano monitoring, faults monitoring, bridge monitoring.
2010/9/9 France We are currently working with CNES in the project 'EGNOS Performance Observatory'. In order to make tests of feasibility we need access to the GNSS data streams.
2010/9/9 Singapore We are working on a project that uses RTK to accurately track robots for our university project. We are using U-box and novetel for our project
2010/9/9 Germany An independent area management system with facility management for Notebooks. Every object inside and outside will be stored with coordinates.
2010/9/14 Germany I need to get accurate GPS data for my PhD project on Ground Cracks and subsidence study in the Ethiopian Rift valley area.
2010/9/16 USA I would like to test my Applanix GPS System to work with NTRIP broadcasters. I am possibly testing with a Leica system to to see how things work.
2010/9/16 Canada I will be using streams for interoperability tests.
2010/9/17 Venezuela We are a company that is dedicated to geodetic control measurements, environmental applications, civilian hydrographic applications and the maintenance of coastlines and topography
2010/9/17 Russia Our work is connected with topographic geodesy by using GPS technologies and traditional methods, electronic equipment and computer provision.
2010/9/21 USA I am a developer of US standards for ITS and DSRC message sets and several of these effort also use RTCM 104 for differential corrections. My firm is under contract with US FHWA to develop a general approach to compressing RTCM messages into a smaller bandwidth package for delivery to vehicle users. I seek this data to validate the noise process measurements and models we are making from some European data sources to augment the US sources available to me.
2010/9/21 Estonia I have an idea to build a robotic lawn mower. Its in an early evaluation phase, I am just thinking of different positioning methods.
2010/9/23 Germany Using NTRIP with L1 GPS for education. I will show our students different possibilities to receive RTCM messages to increase the quality of coordinates.
2010/9/23 England Design development and evaluation of an autosteer system for agricultural tractors using RTK enabled GPS via NTRIP compared to short baseline baserover pairs.
2010/9/23 Venezuela For real time precise point positioning of GPS - leveling stations in Venezuela in regional geoid determination and modelling national height system
2010/9/24 Germany The application is to generate in real time precise coordinates of a mobile vehicle going not more than 40kmh and need a absolute precision of not more than 30cm deviation
2010/9/27 Germany We sell GNSS L1 receivers and want to test the signal with different receivers for use in agriculture and forestry.
2010/9/27 Germany I am a student of mechanical engineering and would like to use the streams to test a setup of a low-cost gps-receiver u-blox lea-6t in combination with RTKLIB.
2010/9/30 Australia I intend to use it for trial and experimentation. I may provide feedback for the betterment of this system and community.
2010/10/6 Peru I am working on a GNSS installation of 45 teams in Peru. I am setting a RTK that can be used nationwide. I require to know more about the protocol NTRIP.
2010/10/8 Germany Research into high accuracy GPS location using earth based RTKDGPS corrections. Software development and enhancement are part of this process.
2010/10/12 Italy I am developing a software that has to drive a Geomax ZGP800 GPS rover and I need a NTRIPRTCM source for testing purposes.
2010/10/12 Netherlands We would like to experiment with PPP positioning using the BNC software and at the same time get to know the new State Space RTCM messages and compare these to standard DGPS solutions.
2010/10/14 Estonia Hydrographic survey in Estonian waters. We are using RTK GPS both in single base mode and in VRS NTRIP mode. Sometimes our current VRS is not working as it should and if we also are out of single base station range we need something else for positioning at this time. Maybe euref-ip can be the solution we need to evaluate this.
2010/10/14 Honduras We are a central american organisation of air navigation services and are members in a regional project for the viability of a solution in the caribbean, central and south american region.
2010/10/17 Belgium I intend to access real-time GNSS observations for various GNSS research applications. These applications cover from testing to atmospheric studies.
2010/10/19 Italy I manage a GNSS regional network. I need access for test purposes and configure our caster for a better service.
2010/10/20 Germany We design an application for a racing car with a lowcost GPS receiver. The goal is to determine the cars trajectory with RMS.
2010/10/20 Croatia I am employee of a faculty of electrical engineering. I need access to GPS corrections data which I will use in my research.
2010/10/21 Chile Learning about NTRIP RTCM and GPS applications software in general for a future project of 100 cgps stations. In particular i need RTCM3EPH streaming.
2010/10/22 France This access will be used mainly to pull the RTCM3EPH stream and IGS station streams that are not available on other casters to run in our analysis center. Other analysis center streams may also be pulled for evaluation and test purposes.
2010/10/22 France It will help us to validate NTRIP function on a new product that we are designing. This product will be sold to professionals.
2010/10/22 Bulgaria We need a base referent station for tests of different GPS models in static, RTK and others. We are searching for data in RINEX, NTRIP and other formats.
2010/10/25 China I am working in a Geodetic Survey Section. I would like to obtain your realtime streams from your caster server for testing.
2010/10/27 Turkey We would like to evaluate NTRIP for providing RTCM corrections to a test platform with the aim of generating high-quality truth trajectories for inertial sensor testing. We like to get familiar with the configuration of an NTRIP system before deploying our own station server.
2010/10/27 Turkey Research and development on using NTRIP for RTCM transfer, IMU GPS integration, developing NTRIP server products for OEM GNSS receivers, mine machinery monitoring, regional NTRIP single base stations and networks.
2010/11/2 Germany We want to check the performance with the latest Ashtech GIS receivers. We are interested to offer your solution for GIS users in forestry and agriculture applications.
2010/11/3 Germany We need DGPS correction data for correcting vehicle positions fleet management. Correction shall be done in a post processing step. Real time correction data is not necessary. Correction data is stored and applied in a batch processing step against all recorded vehicle GPS positions.
2010/11/3 Austria GPS accuracy evaluation and autonomous vehicle control. Measurement on roads, measurement of vehicle accident scene data. Photogrametric image rectification of accident locations.
2010/11/4 South Korea We are developing a RTCM parsing and measurement application for marine radio environment status check. As a RTCM message receiver we use a probeacon. We want to test the receiving and parsing of RTCM messages.
2010/11/5 Italy Marine survey and geophysical marine survey. We are using GPS LEICA in DPGS RTK and static mode.
2010/11/5 Brazil Making tests with GPS receiver u-blox lea-4t bluetooth and netbook gsm. Using RTKLIB and testing the connection to another netbook with other lea-4t bt by VHF radio digital packet data.
2010/11/7 France I would like to learn and test the WEB GPS corrections for geophysical mapping applications. My primay goal is to learn how this network corrections work. We are selling geophysical equipments and I would like to be able to give advices to our customers.
2010/11/7 Germany Radio controlled robot application with DGPS, fuel engine weight 50kg, 4WD communication between Control center and robot with WLAN or Bluetooth zigbee.
2010/11/8 Venezuela I am a student of geodetic engineer at LUZ University Venezuela Maracaibo and I am interested to make an investigation about NTRIP aplications. The data provided will be used for research purposes.
2010/11/9 Venezuela We are a company that performs differential GPS measurements and digital cartography in a GIS platform. We are located in Venezuela South America and we are enthusiastics of new positioning technologies.
2010/11/9 Estonia We like to test the possibility of using PPP instead of RTK GPS. This can be useful when single base RTK or Network RTK VRS are not working properly.
2010/11/9 Switzerland I work as as application engineer. Part of the job are lots of tests and support cases when I need to verify our customers setups and verify data flows via your NTRIP casters.
2010/11/10 Greece I want to check how PPP in the BNC client works because it does not work with other streams.
2010/11/11 Denmark We Would like to have access to the NTRIP streams to be used in a current project involving RTK GPS evaluation for rovers.
2010/11/12 USA Evaluating real-time ionospheric delays with respect to time and spatial variation under high ionospheric activity environment around the area of geomagnetic equator.
2010/11/13 France I need test streams to integrate NTRIP client and NTRIP server in multiple embeded devices. The range with the same design will be available on devices from several Euro to heavier achitecture.
2010/11/13 Romania My application is more then 90 percent land survey like cadastral map, topographical map and geodetical survey. From time to time also marine survey near to the coast of the Black Sea.
2010/11/15 Japan We would like to test various RTK software for potential applications in real-time crustal deformation monitoring using the GEONET data.
2010/11/15 Netherlands We are a Dutch survey company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We would like to use the NTRIP data streams for software test purposes.
2010/11/17 Switzerland Research on a vision-based Mobile Mapping System with GNSS-Receiver Applanix POS LV 210. Testruns and Investigations in various Fields such as civil engineering.
2010/11/17 Brazil I have a curiosity about NTRIP and i would like to study this because it is the future of surveying. I just need one receptor to do my job in real time.
2010/11/17 Thailand I want to use this data for lecture on my students and RTK GPS simulations.
2010/11/18 Italy I am interested to setup a continous stream of GNSS data to be analysed with the TRACK-RT software and to study the possible seismological application of high rate GPS positioning of a permanent network.
2010/11/18 France We need RTCM message streams to obtain an accurate positioning of the u-blox coordinates used for intelligent vehicles applications.
2010/11/19 Germany Evaluation of GNSS streams for improvements in position information about traffic safety systems. Measuring the vehicles speed in a section control application.
2010/11/22 China I would like to use the realtime stream to test our software based on a NTRIP protocol.
2010/11/24 USA I will be using this for Development and Testing. I plan to test an installation of trackRT using a castor broadcast. I also hope to test logging software.
2010/11/24 Netherlands I need corrections for GPS signals for driving a tractor stright with following machinery.
2010/11/24 USA I am a software developer and it is necessary for me occasionally to test the RTCM capabilities of our products. I can receive and utilize radio broadcast RTCM data streams. However it would streamline my work if I could instead use the IGS NTRIP data-streams for testing and software verification.
2010/11/25 Spain General works of topographic raisings both for civil work and for agricultural works. Works of bathymetric raisings for control and replanting.
2010/11/27 USA I would like to use IGS real time clock and ephemeris products to generate positions for the Plate Boundary Observatory realtime GPS network. UNAVCO is providing a stream for AZU1 to the IGS realtime pilot project.
2010/11/27 China In my doctoral dissertation I want to study Real-time PPP based on the Real-time Orbit and Clock corrections Stream. I will evaluate the correction precision and Real-time PPP positioning performance.
2010/11/29 China I want to do some research about real time precise point positioning especially the integration of the precise point positioning and network RTK.
2010/11/30 USA To evaluate open source software RTKLIB for purpose of Precise Point Positioning. RTKLIB uses NTrip RTCM stream for orbit and clock corrections.
2010/12/1 Italy We are interested in gaining experience from the EUREF network to use it for our own network.
2010/12/2 Sweden Real time correction of GPS location data for research applications requiring high accuracy in positioning for use in heavy trucks. The target is to lower emissions and fuel consumption along with a higher traffic safety.
2010/12/2 USA Will set up an NTRIP caster at Esri in Redlands CA to stream data from one or more GNSS base stations being installed.
2010/12/6 Germany I would like to access euref-ip and igs-ip to evaluate the positive dgps impact on gpsd instances to yield more exact measurements of antenna gain patterns for repeater nodes and long-range repeater links. A DGPS corrected GPS can also offer advantages in many other HAM-Related situations as well. I will be happy to report back about the NTRIP data and how it may be used in the future.
2010/12/6 France Gps antenna connection to cannes and grasse for calibration of surveying and map built with Trimble GPS mobile SPS 882.
2010/12/6 Italy Our scope is to gain experience with BNC for a well-established network in order to see if it is possible to apply BNC to our regional network.
2010/12/7 United Kingdom To analyses some of the GNSS stations in Edinburgh in real time as well as to learn how NTRIP works.
2010/12/8 Germany We are prototyping Real-time Precise Point Positining PPP with a open source program package for GNSS positioning. To enable the prototyping we need access to the satellite orbit and clock information.
2010/12/8 Germany Surveillance of wagons on the railway system of a repair workshop. Emphasis laid on discerning between neighboring rails. Desired accuracy is less than 0.5 meter.
2010/12/8 Canada Implementation of a real-time PPP software for geophysical applications. Correction streams are needed to use BNC which will help validate the developed software.
2010/12/9 Russia A Trimble DGNSS station has been built in our region. In future we are going to stream our RTCM via caster. First of all we like to study the NTRIP protocol and get access to RTCM data.
2010/12/10 Australia Research and development relating to GPS based hardware platforms and in particular the ability to provide accuracy improvement through the use of streamed correctional data.
2010/12/10 China Real-time high rate GPS data processing for Geodesy and Geophysic disaster activity monitoring and other research applications and tests.
2010/12/13 France I want to implement the use of ephemeris correction stream on a L1 RTK receiver. The goal is to improve the accuracy.
2010/12/13 Canada For new product development testing of NTRIP protocols in Hemisphere GPS designed products. This is to validate our NTRIP communications methods and test receiver performance using NTRIP.
2010/12/13 Netherlands Tests with GPS Correction over IP for Survey and Dynamic Positioning on Pipelay and Survey vessels in the Oil and gas Industry.
2010/12/14 Germany I write an essay about cooperative navigation of UAVUGV. One of my possible concepts is the sharing of the EGNOS-Signal. To get a better understanding of the technology I would like to test it.
2010/12/14 Italy We like to improve the operations of tracking paths to green areas, archaeological sites and tourist location for the establishment of a Geographic Information System
2010/12/14 USA I am a developer of a program for relaying GPS data over network connections. We support many standard and proprietary protocols but our NTRIP support is not good. We would like to request access to your NTRIP streams to improve support within GPSD for NTRIP data processing.
2010/12/15 Austria I am developing a RTCM decoder encoder. For testing it I need a real RTCM messages stream.
2010/12/16 Germany We are currently enrolled in a research center which is sponsored by the German research foundation DFG. The project aims at developing novel driver assistance systems with the ultimate goal of creating a car which can navigate autonomously in urban traffic. Since some of our approaches are based on a geographic map of the road network we are inherently dependent on precise self localisation. We hope that we can use the EUREF-streams to improve the precision of the GPSINS-unit which we are currently using.
2010/12/20 Australia I am testing NTRIP applications for the surveying and mapping industry and would like to do tests with NSW CORS NETWORK stations which I can then postprocess.
2010/12/26 Germany We need the NTRIP data to correct the GPS-Data for a parallel driving System. We test the System for our agriculture. The Parallel-Driving-System is freeware.
2010/12/28 Poland As a student of geodesy I am working in agriculture survey projects. I am interested in increasing the accuracy of surveys with EUREF-IP corrections.
2010/12/30 Germany We are a small group of enthusiasts and try to bring state of the art knowledge of computing to children from a school in Berlin. Currently we work on an autonomous micro robot for sustainability in agriculture. We have very limited resources and therefore we look for the highest precision without expensive receivers.
2011/1/4 Italy I need an account in order to test BNC using PPP method. We are looking forward to develop some applications in GPS using the PPP approach.
2011/1/4 Germany Research in GNSS-navigation and GNSSINS integration. Development of RTK DGNSS Algorithms with multiple Low Cost GNSS receivers and multiple INS for platform navigation. Research in optimization of ambiguity algorithms moving base station and very short baselines.
2011/1/11 Sweden Testing the NTRIP client for network RTK experiments. The test will be used to test positioning algorithm accuracy and consistancy over time.
2011/1/12 Malaysia Stream near real time GNSS data. After that the data will be processed to produce Zenith Path Delay ZPD. Then it can be used for weather forecasting application.
2011/1/12 France We develop GNSS receiver prototypes and navigation solutions for critical areas.
2011/1/17 Germany I want to use GNSS Internet Radio to receive correction data to compare it to the correction data of a data modem.
2011/1/18 France We need to measure points by GPS in order to reference photos taken by plane. We need a good RTK precision to get good quality of data at the end.
2011/1/18 Germany For the development of a GNSS Real-Time Software for the Monitoring of EUREF and GREF Stations which is in cooperation with BKG.
2011/1/18 Venezuela Implementation of BNC to download RINEX observation files of any IGS or EUREF station and compare it with the rawdata. Also to verify the application of the PPP mode.
2011/1/18 United Kingdom Our application is responsible for detecting GPS vulnerabilities, e.g. Jamming multipath and which requires few of our algorithms require satellite health data to be processed in real time.
2011/1/18 Canada We have to use these data for lab research on PPP.
2011/1/19 Sweden Research the feasibility of RTK-GPSIMU based motor racing telemetry and analysis application. Use of EUREF NTRIP is primarily for positioning of local on-site reference stations as well as broadcast ephemeris for A-GPS.
2011/1/19 Sweden I am setting up a local RTK using RTK-LIB but also need to learn NRTKNTRIP. Will share the knowledge I gain from this with other technicians within a network of colleagues.
2011/1/21 France I am a teacher. We will use this connection only for educational purposes, teaching to survey with real time GPS.
2011/1/21 USA We would like to test the CORS system in my area using a TRIMBLE base station in RTK correction for farming.
2011/1/25 Canada I work for a software company and develop applications for the surveying and mapping industry. NTRIP usage will be exclusively for in house testing.
2011/1/26 Argentina Completing the final project for the race Surveyor of the Faculty of Sciences Engineering and Surveying. Behavioral study of corrections NTRIP static and dynamic measurements.
2011/1/26 Austria DGPS data for a GSM measurement device with GPS receiver. We try to send DGPS Data from our server to the unit via GSM.
2011/2/2 Sweden Test and evaluate the PPP technique using the new RTCM SC-104 formats supporting PPP at Lantmateriet - the Swedish Mapping Cadastral and Land Registration Agency
2011/2/3 Venezuela I would like to explore the benefits of NTRIP doing some observations and adding this corrections to get better results.
2011/2/3 Latvia Real world experiments using real time data Ephemeris Corrections Streams and Ephemeris Streams in Precise Point Positioning application partly in association with Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge.
2011/2/3 Italy Testing of remote localization on autonomous interconnected boats. A test bed for an autonomous boat is being developed in fully functional scale form. The robots will always be connected and with remote operators available to uplink bandwidth from the operator station permits testing RTCM with NTRIP to verify improvements in GPS localization.
2011/2/4 Italy I would like to interface a 155xl Garmin GPS to my PC. I need to learn a way to send RTCM 104 messages to the Garmin.
2011/2/4 United Kingdom Our project is a UK Government funded collaborative RD project to develop solutions for analysing interference phenomena assiciated with Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) signals, including GPS and eLoran in safety and mission critical applications.
2011/2/4 Turkey We like to test the possibility of using PPP instead of RTK GPS. This can be useful when single base RTK or Network RTK VRS are not working properly.
2011/2/4 Turkey We need a base referent station for tests of different GPS models in static RTK and others. We are searching for data in RINEX NTRIP and other formats.
2011/2/7 Portugal Research of new positioning techniques, comparing performances of different techniques and methods for decimeter positioning. Usage is also expected for more routine tasks like antenna mast positioning.
2011/2/8 Spain I would like to engage a small research project related to Real Time multipath monitoring for ground GNSS stations. In order to do this I would like to try an NTRIP gateway to stream a limited set of data initially one or two stations.
2011/2/8 Czech Republic We would like to test the correlation of meteo data and tropospheric delay and make some comparison of tropospheric models. It is supposed to be a part of my PhD thesis.
2011/2/8 Spain Accessing GNSS data for a experimental project in UAV platforms. I need two RTCM31 streams to input in RTKLIB and generate RTK solutions.
2011/2/10 Germany For the development of a DPSG-Service that uses low-cost GPS-Hardware we need Base-Station Data from different distances to evaluate the influence of a rover base separation on the quality of the measurement.
2011/2/11 Canada Research for looking at PPP in Real Time for various survey applications. In addition we want to look at the tightly coupling of PPP and INS in realtime.
2011/2/13 Italy I intend to use the data for test purposes needed for my project of a low cost RTK GPS positioning system with low cost GPS engine board.
2011/2/15 Denmark We are in the process of establishing our own caster service for data from Greenland and like to be able to access other casters for testing purposes. Presently we have no need for the data content.
2011/2/16 United Kingdom I would like to access this data to see if monitoring inside build areas will be possible with GNSS.
2011/2/16 Netherlands We are a pipeline company and i would like to test some DGPS options for our company and for myself to get to know the capabilitys of NTRIP with GNSS.
2011/2/16 Brazil Im a Master Degree Student. My dissertation envolves the NTRIP protocol and I need to do tests with NTRIP casters that transmits the ephemeris.
2011/2/18 Brazil I am studying the effects of DGPS corrections in an autonomous vehicle platform that counts with an embedded GPS receiver and inercial sensors.
2011/2/18 Denmark I wish to try out the NTRIP service in order to learn about NTRIP RTCM and RTK.
2011/2/19 Japan I want to try Real Time data streaming service and baseline analysis in Real Time.
2011/2/20 Canada Would like to test out the accuracy obtained from Network RTK compared to establishing a base station in the field. Want to see if the extra time involved in setting up a physical base station in the field can be avoided totally or both the network and the base can be incorporated to provide the best positioning solution.
2011/2/20 USA I will use a GNSS Receiver for environmental resource surveys, wetland locations and hydrographic surveys. This will be my first attempt to use a RTK network via a cell modem.
2011/2/22 Russia I want to test and develop the support of the NTRIP protocol in gpsd. I am interested in the determination of the exact geographical coordinates and the uses for this differential-GPS fixes.
2011/2/22 Poland We are creating location based services applications and would like to test the influence of accuracy for the development of new applications.
2011/2/23 Bulgaria I want to test how the EUREF RTK corrections work in my area and compare the results with other reference stations in Bulgaria.
2011/2/23 Germany Integration of a professional GPS Board in a rugged Tablet PC. Endtest of Protyp and QA. Presentation of quality.
2011/2/24 Romania Retrieve GNSS data streams to use multi-stream BKG NTRIP Client program for school projects and research on Real-Time Positioning using GNSS broadcast ephemerides.
2011/2/24 Germany We do research in outdoor robotics mainly with autonomous underwater vehicles. To estimate the position of the robots or to validate our own localization algorithms we need ground truth data. Basic GPS is not sufficiently accurate. We hope that by using realtime kinematics we can increase the accuracy of our ground truth.
2011/2/24 Italia We are evalutating different solutions for sport applications. We aim to measure speed distances and positions with hi level of precision.
2011/2/25 Spain We sell GPS and total stations to customers who work in engineering applications and topografic solutions.
2011/2/25 France The goal of this subscription is to have an access of NTRIP correction data for topography measurements in France and Spain.
2011/3/1 Germany I am investigating methods of RCTM data compression. The access allows me to download data for tests. This is a scientific project.
2011/3/1 France I am developing a software to automatically calculate the RTK static position of a GPS base. This is done by using a RTCM stream over the internet of the static station with known coordinates.
2011/3/2 Australia My research plan is to study the performance of DGPS data transmission through mobile IPv6 network. NTRIP would be a good software to proceed relative research.
2011/3/2 USA Our open-source software project is a service daemon for managing GPS and AIS receivers which is very widely deployed as part of open-source GIS systems scientific telemetry packages and even production devices such as cellphones. It includes NTRIP support. I need access to RTCM2 and RTCM3 datastreams in order to test and debug this software.
2011/3/6 Germany Test mapping enhancements. We have a community project aiming to create a free street map mostly based on tracks collected by GPS. Enhancements in accuracy are beneficial for mapping. It is a free and open source project.
2011/3/8 Spain I am interested in IGS ultra-rapid products for real time PPP application. The studies will be done for teaching and research purposes.
2011/3/8 Germany Being active in tectonic geodesy we plan to test and run permanent GPS stations in Europe and North America for research and education purposes. Having RINEX streams we can monitor the motions of our stations in real time.
2011/3/9 Spain We belong to a team of archaeologists who participate in a scientific excavation project in the Roman city of Cosa Orbetello in Italy. We have a GPS-RTK for the lifting of the topography of the site. With the GPS correction we could perform the orthorectification balloon photographs and create high-resolution 3D models. We would like to perform differential corrections in real time using the GPS network if possible.
2011/3/11 Germany I am a student who is working on a project involving GPS and especially DGPS and RTK. As I am comparing different correction methods I would like to evaluate the results using NTRIP.
2011/3/11 Ukraine I took part in the construction of the Ukrainian network of permanent stations. I have the plan to write a research work about the advantages of RTK above other technologies and practical applications of RTK.
2011/3/14 Germany We are engaged in several publicly funded projects involving different communication techniques and we would like to extend our knowledge to DGPS for future scientific projects.
2011/3/14 Spain A portable device that monitors physical activity and provide accurate and relevant realtime data flow continuously. Cinematic variables such as acceleration, speed crossed distance or physiological ones such as heart rate.
2011/3/15 Germany Development and testing of our GPS GNSS wireless sensor nodes. The slave nodes transmit RINEX data to a master station where near online baselines are processed.
2011/3/16 Czech Republic A part of my Phd study is testing various solutions for a combination of broadcast corrections from different sources.
2011/3/18 Romania We are using the Hypack Software with NTRIP integrated for surveying along the Lower Danube Romanian Sector. We intend to test and use NTRIP in future if there is enough coverage of mobile phones signals.
2011/3/21 Brazil I am developing a real-time PPP tool and I would like to have access to the estimated orbit and clock corrections.
2011/3/25 Australia I would like to evaluate the software and see whether it can be used to input the received corrections to our secondary survey vessel GPS system, a POS-MV Trimble.
2011/3/25 UK I am developing NTRIP capabilities for a scientific GPS processing package and would greatly benefit from access to the igs and euref streams.
2011/3/25 Germany I am writing my diploma thesis and try to use GPS positioning for trajectory tracking of a Quadrocopter. At the moment I am working with RTKLIB and three uBlox Lea-4T5T6T receivers. Because I am not getting good results I want to try NTRIP for ephemeris and as base station.
2011/3/31 Germany Tests for ASPHALT EU Project. ASPHALT project offers high positioning precision applications in road construction and fleet management and logistics in the construction just-in-time process chain. Thus the ASPHALT applications are considered of strategic importance and are expected to be early adopters of both EGNOS and Galileo.
2011/3/31 Germany I am a graduating student. My master thesis is about RTCM data format compression. The RTCM data allows me to check developed algorithms of data compression.
2011/4/1 France Student project at Ecole Centrale Paris in France. Implemetation of a Low-Cost RTK-GPS in order to localize professionel Paintball-players during official competitions.
2011/4/2 Germany I would like to improve the accuracy with combination of different applications on android based devices. Main purpose is the use of precision farming.
2011/4/5 France As a project manager I study and carry out the transition from the use of GPS only to the combined use of GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO at the french National Mapping Agency. In this context I try to analyse and evaluate Rinex files with Giove observations.
2011/4/5 Chile I am working on a research project where we want to access morphological changes on the Biobio River. I will use this tool to capture spatial data on the rivers shape horizontally and vertically. I am using an RTK GPS to survey these points.
2011/4/7 South Korea Research and study precise positioning with GPS and NTRIP. Research precise position calculation algorithm and develop application of precise GPS.
2011/4/7 Luxembourg Our company is currently developing a server-based application that enhances the position accuracy delivered by the end-user GNSS receiver. We came across NTRIP as an available technical solution that is still feasible within the time frame of our project.
2011/4/7 Canada I need an NTRIP account that will allow me agricultural application testing and demonstration.
2011/4/11 Italy GPS Surveying application for land register and build register. Topographical applications, terrain smoothing and land bounds replacing. We use NOVATEL GPS and RTKLIB.
2011/4/12 Germany Evaluation of RTK technology for augmented reality applications. Establishment of a local GPS Reference Station for RTK evaluation purposes.
2011/4/13 Ukraine We will use this data to create a regional reference network and for scientific research.
2011/4/13 USA We would like to test NTRIP data for use in computing clock corrections for radio occultation data processing in the UCARCOSMIC program.
2011/4/13 USA We would like to gain access to a mountpoint in order to facilitate an dredging project. We have two vessels working that need to receive CMR RTK corrections.
2011/4/15 UK Feasibility study into the use of real-time kinematic technology for precise positioning of robots with potential applications in consumer products.
2011/4/16 Norway I would like to use the NTRIP data stream to correct my GPS signal when mapping for OpenStreetMap in the field. Im a student from Norway.
2011/4/18 Netherlands We are designing a new product for agricultural vehicle control. Therefore we need a NTRIP stream to test the software. There is no precise position needed yet.
2011/4/19 Germany I am a student and NTRIP will be part of my bachelor thesis.
2011/4/19 France Evaluation of a NTRIP stream to get a precise positioning of a moving device. It will be used to follow people at sports.
2011/4/20 Russia Our research organization is working on a project of building global assimilative ionospheric model. The next task of our scientific mission is to assimilate data from GPS and GLONASS networks in near real-time using the NTRIP protocol. By using real-time data we will be able to calculate prognostic variables for short range ionspheric forecast.
2011/4/21 Italy I am in charge of a GNSS permanent receiver network in Italy. We provide differential corrections and I would like to use the EUREF services for some tests.
2011/4/24 Germany The purpose of this account is to test different software packages like RTKLIB in a master thesis.
2011/4/25 Russia I am a Student and I work with RTK via GSM in masterslave mode or GPRS RTSM. I want to study to see how RTK works via NTRIP.
2011/4/26 Saudi Arabia Establishment of network reference stations, training of engineers and continuous monitoring.
2011/4/26 Italy Multibeam surveys. We hope to replace RTK reference stations when operating away from home base. This should be possible using internet corrections. Also for precise positioning under water with HiPAP.
2011/4/27 USA I would like to use IGS real-time ephemeris and clock products to do point positioning of stations in a real-time GPS network.
2011/4/30 Germany I am a student of Geodesy and I want to use NTRIP for my studies in satellite geodesy.
2011/5/2 Germany Within a Tsunami Early Warning System my working package is responsible for the GNSS-component. We are providing a near real-time solution. Therefore we are also fetching IGS-stations using them as reference stations.
2011/5/2 USA We are working to begin streaming HRGPS data from our 15 continuous GPS sites and need RTCM streams with ephemeris and corrections data for PPP and other real-time processing applications.
2011/5/3 USA We develop a hydrographic data acquisition and processing package. The acquisition program receives GPS positions and can send NTRIP corrections over the same serial port.
2011/5/5 Germany We want do develop a positioning system for drilling Rigs and we need NTRIP for testing.
2011/5/6 Bulgaria I am a junior expert in public administration in Bulgaria. I am conducting field inspections of farmers and identify physical blocks to the needs of the Integrated System for Administration and Control.
2011/5/11 India I am a Geomatics Engineering post graduate student from India. I am working in the development of DGPS data server which can correct some GPS receiver readings. For this purpose I need RTCM data to check the feasibility of my work.
2011/5/11 Denmark Studies on GPS technology for automated guided vehicles. The AGV needs to navigate precisely in a 200x200m area. For the study we are examining different GPS technologies to find out if we can achieve the wanted precision at an acceptable price or we need to add additional technologies.
2011/5/13 New Zealand I am working on a project to build a robot with autonomous navigation ability using accurate GPS data. RTCM data will be retrieved by a GPRS device.
2011/5/15 Turkey I am a Phd Student researching about PPP in Real Time for various survey applications with low-cost and geodetic GPS receivers.
2011/5/18 Czech Republic I am PhD student and I am focused on Precise Point Positioning. I need this data for using BNC software and for developing my own software.
2011/5/18 Poland Testing some receivers with RTKLIB. Im interested mainly in real-time corrections from EUREF-IP stations but I also want to use some products.
2011/5/19 Canada Testing the capabilities of GNSS in precise localization of piles installations on building sites. Trying to develop a module to go on our equipment for geolocalisation.
2011/5/22 Japan I would like to test real-time retrieval of water vapor and validate its accuracy in Japan. We have performed near real-time analysis of IGS orbits and clocks using the hourly network of IGS. We expect that the use of real-time products allow us more rapid retrieval.
2011/5/22 France I am a PhD student n France and I am investigating PPP with ambiguity resolution topic and RTK.
2011/5/23 India I am a Geomatics Engineering post graduate student from India and I am working in the development of DGPS data server which can correct some GPS receiver readings. For this purpose I need RTCM data to check the feasibility of my work.
2011/5/23 Romania I own several single frequency GPS receivers and I need real-time data for executing topographical measurements.
2011/5/24 Taiwan We are working for applications in Intelligent Transport Systems. NTRIP would be a great help for processing prototyping tests.
2011/5/24 Malaysia NTRIP data will be used for research in a correction algorithm. The correction will involve 3 NTRIP streams.
2011/5/24 Taiwan PPP Integer ambiguity resolution at a single receiver could be implemented by applying improved satellite products where the fractional-cycle biases FCBs have been separated from the integer ambiguities in a network solution.
2011/5/24 Italia I process GPS data for volcanic deformation analysis. I want to use PPP with RT EUREF products to validate the results obtained by other software.
2011/5/29 Germany I would like to use RTCM via NTRIP for correcting the position of my DIY mower-robot. Im using a receiver which supports input of RTCM data via serial port.
2011/5/30 Austria TCA works in the field of navigation and positioning. With your service our own developed software based receiver will be tested.
2011/5/31 France I would like to correct my GPS waypoints. I live near a GNSS point correction and i would like to try this system.
2011/6/1 Germany Measurement of agricultural forest areas for EU grant applications. NTRIP is used with a L1 GPS receiver.
2011/6/2 Slovenia I want to try our GPS GLONASS GNSS receiver. I am a surveyor and we have problems with our network.
2011/6/2 United Kingdom Working on a project designing a device to provide navigational information based on barometric altitude and GPS positioning for para and hang glider pilots. The device is designed to interface with modern smartphones.
2011/6/3 Australia We are doing a real-time GPS RTK application using NTRIP protocol and we wish to use the real-time satellite clock product.
2011/6/6 United Kingdom I am a student. NTRIP will be used in my research in machine control applications. I would like to know how NTRIP works in the RTK applications.
2011/6/6 Spain I am interesting in real time products and data for PPP real time static and kinematic applications. The main purpose is to prepare and conduct laboratory work for the students of spatial geodesy.
2011/6/7 Italy I need an account in order to test some GNSS data with Precise Point Positioning. I am using the BNC software.
2011/6/7 Russia Monitoring of radionavigation fields of GLONASS and GPS systems in real time. Information support of users receivers developments and control segment of GLONASS. Results of our monitoring will be published on our website.
2011/6/8 Austria Testing of an steering guide of an autonomous rover guided and controlled with GPS and used in agriculture for cultivating crops.
2011/6/8 Turkey We would like to receive corrections from TURKEY. We will try to connect our GPS receivers to the network.
2011/6/8 United Kingdom We are investigating to use network RTK for real-time and high accuracy positioning applications which are very demanding in the market.
2011/6/10 United Kingdom Processing of GNSS data for the derivation of ZTD and IWV for use in meteorological forecasting models and visual display.
2011/6/10 Morocco We have installed a CORS station and we would like to use the IGS network to establish test studies and take benefits of the available spatial technology.
2011/6/12 USA I would like to evaluate the suitability of inexpensive receivers and antennas to measure distances in realtime in my neighborhood.
2011/6/14 Afghanistan User Registration for NTRIP Broadcasters Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol for providing survey and construction work in Afghanistan.
2011/6/15 Germany Evaluation of using GNSS realtime measurements and products for the generation of EUREF Permanent Netwok EPN combined products such as the combination of station coordinates of EPN sub-networks.
2011/6/15 Czech Republic Development and testing of a embedded Linux RTCM enabled GPS solution based on low cost hardware and working with open standards.
2011/6/15 Tunisia I want to try RTK on our GPS receiver using NTRIP RTK option. I am a surveyor and we have problems receiving RTK corrections from our base receiver to rover receiver via sim cards.
2011/6/15 Luxembourg The primary objectives of my research project being conducted are to investigate the potential of PWV estimates from GNSS measurements for meteorological nowcasting i.e. very short-term weather forecasting and for monitoring regional climate change. The technical developments during the project will include development of a real-time and a near real-time system for PWV estimation.
2011/6/17 Germany Monitoring GREF data streams in combination with DREFonline data, visibility of the results and test of quality of the GREF data.
2011/6/17 Venezuela I want to use this service to successfully carry out my studies in Geodetic Engineering and to process GPS data by using NTRIP.
2011/6/20 Venezuela Absolute positioning and differential by means of the information provided in real time and for the implementation of new GPS measurement techniques.
2011/6/21 Bosnia and Herzegovina We try to use the demo version of a NTRIP software for informational use. My country does not have a permanent network of reference stations. So i have to try your free connection.
2011/6/21 Italy I would like to use IGS real-time products to evaluate open source software RTKLIB for deformation monitoring in volcanic areas.
2011/6/21 Romania Synchronized kinematics for unmanned autonomous vehicle fleet using data fusion from multiple sensors including INS DGPS FMCW radar etc. DGPS data are used to sense and control both position and vehicle attitude.
2011/6/27 Taiwan This account is used for verification of the RTK and PPP features in RTKLIB software in Taiwan. More tests will be processed to evaluate the precision of GPS for mobile scenarios.
2011/6/27 New Zealand I need to use this data to upgrade the accuracy of a GPS system for my internship. The main use is to have a great precision to overlay different map.
2011/6/27 Japan We already have studied the autonomous navigation of unmanned vehicles. Now we want to use the server for the evaluation of control for creating software for NTRIP.
2011/6/28 Venezuela I am a student of Geodesy and I need your service to make some GNSS processing experiments as part of my education.
2011/6/30 Argentina I am studying PPP and RTK applications in realtime positioning and survey for agriculture applications. I am testing prototypes with embedded processors and low cost GPS receivers aiming to obtain decimeter level realtime positioning.
2011/7/6 Japan We would like to monitor the real time crustal deformation after the 2011 Tohoku-Oki earthquake because our university is just located close to the epicenter of this earthquake.
2011/7/8 Poland I would like to access your service because I am designing a RC model which requires determining the exact position.
2011/7/8 Spain I try to learn more about DGPS and evaluate the accuracy which is obtained by my unit.
2011/7/8 Romania I am working in the landmarking field in Romania with a more than 20 years experience. I would like to participate and receive the GPS data corrections.
2011/7/11 USA IGS Central Bureau is joining the real-time world. I would like to receive all possible streams so it can be made available from the US as well.
2011/7/12 Venezuela I would like to make assessments with the sotware BNC to position points for a seismic project in my country and compare it with other methods of positioning.
2011/7/15 Austria I am a Master Student and I need real-time corrected data for my Laserscan measurements carried out in Austria.
2011/7/16 Germany I try to use NTRIP correction data on a smartphone HTC HD2 to accurate position together with ESRI ARCPAD application for windows mobile.
2011/7/17 Estonia I am a lecturer of geodesy. I would like to have access in order to show to students possibilities of NTRIP.
2011/7/18 Venezuela I am a student from LUZ doing research on the application of NTRIP in land seismic acquisition and other areas.
2011/7/18 Turkey We are a research group working on a UAV project. We are searching for a feasible DGPS/RTK system for precision.
2011/7/20 Japan Examine the use of NTrip and to confirm operation to use and to measure the real time data of IGS.
2011/7/20 Germany We need GPS maps for the localisation of trees and things in streets and private territories.
2011/7/22 Spain I want to apply the clock corrections and broadcast ephemerides of this system in order to research and evaluate the performance of PPP.
2011/7/25 Venezuela I am doing a project about the applications of NTRIP and NTRIP/PPP in the seismic land adquisition
2011/7/25 France We need access to a NTRIP broadcaster for our intelligent vehicle research project. We are a French public laboratory depending on the University.
2011/7/26 USA We desire to monitor base station positions using BNC/PPP as well as use the BNC/PPP application to research real-time PPP for GIS and GNSS software development. To whatever capacity we would participate in the Real-time IGS Pilot Project and will provide feedback through answering any periodic questionnaires. We may install other GNSS base stations in USA and possibly internationally.
2011/7/26 USA Evaluation of GNSS measurements in real-time for NTRIP client. Reference Site surveying for local reference receivers. General research in performance characteristics of real-time GNSS data formats.
2011/8/9 Netherlands I am doing some testing with a Trimble equipment. I have a SPS882 GPS which is NTRIP capable. I hope to learn something about how this all works and what accuracy I can get.
2011/8/10 Monaco Developing navigational aid position control and double check GPS position. The plan is to make easy solutions to see accurate information on a PC.
2011/8/11 Spain In this project of my University I make an Exploration Robot of uncharted areas guided by GPS.
2011/8/15 Germany The main applications are in the areas of ppp-RT and real-time relative positioning as well as the testing of our software.
2011/8/16 USA We'd like to understand and evaluate the features and capabilities of your system.
2011/8/22 Brazil I'll process a rover unit in real time in order to perform best differential solution corrections.
2011/8/22 Canada We're part of a consortium of several organizations developing a EGNOS/EDAS device to be used for metering vehicles.
2011/8/22 Germany I am going to test out this technology to see performances on filed survey of forestry. Also a question for me the way of using data in special GIS applications.
2011/8/23 Austria We want to have precise positioning for controlling autonomous test vehicles in automotive testing. Another application is for measurements at traffic accident scenes.
2011/8/23 Sweden I'm intending to use the feed when learning how to use my DGPS system. It supports RTCM input but currently there are no other free feeds in Sweden.
2011/8/31 USA Attempting RTK GPS with Android cellular phone. Not sure which model android would be optimal but will be experimenting with several.
2011/9/1 Germany We are a small company that provides driving dynamics control systems specifically for the automotive testing field. At the moment we are trying to make first experiences with high precision GPS.
2011/9/1 Germany Mobile DGPS Equipment with NTRIP Client using GSM Modem and microcontroller. RTKLIB with UNIX Computer for real time RTK with low cost receivers.
2011/9/1 Sweden I am trying to build a mapping solution for use on forestry from an OEM receiver and a laptop running RTKLIB.
2011/9/1 United Kingdom I would like to experiment with NTRIP using it to help correct my position. When using APRS (Amateur Packet Reporting System) specifically using APRSIS32 software.
2011/9/2 Spain Mission performance analysis of SBAS. We are interested in the processing of SBAS data around the world with particular interest on WAAS and EGNOS.
2011/9/4 Germany Evaluation of low cost embedded GPS (lea-4t+rtklib) for outdoor robot application. Goal is a error range around 20cm in combination with fusion of other low cost sensor datas
2011/9/5 Italy I have to test NTRIP clients accepting GPS Glonass and RTCM 3 Galileo proposed messages (such as 1077 1087 1097). Those clients will be used in order to access raw data for PPP and real-time processing.
2011/9/6 Germany Testing of PPP for SAPOS reference provider in germany. First do some tests in lower saxony to build up our own service in the near future.
2011/9/8 Germany Software development tests with low price receiver from skytraq s1315f. Also some evaluations if it is possible with an android system (OMAP3610).
2011/9/11 Spain I want to test the quality of the solutions obtained with NTRIP broadcasted orbits and clocks with the PPP/DGPS approaches.
2011/9/12 Germany Quadrocopter-Project at our technical university.
2011/9/12 USA The PRSN operates 6 high rate GPS stations we are working to archive and analyze data from those stations. We are in the initial stages. We are requesting the ephemeris data.
2011/9/16 Poland I'm building a GPS unit based on Linux and utilizing RTKLIB library. I want to use orbit and clock data to evaluate real time PPP mode of RTKLIB.
2011/9/20 Sweden Evaluation of RT streams in conjunction with the Leica SmartNet Sweden network with specific applications for machine control positioning.
2011/9/21 Netherlands We are the survey department of a marine contractor and would like to use this account for evaluation, testing and demonstration of the NTRIP protocol and EUREF and IGS possibilities.
2011/9/21 France We need RTCM data to test new GPS receivers inside workshops using GPS repeater antenna and DGPS antenna outside to get RTCM messages.
2011/9/22 Norway Receiving corrections to a Trimble Geo XH Geo series 6000 with ArcPad and the extension gpscorrect. For stakeout of a powerline.
2011/9/22 Russia I want to test NTRIP client software and to write a program which should receive differential correction data about coordinates.
2011/9/24 USA Our company is developing a fundamentally new kind of massively parallel real-time geospatial database. I am trying to collect access to real-time location data streams in order to privately test and demonstrate our products performance.
2011/9/24 USA We are using Wireless GPS Asset tracking devices for tracking and locating high value assets. In certain applications the asset density and population is high and hence higher location accuracy is required which we intend to resolve with DGPS/RTCM. We have tried SBAS and the accuracy is just not consistent.
2011/9/25 Brazil This data will be used for a graduated work in college. I have to use the NTRIP service to get data from IBGE to RTK positioning.
2011/9/26 USA I'm testing various inertial navigation systems and filter algorithms and am hoping to use the DGPS corrections to derive improved ground-truth.
2011/9/26 Germany I like to try RTK with lowCost Receivers. It is just to study the working of GPS and the corrections.
2011/9/26 Brazil Applications for environmental mapping (rivers lakes forests mountains etc.) with the use of GPS and NTRIP. This applications will be used in pdas and noteboooks.
2011/9/27 Singapore My application involves autonomous navigation of swarm robots. This service will clearly be used only for research purpose and is not intended for commercial use.
2011/9/28 Brazil The aim of our application is doing a PPP. It's important to obtain the satellite coordinates, the status of ionosphere, troposphere, time and clock errors.
2011/9/30 Spain A real-time rainfall rate estimator that uses C/N0 and path through the atmosphere along with ITU-R models to estimate mm/hour rainfall.
2011/10/3 Czech Republic I would like to use GNSS data only for educational purposes. I'm the PhD student at CTU in Prague and I'm going to use data to compute real position of the GPS station in NTRIP software. NTRIP helps me to understand the way of processing GNSS data. New software for this topic is going to be developed soon.
2011/10/3 Japan I am a student who is interested in the positioning using RTCM and I like to study NTRIP.
2011/10/5 Italy GPS Data analysis and correction in order to reduce errors during a site survey performed with a GPS receiver.
2011/10/7 Taiwan GPS receiver used for Navigation system request. The GPS receiver supports DGPS and RTCM and we are looking for a RTCM test APP.
2011/10/10 Germany Testing low cost RTK positioning with single frequency low cost receiver u-blox evaluation kit evk 6t together with an NTRIP client.
2011/10/10 Germany Master thesis: Definition and realization of a software defined mobile low cost GNSS and GIS system for precise georeferencing of a network graph of a water distribution system.
2011/10/11 Poland I would like to register because it will be necessary for my graduate work of a Military University of Technology.
2011/10/11 Germany I am a student of system theory and I would like to use this service for realtime localisation and control of an autonomous vehicle.
2011/10/11 Poland Testing solution using ephemeris data from BKG service and also developing applications based on RTKLIB open source software. Navigation and learning.
2011/10/12 Germany The BKG NTRIP Client (BNC) is the subject of my bachelor thesis at our University. For this I need the correct data to assess the results of the RTK-measurements.
2011/10/14 Australia Real time regional ionospheric modelling using GNSS and satellite data for space weather forecasting and GNSS applications such as RTK positioning.
2011/10/14 Chile As a student of geodesy I am working in testing the accuracy of the National Geodetic Reference Points by using the GNSS permanent stations in the region.
2011/10/14 Greece Data streams will be used for research and development of a precise GPS system which uses old/outdated geodetic GPS equipment.
2011/10/14 Italy Testing PPP features of RTKLIB. We would like to develop a low cost embedded device for precise positioning using FASTRAX modules and custom data acquisition design.
2011/10/16 USA I have a non-commercial land development project where I need precision surveying and mapping. I intend to use NTRIP input with RTKLIB running on the Beagle Board DIY RTK board for GPS mapping of streams and land features.
2011/10/18 Poland I am a student of a Military University of Technology and I need ephemeris data streams in order to write a diploma work on changes of Master and Auxiliary Concept.
2011/10/20 Germany Evaluation of a certain GPS receiver's behaviour in laboratory environment where RTCM corrections are required but can not locally be created.
2011/10/20 Afghanistan We use a RTK base and rover with GPRS connection via mobile phone for land survey construction and road survey in Afghanistan.
2011/10/24 South Africa We are interested in registering for NTRIP to assist our surveying department. Helps with position and accuracy for parts of South Africa.
2011/10/24 Japan I am the student who is interested in the positioning using RTCM (especially real-time PPP). I applied for your project to study NTRIP.
2011/10/24 Germany This access is needed for research in the field of low cost GNSS at our University. It is to evaluate whether the PPP method is an alternative to DGPS.
2011/10/25 Italy We use GNSS raw data to estimate and model the local ionosphere and to have reference data for DGPS and RTK positioning.
2011/10/27 Germany We want to measure precise positions of our seismometers with differential methods. This is essential for small aperture seismometer arrays.
2011/10/30 Venezuela I want to prove the NTRIP technology for well measurements and other applications of oil industry like locations land seismic and other activities.
2011/10/31 France I am very interested by the GPS potential for green agriculture.
2011/11/4 Finland We are planning to use this access for teaching and research purposes at our university. The students will be able to understand the capabilities of a real-time positioning system.
2011/11/4 Taiwan We need to read broadcast ephemeris in Rinex version 3 Navigation format for our VRS and BNS software applications.
2011/11/7 Canada Use the RTCM streams to evaluate GPS RTK performance concerning the convergence time and the accuracy in both the real-time and post-mission modes.
2011/11/7 Czech Republic Detailed terrain exploring to find unknown target. Testing GPS accuracy (EGNOS RTCM) in bad conditions (forest valley). Measurement of differences among GPS modules.
2011/11/9 Sweden I am working with GPS related software development for our marine products transponders conforming to the AIS Class A standard. I would like to use the RTCM datastream to test and verify that we are compatible with the format and contents of the provided RTCM messages.
2011/11/13 Brazil I do a PPP for some stations I need. I have to make different studies in my university such as calculate the ADOP.
2011/11/14 Germany Investigation in realtime GNSS analysis, Precise Point Positioning tests, comparing RTKLIB and PPP Wizard, demonstration of real time data for students projects.
2011/11/14 Russia I am a postgraduate student in Moscow. The theme of my future thesis is closely connected with Precise Point Positioning in GNSS. For this reason i need to use data from stations all over the world with BNC.
2011/11/14 Russia We are learning to use DGPS corrections over Internet (GPRS) with our devices. We have no NTRIP server up to now. Thus we need to test NTRIP-data.
2011/11/14 Switzerland Survey monitoring and GNSS positioning tasks, computation of long GPS baselines, real time and post processing products and solutions.
2011/11/15 Netherlands Execute a few tests to find out if we can use a RTK GPS network system for verification of a heave algorithm.
2011/11/15 USA I would like to have access to and data streams in order to test real time GPS processing software.
2011/11/17 Germany I am writing my final exam for my degree about PPP Wizard and RTKLIB. I need real-time data for both programs.
2011/11/18 Finland For some years our robot association has build wire following robots. Now we like to expand to GPS. Thats why we are interested what DGPS can offer.
2011/11/18 Italia GPS Data analysis and correction in order to reduce errors during a site survey performed with a GPS receiver for thesis.
2011/11/18 USA Provide real-time point positioning of GPS stations for earthquake early warning. We are currently developing real-time point positioning software based on GIPSY OASIS.
2011/11/19 USA Use of RTK data to increase precision of UAV's GPS observation data to aid tuning of attitude and navigation filters.
2011/11/20 USA GPS antenna design and evaluation. RTK application development. Currently I am evaluating solutions for short baseline local applications for RTKLIB using commodity hardware and I'm hoping to cooperatively build high quality antennas with some other members of our community which we can count on as being repeatable enough to be calibrated accurately + then built by the GNSS experimenters themselves.
2011/11/21 Russia Scientific research to understand strong displacement of volcano surface from earthquake, displacement of glacier in real time.
2011/11/22 Australia GPS georeferencing of hyperspectral LiDAR and thermal information in crop research experiments. We are working as well with autonomous system that will be making field measurements in an automated basis. For that we would like to evaluate the possibility of using NTRIP RTK corrections.
2011/11/24 Greece Static and kinematic Real Time PPP and testing various programs like BNC and RTKLIB and to make investigation of how the GNSS receiver works in slow deformation.
2011/11/26 Australia The purpose of this application is to obtain real-time access to GNSS data streams for PPP research purposes (and teaching) at our University.
2011/11/28 Romania Determination of fixed points used for surveying in cadastre applications. Comparing fixed solutions with RTK measurements.
2011/11/29 Portugal I am trying to implement a RTK system to achieve more precision in our GPS aquisition studies. For that I need a NTRIP server to provide my base data just for the first steps.
2011/11/30 Netherlands To investigate if we can add more accuracy to our GPS based sensors used for real time wave height measurement and ship motions.
2011/12/1 Austria We are developing communication and location systems for precise positioning in agriculture. We have to test our user portable device in order to receive RTCM signals and to position the user in a field within 1 meter accuracy.
2011/12/1 Russia VRSware: A self-developed NTRIP clientserver for providing virtual raw measurements and corrections for RTK DGNSS postprocessing applications. Input: raw-data streams from some CORS. Output: data streams VRS.
2011/12/4 Italy GNSS research and development on land surveying for cadastral purposes. Test of innovative high accuracy systems using Network RTK and real time clocks corrections.
2011/12/5 Slovakia We attempt to use it in field archaeology in the Slovakian republic. It is not for commercial but for scientific use.
2011/12/6 Spain A machinery guided by personal computer with submeter GPS. We want to test the accuracy of the system with different sets of corrections and apply the most reliable.
2011/12/7 Chile As a student of Geomatics Engineering I am working in testing the NTRIP uses and applications for my project title.
2011/12/9 France We are biding to participate to the development of a control centre which needs to receive GNSS data. We have decided to include an NTrip Client and want to test BNC functionalities by receiving real data.
2011/12/9 USA We are currently trying to implement a low-cost RTK positioning system for later use in vehicle driver assistance and safety systems.
2011/12/11 USA Research project to implement real-time carrier phase DGPS corrections with low-cost receivers. Would like to evaluate the accuracy of the NTRIP broadcasted data vs. a local base station.
2011/12/13 India We want to create a utility mapping by ground surveying and GPS corrections thus require for cross checking and correlating the observed data and to get maximum accuracy.
2011/12/14 Japan For use in detecting real-time crustal deformation related to large earthquakes which might cause tsunami. Precise orbit and clock corrections are used via NTrip.
2011/12/15 Germany I am working as an engineer in Germany. We are working on our receivers to become PPP-ready.
2011/12/21 France I am receiving real time data from huegelheim on my android cell phone and i want to use the data if possible for GPS.
2011/12/21 France The stream of GNSS data will be used to test and evaluate our software. It has been modyfied with a DGNSS module(RTKDGPS) which needs an assessment.
2011/12/21 Japan For the test of PPP and RTK program.And checking the accuracy for the RTK solution using broadcast ephemeris and precise ephemeris.
2011/12/21 Russia My activity focuses on developing software for GPS-GLONASS receiver, differential GPS and GLONASS reference stations providing correction data. Our application will use the NTRIP protocol as an way to send-receive DGNSS correction data to customers.
2011/12/27 France I work for a French RTK network and I would like to test the EGNOS corrections through NTRIP.
2011/12/27 France Testing GPSTK library with a USB GPS receiver that is able to output pseudorange for a wireless site survey application.
2011/12/28 Russia Study of the EGNOSSDCM interoperability and the potential benefits of EGNOS and SDCM reference stations combination for a high precision position service.
2011/12/28 USA Offshore survey operation using real time corrections. Data to be tied aquisition software. The goal is to develop a real time tightly coupled solution without the need for a RTK base station. Currently we are looking at PPP and CMR output solutions.
2011/12/29 Jordan I work for a company in jordan as a surveying manager . The main work for our departement is quantity survey.
2012/1/3 USA I would like to obtain IGS clock corrections to use in processing high-rate GPS data in near real-time for the San Francisco Bay area.
2012/1/3 USA I'm an independent researcher working on a variety of positioning enhancements as a hobby. My primary interest is in fusing sensor data (i.e. accelerometergryos) to supplement GPS data during low availability times.
2012/1/5 China NTRIP data will be used for developing PPP and RTK applications in realtime positioning and survey for agriculture applications.Evaluation of a NTRIP stream to get a precise positioning of a moving device.
2012/1/5 Poland I'd like to use the EUREF real time RTCM corrections for amateur test and evaluation purposes becoming familiar with the technology and possibly using it for commercial purposes in the future.
2012/1/5 South Korea I would like to calculate coordinates of base station by using the correction data through NTRIP. I also like to use your valueable NTRIP data in order to teach PPP application for my undergraduate student and graduate student.
2012/1/10 Austria We are working on an EU project about an autonomous fleet of agricultural robots. DGPS is used for positioning and tracking of ground and aerial mobile units within the operational field. In the final implementation we will use our own reference station for correction signal generation.
2012/1/12 USA To evaluate using NTRIP data in conjunction with other GPS units for mobile robotics applications more specifically an autonomous lawnmower developed in the College of Engineering.
2012/1/17 Austria At my institute we are working on a software for real-time PPP including client and regional PPP corrections. Therefore I would need access to the real-time streams from IGS to compare results receive broadcast ephemeris in real-time etc.
2012/1/17 Puerto Rico GNSS RTK Network for Land Survey in Puerto Rico Dominican Republic and Caribbean. Monitoring application and Tsunami mitigation program project support.
2012/1/18 Czech Republic The data will be used for evaluation of positional correction for mobile robot navigated by GPS modul. The robot is devoloped for outdoor monitoring of ionizing radiation where possitional accuracy better then 10cm is necessary.
2012/1/19 Iceland I would like to get GNSS observation stream from the stations located in Iceland. It will add more reliability into monitoring Iceland´s GNSS network.
2012/1/19 Russia We consider the possibility to use NTRIP data as a source of GPS-GLONASS corrections used for a river vessel monitoring unit which is developed by us.
2012/1/24 Hungary Scientific research in the field of Advanced Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring. Download real-time data from several stations all around the Earth in order to validate some algorithms.
2012/1/25 Poland We are working on a project concerning a ionosphere real time monitoring system which can calculate TEC ROT ROTI and S4 index. We need real time data to test it.
2012/1/28 Austria A small quadrotor unmanned aerial vehicle is build as part of a bachelor thesis. The installed goGPS program uses RTK technique with your RTMC streams to optimize positioning data.
2012/1/28 Germany Education for students and a interest on the activity of the ionosphere and ionospheric EGNOS data.
2012/1/28 Greece For educational and research applications at our department and for the quality assessment of RTK positioning for specific deformation monitoring.
2012/1/30 United Kingdom Our university carries out a field course in the Almeria Province during the Easter period for the MSC GIS with Remote Sensing programme. In addition to using a local base station and rover configuration we would like to trial the EUREF-IP NTRIP broadcaster service using ALME broadcasts.
2012/2/1 Italy Real time differential GPS applications. Used with a u-blox receiver to obtain the ground truth for radar experiments.
2012/2/1 Nepal I would like to use the real time products to test GPS near real time processing of our network of GPS stations in Nepal.
2012/2/1 USA I am senior research scientist and mainly focus on network GNSS research and development. I would like to do some performance evalution on the your real time orbit and clock information.
2012/2/2 Italy Use of GNSS raw data to: a) positioning software development b) estimate and model the local ionosphere c) to have reference data for DGPS and RTK. All the results are object of PHD and master degree thesis and scientific studies.
2012/2/3 USA Robot experiment for a moving ground robot application to see if this would be a good fit for corrections.
2012/2/5 Italia Cadastral surveys in areas with dense vegetation, georeferencing of cadastral maps for subsequent stakeout, implementation of a GPS Total Station.
2012/2/6 Denmark I do installations and sea trials with sonar customers who often haven't established their own RTKDGPS network yet. I am looking for an easy solution that will give me good XY a couple of hours per month. I will certainly need only one stream.
2012/2/6 Russia I need an account for my academic research project. It involves the processing of u-blox format from device and applies POP PPP post-processing.
2012/2/8 Canada Educational purposes. Need access to live stream RTCM 2.3 data as part of the school project for a duration of about 3 month.
2012/2/8 France Use different stations to perform tets to verify the corrections with a view to agricultural use.
2012/2/9 India I would like test and use the zero differencing concept in this area i.e. Hyderabad India and other areas. If possible a case study will also be sent to you.
2012/2/10 Germany Real-time kinematic PPP for machine control and guidance. To understand the real-time data stream of BNC. To receive a data stream for kinematic positioning.
2012/2/11 Poland I am studying Geodesy and Cartography and I need an account in order to write my a master's thesis about Realtime Precise Point Positioning-GNSS analysis in the BNC software.
2012/2/13 Peru We are dedicated to supply support to many companies and institutions dedicated to the positioning system in Peru.
2012/2/13 Sweden Testing and backup logging of RINEX. At the moment we don't have any program that can store RINEX 3.01 from our own stations.We want to see if we can use BNC to create rinex files for our internal archive and for the delivery of daily files to IGS.
2012/2/14 Netherlands Im looking for a NTRIP broadcasting source in an attempt to improve our surveying accuracy.
2012/2/14 Switzerland For a european project we are looking for a multi-quadcopter localization with DGPS data as fallback solution for our vision based control algorithms. Therefore access to the DGPS-streams would be great.
2012/2/15 Italy I want to test EUREF and IGS Real Time products for estimating troposphere in Real Time mode for meteo applications.
2012/2/15 Japan Feasibility study of a PPP-AR method as a tool for real-time crustal deformation monitoring. Coordinate repeatability as well as reliability of a system in a long-term continuous operation will be investigated.
2012/2/15 Russia Need to access data in real-time GNSS for the reconstruction of telecommunication facilities of communication.
2012/2/16 Germany Experimental use of GPS correctures for high level data fusion. Localization of objects in large infrastructures with optimization by filter algorithms.
2012/2/16 USA We are going to generate real-time satellite clock to do precise point positioning in Southern California for a research in earthquake early warning.
2012/2/18 Palestine For the adjustment of the Gaza city network we need to check any changes on our existing control points through several long baselines.
2012/2/21 Japan I will use GNSS data for PPP or RTK processing with RTNet RTKLIB Internet Radio own NTRIP Client Softwares etc.
2012/2/23 Netherlands I will try to make software or change open source (RTKLIB) to have 2 or more simultaneous feeds. Stations in NLD are more then 100 km away so have test with two or more feeds how the accuracy and errors are.
2012/2/24 Canada I need access to NTRIP streams for a university project building a program to compute near real-time GPS solutions using the NTRIP protocol.
2012/2/24 Germany Locate and document the course of sewer pipes. To find the points we use a radio detection system and Mobile Mapper 100.
2012/2/24 Norway Tests and evaluation of GPS and software in a workshop. We use GPS receivers for marine in Dynamic Positioning Systems and Integrated bridge systems for offshore vessels.
2012/2/28 Canada We are a receiver manufacturer. We design and manufacture OEM GNSS positioning cards for a wide variety of applications. We also have post processing and real-time software products. Our primary interest in this data is for interoperability testing of RTCM messages.
2012/2/28 Greece Our main task is to monitor the Greek stations participating in EUREF and IGS with Real Time PPP and see if it can help with geological events like earthquakes.
2012/2/28 Germany Develop high precision navigation in agriculture with simple receiver technics and low end antenna to develop new products.
2012/2/29 Poland Research related to real time GNSS signal processing using PPP methods. Algorithms development for GNSS software receiver operating in real time using external IGS and own products.
2012/3/3 Indonesia We would like to use these innovations to enhance the accuracy of our GNSS equipment for Topographic mapping and mining exploration.
2012/3/6 Denmark National survey and cadastre is testing PPP solutions with the BKG software BNC and the opensource program RTKLib.
2012/3/6 Denmark We are testing PPP solutions with the BKG software BNC and the opensource program RTKLib.
2012/3/7 Germany I am insterested in the NTRIP broadcasters to make some tests for my master thesis. I will be working with different corrections in order to make comparisons.
2012/3/8 Spain Usage of BNC (BKG NTRIP Client) for personal research purposes in network RTK and PPP.
2012/3/8 Switzerland Real time GPS network for glaciers monitoring. To save the lifespan of the battery for GPS receivers on job-site we decide to use the realtime ephemeris from a GNSS data center instead of transfer it from the receiver to the processing center.
2012/3/10 France Software development and testing. I am currently proceeding to some tests on new receivers using the NTRIP protocol to get corrections. I am also acting as a consultant for various GPS users.
2012/3/10 Germany I am a PHD student who studies in GNSS and I would like to use the BNC. I may use it in real time ppp for earthquake waring.
2012/3/13 Brazil The service will be used as a test case in PPP processing and to check the use in hydrographic surveying in Sao Luis.
2012/3/13 Germany I would like to test an android NTRIP client with two different bluetooth receivers. I have read some information about this in a forum of a map app and I am intetested in practical research.
2012/3/14 Australia We operate globally, utilising a network of spatialsurvey services. We would like to gain access to the IGS real time network to support our global activities.
2012/3/14 Czech Republic Navigate driverless robots (car model) by DGPS method combined with image analysis based on a hough transformation and vanishing point identification. Apply kalman filter and steering via COM port.
2012/3/14 Iran I am Student of Geodesy and my thesis is about Troposphere in PPP and kinematic mode.
2012/3/15 Mexico We have particular jobs in Mexico using dual frequency GPS equipment and we are testing this system and hoping that once a local corporate from Mexico will provide a service.
2012/3/15 United Kingdom We currently use the OS Active Station at Herstmonceux to perform our GPS differential post-processing and would like to do this instantly rather than having to wait up to 2 hours for the 30s RINEX data to become available
2012/3/15 Venezuela Topographic surveys, GIS cadastre, oil and gas installation management. We perform GNSS surveys and tests in order to improve NTRIP technique and its availability inside our country.
2012/3/18 France We operate a NRTK services in France and we are interested to test the real-time PPP capabilities and the use of RTCM streams to test real time monitoring of our different services.
2012/3/18 Germany Printing logos and pictures on fields using our self developed mashine Fieldprinter. Seeding pictures and logos - growing pictures.
2012/3/19 Germany I intend to use the data for surface buoy reference measurements in our scuba diving club.
2012/3/20 Germany Evaluation of precision of several GPS-engines eval-boards under multipath conditions. Goal is to find a precise affordable solution for OSM data acquisiton.
2012/3/21 Belgium To evaluate the use of real-time RTCM corrections in the development of an improved GNSS positioning application in the railways transportation field.
2012/3/21 Germany Development of a tightly-coupled kalman-filter for a low-cost IMU+GPS system. The filter shall be expanded to real-time capability using NTRIP data.
2012/3/21 Sweden I evaluate RTKLIB in RTK mode for long baselines at SWEPOS stations. We want to compare our results with low latitude results. Hence access is required for realtime data streams and corrections. We would like to try PPP as well.
2012/3/22 Australia Conducting a university research and experiment project in the area of intelligent transport systems. Our project requires the use of NTRIP.
2012/3/22 Kenya Want to use NTRIP data streams from RCMN0 for training purposes and also for mapping of engineering applications.
2012/3/22 Poland As a PhD student I am working on PPP software development and therefore I need access to IGS orbits and clocks in real-time.
2012/3/23 Malaysia I want to stream igs observation data to test my NTRIPcaster for my final year project.
2012/3/24 Australia I am a surveyor and I am investigating the achievable accuracy with the GNSS real time data and a RTK receiver which I have built.
2012/3/25 Russia Self-education in GNSS real time kinematic field work with RTKLIB. Improving RTK position fix by providing object movement vectors collected with cheap inertial navigation system.
2012/3/25 Spain I would like to test the BNC software for PPP real time. I am a researcher that works with monitoring GPS stations in real time.
2012/3/26 Germany I am developing GPS solutions mainly for industrial and professional use. I would like to have access to NTRIP data streams in order to test my real time GPS software.
2012/3/27 Finland I would like to learn more about RTK positioning and I would like to have access to RINEX data to be able to use the RTK software.
2012/3/27 Slovenia I would like to access NTRIP for learning and testing purpose. Especially its integration possibility for DP systems on offshore vessels.
2012/3/27 Spain I will use all these services to do a Analysis of RTK corrections with RTKLIB.
2012/3/27 Switzerland I make tests with real-time precise point positioning in the reference frame of Switzerland with the BKG NTRIP Client and with RTKLIB.
2012/3/28 Switzerland I study at a University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and I have a project in the area of PPP-RTK.
2012/3/29 Netherlands I will use the account for continuing analysis of orbit and clock corrections and RT-PPP for global and regional reference systems around the world.
2012/3/29 Spain We have a investigation project with a geomatic department of a university in spain. We draw a comparison between local spanish RTK and EUREF RTK.
2012/3/29 United States I am a Research Associate and I would like to have access to the free NTRIP service for our research in GPSINS related areas. We are absolutely willing to provide feedback and user experience in return.
2012/3/30 Spain I am interesting in Land surveying investigation and topographic applicance for enginering and internet applications for mobiles with IOS and Android.
2012/4/1 Greece Use real time Precise Positioning in order to improve truck fuel efficiency using look-ahead algorithms to predict driver behaviour (funded research project).
2012/4/5 USA Needed for testing NTRIP2.0 and validating backward comparability with basic authentication and the like. Also needed for testing other NTRIP features.
2012/4/6 France Testing NTRIP RTK for low cost agricultural purpose. We need RTK accuracy for equipment guidance in crop cultivation for low input production.
2012/4/6 Russia We are developing and testing Network RTK applications. Our network product combines NTRIP Caster and Server functionality and we need access to a standard external Caster for interoperability tests.
2012/4/9 Switzerland I am a contributor to the OpenStreetMap project and I try to write documentation for use GPSD with NTRIP corrections.
2012/4/9 USA Our organization is developing an autonomous vehicle platform and we are interested in using RTK-GPS to obtain a more precise location estimate than we currently have with a standalone module.
2012/4/10 Chile We would like to have access to GPS data and product streams to test near real time processing software for GPS networks in Chile.
2012/4/10 Spain Install a GPS station in a containers terminal for vehicles control and automate some tasks in the terminal.
2012/4/10 Taiwan To get a more accurate position for golf applications we need to feed RTCM messages to bluetooth GPS receivers. We have an android app to handle NTRIP.
2012/4/10 Taiwan We plan to design a new device that is used to receive RTCM data and replying corrected NMEA Format. Both data use UART1 to communicate with independent bluetooth modules.
2012/4/11 Chile We would like to have access to real time IGS and EUREF products to test near real time GPS processing software in connection with a Chilean network of GPS stations.
2012/4/11 Czech Republic We are working on a project which aims to provide means to assess performance of current and future systems with accent on long-term comparison of evolution of perfomance. E.g. to see the effect of new EGNOS versions or new GPS SV blocks affects on the accuracy for users. We see MGEX as a source for Galileo obs.
2012/4/12 Germany I would like to request access to EUREF IP network for some testing of real time corrections in agricultural use. Testing will be done using commercial GNSS equipment as well as RTKLIB together with a u-blox GNSS receiver.
2012/4/12 Japan We have been developing a Multi-GNSS advanced demonstration tool for orbit and clock analysis which estimates precise orbits and clocks using real time data streams. In the future we will retrieve streams in RTCM-MSM format including QZSS so we would like to get your streams converted into RTCM-MSM format.
2012/4/13 Ukraine We have several reference stations and want to use data streams in evaluation purpose for quality control and integrity monitoring of our GNSS network.
2012/4/15 Malaysia Topographic surveying using RTK GNSS construction settings out for earthwork road drainage and platform. Mapping underground detection positioning by RTK. Providing position for soil test instrument.
2012/4/16 France Catch RINEX data from multiple stations in south africa to make a study on a potential EGNOS installation in south africa.
2012/4/16 Russia I need access to GNSS data streams to test and study the transmission of GPS data in real time and estimating them in PPP mode.
2012/4/18 Brazil Access real time precise ephemeris to test the PPP application in BNC. As we have our own GNSS stations access to CLK mountpoints is suffice.
2012/4/19 Germany I want to test the abilities of PPP with BNC as an supplement to SAPOS and other RTK Services which I already use.
2012/4/19 Spain I am interesting in Land surveying investigation and topografphic applicance for enginering and internet applications for mobiles with IOS and Android.
2012/4/20 Austria Development of a NTRIP client with RTCM decoder module. Access needed mostly to test and improve SW compatibility with existing NTRIP casters and RTCM generators.
2012/4/23 USA Want to make sure our RTCM MSM is compatible with others competitors. Also need to validate MSM standard for RTCM committee.
2012/4/24 Germany In the framework of our research project we would like to improve the position control capabilities, trajectory tracking and formation flight of a fleet of five quad-rotor helicopters.
2012/4/25 France RTK will be used in public missions aerial photogrammetry based surveys. Development of unmanned aerial vehicle for aerial thermography vegetation index and land surveying.
2012/4/26 Japan Data will be used for analysis of real time PPP accuracy and network latency of real time network.
2012/4/26 United Kingdom I want to complete some testing I am arranging for some marine vessels and therefor require access to real time data to allow me to complete the comparisons.
2012/4/27 Romania Determination of GPS Points in latitude longitude and elevation and transcalculate those in Stereo 70 Projection system (used in Romania).
2012/4/27 Spain RTK corrections will be used in several research and development projects in order to obtain precise reference trajectories during kinematic campaign data collections.
2012/4/28 Germany Development of a realtime DGPS based navigation system for blind and visualy impaired persons. We would like to evaluate the accuracy of a low cost DGPS receiver in connection with RTKLIB.
2012/4/30 Venezuela We want to learn the benefits of this technique in our measurements. We want a better solution in our coordinates.
2012/5/2 Lebanon I use these data to make land survey using handheld GPS and post processing data correction. I hope i can reach my goal to get high accurate coordinates.
2012/5/3 Australia Access to NTRIP Broadcasters s needed to continue my research on PPP by the software of BNC. Any related publications will be acknowledged.
2012/5/4 Netherlands I would like to broaden my knowledge about practical availability, application and processing using PPP and PPP-RTK. The software I use is BNC and RTKLIB.
2012/5/4 Spain We would like to connect streams from your stations in order to have a backup station for our GNSS network in our country.
2012/5/7 Sweden Android and IOS application for monitoring and determining DGPS accuracy from a given stream. Measure uptime of GPRS network is also planned.
2012/5/8 Japan In the framework of our research project of GNSS navigation our intended application includes the precise PPP based navigation for vehicles.
2012/5/9 Brazil We decided to restart the operation and development of a NTRIP station in Brazil. The previous period of operation was between 2005 and 2006.
2012/5/9 Germany GNNS and RTK for a precise navigation and orientation for the blind and visual impaired. Studies for a Master Thesis.
2012/5/10 Belgium I do a study about the ability to use GNSS technology to drive moving robots and other king of robots.
2012/5/10 Norway Test of GNSS data correction on a handheld receiver while waiting for an official subscription with a national correction supplier. We are interested in comparing results from different suppliers.
2012/5/11 USA For educational purposes. To learn realtime GPS observation methods in relation to cadastral survey procedures and interagation of mapping methods with survey control.
2012/5/12 Belgium I would like to conduct a feasibility study to assess the possibility for using NTRIP sources to provide ground truth in robotics applications.
2012/5/13 Germany I am a student who is interested in GIS and GPS. I just want to play around with DGPS and so on.
2012/5/13 Netherlands Scientific experiment where cyclist position data on public road is studied depending on visual input. Cyclist velocity is also analyzed depending on road signs stripes.
2012/5/14 Venezuela I will use the service for my thesis for Geodetic Engineering.
2012/5/16 Japan Evaluate and research realtime PPP technique using multi GNSS for automatic machine control. Observe object behavior of objects like vehicles animals humans etc. Determine space craft orbit and more.
2012/5/16 Venezuela I have to do GNSS measurements to be carried out for the completion of my degree thesis which involves applying NTRIP for mapping and cadastre.
2012/5/17 Brazil I am a cartographic engineering student in Brazil dedicated to studying NTRIP and other matter for purposes of research in this area.
2012/5/17 Brazil I study in a school of engineering and I need informations for study and research about cartographic issues.
2012/5/18 United Kingdom I am too old to have had GPS Surveying at University. Now trying to update my knowledge by 'playing' with various bits of hardware.
2012/5/21 Brazil Planialtimetric cadastral survey of urban lots, georeferencing rural properties. Photogrammetric topographic basis for geographic information system. Survey of stands of plants.
2012/5/22 Bulgaria To check and improve EGNOS LT and FT corrections because there are no GLONASS satellite orbit and clock corrections in SBAS messages.
2012/5/22 Japan I am interested in GNSS because we have QZSS in Japan. I would like to study about GNSS to use this software.
2012/5/22 USA Test u-blox GPS receiver using RTK corrections to support customer applications using similar approach. Will be using GPS receiver (evaluation kit) connected to PC to obtain GPS data from satellite and achieve better accuracy using RTK data.
2012/5/23 Colombia We are trying to use this protocol for first time. We sell survey products and we wanto to probe it.
2012/5/23 Poland I need an account in order to write my a master's thesis about Realtime Precise Point Positioning- GNSS analysis in the BNC software.
2012/5/23 Spain I am interested in experimenting with DGPS systems for some indoor outdoor applications. I am also particularly interested in high dynamics applications.
2012/5/24 Germany I am a research assistant at a university and am interested in using DGNSS. I would like to study PPP and RTK related issues.
2012/5/24 Germany Development of GIS-based field data collection software and satellite based navigation of forestry machines. Test and development of GNSS-Receivers for difficult environments (forest etc.).
2012/5/25 Thailand This is for research study. I would like to increase GPS accuracy in Thailand by using the DGPS technology. I will connect to just for study and verification of my software application. Later on we will deploy our own DGPS CORS in Thailand.
2012/5/27 Canada To see the performance of the real-time precise orbit and clock products both in the user range domain and in the positioning domain.
2012/5/27 USA Researching real Time kinematic Precise Point Positioning algorithms for Intelligent Vehicle testing for US DOT in North America and Canada.
2012/5/28 Germany As a student of International Transport Management at the University I like to use this service for examining transport related location services in my bachelor thesis.
2012/5/28 Portugal Our company is developing a VRS based on EGNOS SISNET data. For testing purposes we need access to the NTRIP Broadcasters before becoming a broadcaster.
2012/5/29 Germany We are working on position control of quadrotors. We would like to evaluate the reachable accuracy in our application. To improve the flight.
2012/5/29 Indonesia I am going to understand and if feasible to make some developments for RTKLIB.
2012/5/30 France We would like to test NTRIP RTK long-distance using RTKLIB for agricultural auto-steering application. The aim is to decrease the number of base station to also decrease the cost of such applications.
2012/5/31 France I'm trying to improve the accuracy of my handheld GPS receiver for a small work on an endangered plant on the shores of the Leman Lake.
2012/6/1 Japan I am a japanese university student. I want to study about the GPS knowledge.
2012/6/3 Germany I am working on a low cost solution for documentation of sample points with PPP using RTK over Internet with Ntrip.
2012/6/4 Spain Learning about new real time PPP techniques. Testing BKG BNC´s PPP functionality. Trying to simulate SPP Monitor Scenario 16: http:igs.bkg.bund.deNTRIPppp#Scene16.
2012/6/5 France it 's just an attempt to use NTRIP flow messages. A really small application opening a socket and retrieving data.
2012/6/6 Germany As a SAPOS Provider we use BNC for internal test purposes especially for handling the new SSR RTCM3 messages in the future.
2012/6/6 Italia Study of an application which monitors the GPS signal status and health evaluation for civil engineering application such as high precision measurement.
2012/6/7 Germany I am a student of computer science who is interested in GIS and GPS. I am interested in applications of NTRIP Data on mobile Devices.
2012/6/7 Spain I want to study the different position of a buoy with more accuracy because I want to calculate the drift.
2012/6/8 Ukraine For scientific and research purposes at the institute. Field of study: the use of permanent stations for Agriculture (Parallel movement).
2012/6/10 Italia I use the GPS for Surveys of land buildings, production for the Italian Cadastre. I use RTKLIB.
2012/6/13 Australia I am applying the GNSS data streams because we want to do some research of GNSS including the clocks stability positioning performance.
2012/6/13 Brazil For use in university teaching and research in Geodesy accurate positioning in real time using GNSS data in northeastern Brazil.
2012/6/14 Australia We would like to evaluate the real time products being generated to support Australian based research into Precise Point Positioning. Our project will evaluate these products in the context of developing near realtime PPP solutions.
2012/6/18 Germany I am a student and would like to test real time positioning with low cost receivers and stations in the region.
2012/6/18 Italy Want to use the data for testing EGNOS corrections validity in GPS. This is the subject of my masters internship at our polytechnic.
2012/6/20 Italy Academic use of DGPS data to generate the ground truth for passive radar experiments. The use of DGPS data will be in conjunction with u-blox devices.
2012/6/21 Australia Enabling RTK positioning using RTCM correction message dissemination: Each on-board unit connected to the Internet will receive the correction streams for precise positioning applications.
2012/6/21 Taiwan We would like to apply the user ID and password NTRIP Broadcasters and use GNSS Internet Radio to test our consumer product.
2012/6/22 France We would like to test an RTK long baseline solution with RTKLIB for auto-steering applications. We need IGS' data to help fixing ratio and we also need an NTRIP broadcaster.
2012/6/25 Ukraine Scientific research, data processing of Ukrainian permanent GNSS stations, analysis of ionosphere and troposphere, geodynamics research using scientific software.
2012/6/27 Suomi Study low cost RTK GPS implementation. Non-commercial use. Will see if a good quality GPS compass can be made.
2012/6/30 China I apply the GNSS data streams which is used to do real-time data processing and try to do earthquake early warning.
2012/6/30 Scotland We have been using RTKLIB for a while and now wish to progress into higher accuracy GNSS work. We are currently interested in our own research to increase our NTRIP knowledge and to carry out some experiments.
2012/7/2 Ukraine Demonstration of possibility of PPP real-time positioning using Internet connection for our customers. Technical support of customer's RTK base stations.
2012/7/4 Germany I would like to use the real time data(observation orbitclockand correction) for real time PPP solution and earthquake early warning.
2012/7/4 Greece I am an electrical engineer and I perform GPS surveys for moving vehicles. I also develop software for precive GPS measurements for use in road sagety fields.
2012/7/6 France We are building a system emulating the EGNOS system in South Africa for demonstration purpose. This system is fed by GNSS data streams caught from and
2012/7/6 France We make embedded boxes for snow groomer with GPS and we would like to improve the GPS data precision.
2012/7/6 Germany Development of autonomous Hovercraft Robot. Trying to messure speed and orientation via a GPS Device. Without using any other compass.
2012/7/6 Italy GPS positioning for monitoring and mobile mapping applications. Together with other colleagues we study the effective performance of low cost GPS receiver in real time.
2012/7/8 Thailand The data will be used to analyse and improve the accuracy of PPP using IGS data products and QZSS lex signal.
2012/7/11 Germany We are trying to integrate GPS data in our multi-sensor data acquisition software and would like to connect to the caster to retrieve some test data.
2012/7/12 China I am a researcher on GNSS high accuracy navigation and positioning. The products will be used for scientific research.
2012/7/13 India It is for the usage of real-time streams for PPP solutions and in-turn usage of it for natural hazard impact reduction etc. We are operating the IISC IGS site at Bangalore.
2012/7/16 Italy Study on an automatic drive system for precision farming to increase the productivity of farming.
2012/7/16 Spain I would like to make a study of the different accuracies as a function of the distance with the base station and the receiver type.
2012/7/18 USA To evaluate the performance of the precise point positioning with the real time orbit and clock correction to the broadcast ephemeris.
2012/7/20 Germany Tests with several low-cost L1 GPS and GLONASS receivers (e.g. u-blox and NVS) with carrier phase raw data output for RTK applications.
2012/7/23 United Kingdom Real time kinematic positioning in cm resolution is very important for autonomous pilot. I am very interest in it as a research student.
2012/7/24 Germany Using RTK corrections in Germany and Europe on dynamic Vessels for hydrographic applications - inshore areas.
2012/7/26 Poland RTK reference measurements in a research project. Research of the GNSS with EGNOS for Common Agriculture Policy.
2012/7/29 Romania RINEX files for GNSS observations ionospheric corrections in order to make GPS measurements with static method.
2012/7/29 Russia Our application is installed on mobile phones and is used for direct communication and transferring the special correction data between Broadcasters and GPS receivers via Internet over GPRS.
2012/8/2 Canada Dredging in Eastern Canada and look to have more easy way to get RTK correction for our marine works in Canada.
2012/8/6 Spain Robot Fleets for Highly Efficient Agriculture and Forestry Management. We are focused on the design development and testing of a new generation of automatic and robotic systems for both chemical and physical –mechanical and thermal– effective weed management focused on both agriculture and forestry and covering a large variety of European products.
2012/8/8 Brazil I am doing some research and try to learn about NTRIP and how to use this toll so for now i will try ro receive corrections and see how it works.
2012/8/8 Japan Used for analysis of real time PPP accuracy and network latency of the network. A specific application has not determined yet.
2012/8/8 Sweden Testing and evaluating RTKLIB (GLONASS) and NTRIP for UAV quadrocopter aerial photos and photogeometry including lowcost NVS GPS + possibility of using beagle bone as RTKLIB carrier.
2012/8/8 USA We manufacture handheld GPS devices and are doing research about the achievable accuracy with RTCM data. Need live feeds of local stations to decode and feed into current GPS solutions.
2012/8/10 France I would like to access the GNSS data streams in order to work on PPP and RTK techniques with BNC and RTKLIB software.
2012/8/11 Ukraine VRS-Ware and VRS-Server. Working with external GNSS data streams and building measurements for Virtual Reference Stations. Accepting Rtcm2, Rtcm3, Rinex2 and Rinex3 format.
2012/8/13 Germany In the frame of a real time PPP project we want to use the real time clock and orbit products to perform positioning in a difficult accessible region (forrest).
2012/8/13 Uruguay We need the BKG NTRIP Client to work with Real Time GNSS applications.
2012/8/14 South Korea Creation of RINEX files using BNC - Real time precise point positioning to determine a GNSS rover position - Scan RTCM streams for incoming antenna information.
2012/8/15 Poland Scientific study of geodetic applications of GNSS. PhD studies in geodesy. In particular RTK and network corrections. VRS generation. Precision of RTK. Comparition of RTK and PPP.
2012/8/16 Denmark Testing a GPS module to be used in DGPS mode. This module will be used in a future product.
2012/8/17 Russia Electronic map for search water well under snow. Navigation data are taken from GPS MTK-501. Winter in Russia is a very useful feature.
2012/8/17 USA To prepare for processing data from the next generation of GPS radio occulation Satellites we are looking to set up 5 minute GPS clock solutions. This will require a global network of streaming sites and we would like to start with the igs-ip and euref-ip sites as well as UNAVCO's streaming PBO sites.
2012/8/18 Bulgaria Detail comparison of results with EUREF RTK vs commercial available references for new designed personal navigator. Target accuracy under 1 meter. Possible implementation in high avalanche risk areas.
2012/8/18 Canada Requesting registration for the purpose of testing NTRIP services for high-accuracy positioning purposes. This is an experimental usage in an effort to better understand the suitability of NTRIP corrections for land surveying work.
2012/8/19 Germany Test series with RTKLIB and Skytraq receivers on Trimble Bullet antenna for position averaging. A NVS receiver with Glonass support is planned.
2012/8/19 USA Will use NTRIP streams for testing of GIS GNSS receivers that are in development. These are sub-meter receivers and require RTCM corrections to achieve specified precision.
2012/8/20 England Testing of AIS Class A transponders I require RTCM correction data for the devices under test.
2012/8/21 USA Test and develop a DGPS function on a device for improving position accuracy in Vehicle to Vehicle environment.
2012/8/23 Singapore To connected with Singapore Sirent RTK base to do some hydrograpich survey work in Singapore reservoirs.
2012/8/24 Russia We are developing and testing Network RTK applications. Our network product combines NTRIP Caster and Server functionality and we need access to a standard external Caster for interoperability tests.
2012/8/26 Belgium We will use the data for the real time monitoring of the ionospheric activity (Total Electron Content) and its effetcs on GNSS applications
2012/8/28 Indonesia Benchmarking with Indonesian Land Administration Agency, Network RTK for boundary measurement, Land Administration, Geographic Information Systems, Early Warning Systems, Land Subsidence, Deformation Mapping etc.
2012/8/29 Romania I am a passionate programmer of GPS and topography. I intend to make an open source software which correlates GPS coordinates with RTCM data. In order to do this I need services for real testing purpose.
2012/8/29 Spain Research and teaching in photogrammetry geodesy and cartography. Close range photogrammetry unmanned aerial devices. Quality control of photogrammetric products. Calculation of survey networks.
2012/8/29 USA I am thinking about creating an automated robot to mow the yard or do some other things. I am just trying to learn right now.
2012/8/30 Poland Development of DGPS software for mobile devices. Trying to give Android professional GPS acuracy and enable cheap devices work as metering equipment. Need real stream for testing.
2012/8/31 United Kingdom I am interested in Evaluating NTRIP for vessel positioning. For this reason I wish to have access to the data.
2012/9/1 England A research and development project to investigate the feasibility of using RTK GPS for the guidance of garden machinery for domestic and commercial applications.
2012/9/5 Italy Software test with multiconstellation and different kind of receivers. We are use only one typ of receiver and would like to use also other receivers to test our software converter.
2012/9/7 Japan I would like to develop a new navigation system for human powered aircraft based on real time precise point positioning GPS.
2012/9/10 Czech Republic I found out that my GNSS receiver is supporting MSM format as rover or as base. So I am interested in testing this new facility. If you are interested I can put out my stream of GPS, GLONASS and SBAS.
2012/9/11 Germany Testing free NTRIP-clients on a notebook with a blutooth GPS-mouse and UMTS for geotagging of plants in a botanic garden. I try to create a accuracy in every detail map of the garden.
2012/9/12 Switzerland Use real-time IGS products to test the inhouse real-time software development and to process real-time data from a swiss rock glacier network and an earthquake detection network.
2012/9/14 Germany We are using a DGNSS test environment to develop new products for the logistics industry. The current projects will use DGNSS and inertial sensors for outdoor and indoor navigation.
2012/9/14 South Africa Test NTRIP for the possible use in positioning for hydrographic surveys in Southern African ports and harbours. Could replace traditional RTK base station in survey area.
2012/9/18 Switzerland Integrate the RTCM network streams into our network calculation, together with 20 other (own) stations in switzerland. The network calculates with realtime corrections for consumers in switzerland.
2012/9/19 Greece Autonomous robot navigation path planning with real time kinematic model project at our university.
2012/9/19 Venezuela The intension of the use of NTRIP caster GPS equipment is to test real-time measurements. Its use is a test for an application in cadastral surveys.
2012/9/20 Sweden Will test and investigate exactly how accurate positioning can be done. If I can reach an accuracy better than 5 cm my project will continue with building an autonomous robot.
2012/9/20 Italy Office and outside testing for GPS due to evaluation purposes on NTRIP real time RTCM corrections and post processing analysis.
2012/9/22 Germany I want to make an investigation of the quality and reliability of PPP with BNC 2.7 and a post processing PPP service for my master thesis.
2012/9/23 Sri Lanka Research on development of low cost DGPSRTK streaming system for hydrograpic surveying and geomatics application in Sri Lanka.
2012/9/24 Cuba Use GPS RTK dynamic model for position a player in a game. Track map position for play. I need the view position of the player in real time.
2012/9/24 Germany We would like to evaluate how EUREF data can improve a DGPS based navigation application for pedestrians in particular in an urban area.
2012/9/24 Japan Using the original application that I made for a test I am going to investigate precision and stability of SSR.
2012/9/25 Cuba Civil aviation airport approach studies based on GPS position rather than secondary radars. Air traffic control runway surveillance without using surface radars.
2012/9/26 Bulgaria To perform analysis with real time GNSS data for educational purposes at our university.
2012/9/26 Mexico We are working in a real time project and we need access to test the final application for 25 rovers.
2012/9/26 United Kingdom Occasional light recording of small ground features for the use of updating occasionally of golf courses.
2012/9/27 Romania Education research on real time positioning applications by the use of differential corrections and long baseline real time kinematics using the IGS network.
2012/9/29 Germany I'm a freelancer and have an automotive project. In that I need accurate positions. Until now I work with sensors on the wheel because regular GPS is to inexact. I want to try out DGPS solutions with RTKLIB and u-blox receivers.
2012/9/30 Finland Autonomous vehicle positioning system implementation is our main application. We have also other research projects in the field of co-operative vehicles and navigation.
2012/10/1 Brazil I need GNSS data to estimate satellite clocks and apply them for real time ppp. We are developing software in order to make research.
2012/10/1 Japan To test data of a PPP software I want to collect GNSS observation and navigation data in real time.
2012/10/1 Russia Academic research building self-positioned quadracopter. We are testing PPP solutions with the the opensource program RTKLib and u-blox.
2012/10/2 Germany I try to develop a GPS controlled Mower. I'am using RTKLIB with a Raw Data GPS System and intend to correct the data via NTRIP.
2012/10/2 Romania I need this account as a backup of my regular NTRIP site because my regular NTRIP site is very week and often fails.
2012/10/2 Romania Our firm is specialized in land surveying topographic surveying high accuracy stake-out building surveying both interior and exterior cadastral forest surveying.
2012/10/4 Poland We are a survey company. Usually we use ASG EUPOS in Poland but we need access to IGS in other countries.
2012/10/5 Austria For Precision Farming Test Applications.
2012/10/6 Romania I researching RTK technology in topography. My personal interest is in the correction rate of this technology in favour of a GPS Base.
2012/10/10 Russia Our application is installed on mobile phones and is used for direct communication and transferring the special correction data between Broadcasters and GPS receivers via Internet over GPRS.
2012/10/10 Spain Real time PPP test for investigation tasks. Check different products of orbits and clocks and using different constellations with GPS, GLONASS and others.
2012/10/11 Germany I want make an investigation of quality and reliability of PPP with BNC 2.7 and a post processing service for my master thesis.
2012/10/11 USA Test the generation of 5 minute GPS ephemerides. If sucessful this effort will result in an improvement in precise GPS ephemerides provided to the global community.
2012/10/15 Taiwan I want to use a low-cost GPS chip and RTKLIB to study real time Precise point positioning (PPP) in Taiwan.
2012/10/16 Czech Republic I would like to use the software BNC and NTRIP broadcoasting of EUREF and IGS services for study works including my diploma project.
2012/10/16 Japan I will use a PPP wizard for reference in the development of a real-time PPP-AR software.
2012/10/17 Taiwan For in-house research. Item include NTRIP, RTK, orbit and clock data. We got the raw data from our receiver and like to implement RTK or PPP for research and understanding.
2012/10/19 Russia GNSS real time network for deformation monitoring of the active volcanoes and earthquake early warning. Increase in efficiency of monitoring. Comparing of different methods of GNSS data processing.
2012/10/19 Sweden A evaluation test for a autonomous law mower rover with GNSS positioning. RTKLIB is used to receive NTRIP signals and calculate corrected positions with the rover GPS-data. Using a Kalman filter the GNSS data is combined dead reconing gyrosaccelerometer to achive a accurate position that eliminates the need of other hardware.
2012/10/20 Brazil Environment preservation, demarcation of rural areas for planting of original vegetation. Obedience of the environmental laws with goal of preserving the woods at the rivers banks.
2012/10/20 Canada Using RTKLIB and a usb u-blox GPS receiver. I try to accurately use kinematic PPP and static PPP positioning. As for now i have not used corrections and i would really like to see what results i can come up with.
2012/10/21 Germany I am busy with configuring my DGPS receiver and need some example NTRIP streams to verify if i am doing right.
2012/10/22 Bosnia and Herzegovina We want to use EUREF real-time data for exercises at our faculty. We will compare this data with data from our network.
2012/10/22 Germany I try to use precice GPS information for a rover application using sensors from u-blox, performing PPP with RTKLIB.
2012/10/23 Netherlands In order to test new multiconstellation receiver algorithms we need the NTRIP data as input to the testbench. The testbench processes the NTRIP data to calculate GIC corrections.
2012/10/25 Spain The main goal is to obtain coordinates for some permanent GNSS stations in real time with the Precise Point Positioning (PPP) approach.
2012/10/25 United Kingdom Require information to test and develop multiple baselines to calculate single point position using NTRIP data as a RTK connection. This will hopefully result in the prediction of troposphere to improve the accuracy of RTK position on middle to long range base lines.
2012/10/26 Chile At the moment I work in a theme related with GNSS volcano monitoring and a private network in south central of Chile to distribute RTK services (not for sales services).
2012/10/27 Costa Rica I'll update coordinates values in the geodetic network points to work with GNSS in surveying and cadastral works.
2012/10/27 India The GPS accuracy we achive now is about 10 m. I want to bring it down to less than one meter. If it is even better i will be more happy.
2012/10/28 Vietnam I'm a student. I want to use a NTRIP Client program to connect to a NTRIP Caster
2012/11/6 Germany I would like to use the the data for evaluation and survey of archeological sites in Germany and abroad. I plan to use the service in connection with RTKLIB and an off the shelf GPS receiver module.
2012/11/6 Portugal We are an non-profit Institute that works with GNSS systems to provide solutions to customers in monitoring navigation and control. The use of this NTRIP caster will be for the purpose of testing and validation of a new solution in the fields described above.
2012/11/7 Japan I would like to use the RTKLIB and BKG NTRIP Client and to learn about NTRIP protocol and realtime IGS service.
2012/11/8 Malaysia I need some information from this site to complete my final year project in geomatic engineering field. I need all the information to do some study in DGPS correction calculation.
2012/11/9 Czech Republic Application for processing of GALILEO GPS and GLONASS navigation messages. Especially now I have interest in msg 1117.
2012/11/10 Switzerland The NTRIP database will be used within our Institute. We are supporting students doing GNSS experiments based on u-blox receivers and RTKLIB. We now want to compare local base station correction data with the NTRIP database.
2012/11/10 Uruguay We are conducting research in PPP-RTK in Uruguay. I teach at the University and work in that area of knowledge.
2012/11/11 Finland Our machine controls application which uses GPS and NTRIP via internet. DGPS and RTK correction is going to be implemented for our application.
2012/11/11 Malaysia I would like to register the EUREF-IP and IGS-IP so that I could receive GNSS streams via NTRIP in real-time for my research purposes.
2012/11/12 United Kingdom Investigating the use of RTK corrections in the positioning of offshore monitoring buoys for marine archeology purposes to provide better survey support.
2012/11/13 Germany I am currently writing my master thesis in the field of GNSS tower monitoring. A low-cost GNSS receiver is used along with RTKLIB and therefore correction data are needed.
2012/11/14 Canada I'm developing an Android app. I would like to feed my receiver with NTRIP corrections. This is just for testing.
2012/11/15 Russia We are a moscow region municipal architecture-planning bureau. We use GNSS observations for surveying, architecture planning and constructing. We use 1 base station and 4-5 rover stations for work in about 40 km range from base.
2012/11/20 Australia Would like Australian DGPS correction data for testing RTCM corrections to a receiver over a serial port.
2012/11/20 Canada I would like to do some testing of a network software in various countries. I require broadcast ephemeris for this and would like to have access to your RTCM3EPH data stream.
2012/11/20 USA We would like to use IGS data in our ephemeris process. Specifically we want to take the 1s raw data and put it into our smoothed 5 minute format.
2012/11/21 Australia I am a software engineer working on NTRIP client software for our agricultural systems. I wish to test compatibility with your caster against our client.
2012/11/21 Malaysia I am a undergraduate student. I need ephemeris data for my final year project. I am working on the quality of GPS\GNSS data.
2012/11/21 South Korea I like to use the data stream for research on precision GNSS positioning techniques including the Real-Time kinematic (RTK) and the Virtual Reference Station (VRS) techniques.
2012/11/21 Vietnam We are doing research in the area of accurate positioning. To evaluate and test our system we need the information from IGS NTRIP servers.
2012/11/22 Finland I would like to obtain free NTRIP GPS correction data in order to attempt feeding it to my agriculture tractor guidance system via an android phone.
2012/11/24 Morocco Our department of Geodetic sciences will use the data for teaching mathers within the campus. Students will take benefits of the new technology to enhance their knowledge in geospatial positionning.
2012/11/24 Peru I work for the National Geographic Institute in Peru. I belong to the team SIRGAS RTK. I need testing in research and development work of the ionosphere in Lima and other similar jobs.
2012/11/25 France Educational purpose. I'm a GPS enthousiast and developer on iPhone and Android operating systems. I may develop in the near future an app using this enhancement network.
2012/11/25 Portugal Forest fire prevention, forest parcels survey, forest routes survey. Area of work: counties in southern Portugal.
2012/11/26 Russia Occuracy GPS tracker for wild animals. Combine short range RF link (1000m) to base station and use GPRS from GPRS to load DGPS.
2012/11/26 USA Would like to access NTRIP streams to work through algorithms to improve DGPS and improve on RINEX integration - both in terms of accuracy and latency.
2012/11/27 France The streams of EUREF and IGS are needed for our project for navigation.
2012/11/28 USA Testing an NTRIP client developed in Python. Using a commercial Network but the NTRIP client keeps disconnecting so we want to test a different network to see if the problem is in the network or the client software.
2012/11/28 USA We process GPS data from receivers on low earth SVs to get refractivity profiles. We need to develop GPS clock solutions with 5 minute or less latency so we will need NTRIP data.
2012/11/29 India For the development of GPS locations for a iPhone app. This will help us identify and pin point the position of area which needs to be surveyed.
2012/11/29 Vietnam Developing fly machine with recognition navigation auto pilot functions. Use a GPS device build in but it works bad so I try to use NTRIP.
2012/11/30 Germany Usage of correction data to test the possible improvement of the accuracy of GPS on mobile devices with android operating system for accurate position determination.
2012/11/30 Russia Research on the influence of the troposphere on the definition of the coordinates with navigation systems (GPS GLONASS etc.).
2012/12/1 USA Need (at least hope) to use NTRIP casters to obtain the current rapid orbits from IGS for testing in conjunction with RTKLIB development work here.
2012/12/2 Germany Education. We try to get internal GPS devices NTRIP enabled. We hope to build a accurate pedestrian navigation based on the exact position data.
2012/12/5 France Few years ago I was an IT engineer and now I am a farmer and I think that RTK signals should be accessible to all. I'm in the north of France and I don't know if there is a RTK signal available near my farm?
2012/12/5 Germany PPP development for multi-GNSS Scenarios. PPP application for geodynamics. Real time applications for navigation and guidance in precise and in car navigation.
2012/12/6 Brazil I am developing a study on NTRIP in my country.
2012/12/21 Malaysia I am researching in UTP with some works related to Offshore Platform Positioning by using GPS. I want to access and get free real-time GNSS data streams.
2012/12/22 Germany Used to evaluate the capabilities of real time GNSS data transfer. Experimentation with software streaming real time processing and storing technologies.
2013/1/3 United Kingdom I want use NTRIP to enhance the accuracy of a scanning surface rover to accurately map underground structures and services such as cables and pipes.
2013/1/6 Germany I am currently working on my bachelor thesis at the Hochschule Bochum and want to test the PPP functions of RTKLIB.
2013/1/7 France This access will be used as test data provider for a tool specifically developed in the frame of a GNSS simulation facility.
2013/1/7 Norway I want to do some testing with open source programs to do SBAS and RTK correction of a L1 system. The test will mostly be done with RTKLIB.
2013/1/7 USA I am a member of a Time-of-Flight working group and would like to try DGPS-based configuration for our new GPS equipment.
2013/1/8 Finland Verification of the NTRIP receiving capabilities of our GNSS receivers in order to test our new NTRIP caster.
2013/1/8 Iran Studies and learning the concept of NTRIP Client software and RTCM in RTK and DGPS positioning and using the realtime IGS products.
2013/1/10 Brazil I study in a school of engineering in my country and I would like to see how RTK works via NTRIP.
2013/1/10 Japan GNSS satellites high precision orbit and clock determination and their applications to real-time precise point positioning with carrier cycle ambiguity resolution.
2013/1/12 Malaysia I wish to apply for the IGS NTRIP broadcast for my PhD research.
2013/1/12 Puerto Rico Generate sub-meter DGPS correction with matlab algorithm for sustainable agriculture in Latin America. Demonstrate how to seed cheaper with technology and mathematic algorithm using new technology.
2013/1/15 Malaysia I would like to do some research about reverse Real Time Kinematics and use IGS station as my test bed study.
2013/1/16 Russia GNSS RTK engine development. Receiver firmware development testing procedures. Phase differential algorithms for PC and embedded systems combined with inertial measurement sensors and magnetic sensors.
2013/1/17 Australia To gather statistics and know-how on monitoring real-time GNSS data for immediate detection of any unusual multipath and ionospheric disturbances.
2013/1/17 Germany For my PhD thesis I need to postprocess raw GPS data in order to get more confidential traces. I would be very glad if you could allow me to use your service for my research purposes.
2013/1/17 Russia Familiarization with software products, testing characteristics. Ability to use in creating a national network of global and regional.
2013/1/21 France For my final project in aeronautical engineering about the development of a low cost GNSS Local Area Augmention System I would like to use the services of the IGS Real-Time network for the positioning of the base station.
2013/1/21 Spain I would like this information to teach my student how locate a GPS satellite using the realtime ephemeris.
2013/1/22 Netherlands I am working with a GPS receiver and an ARM controller with Ethernet support. I want to receive correction data over ethernet and apply it to the GPS Data.
2013/1/24 Belgium Have access to clock products for PPP analysis with BNC. Temporarily have access to an RTCM data stream in Singapore for improvement of an RTK engine.
2013/1/27 Turkey We are working with real time ppp for surveying and geodetic applications navigation. We need this registration for student activities and academic research.
2013/1/28 Russia Experimental research in low-cost hendheld or mobile applications of high precision navigation. We use L1 rover and internet connection over 3G.
2013/2/4 United Kingdom I am a hydrographic survey engineer. This is for a personal project testing my u-blox max 6 reciever with RTKLIB software.
2013/2/5 Russia I have one (probably) good idea how to create Wide range RTK correction stream coverring big territory (for example Germany or Europe) with minimum throughput (let it be 9600 bitsec for Germany).
2013/2/7 Chile Intended use as support data for activities related to forest ecosystems monitoring in remote locations. Field application testing for evauation.
2013/2/7 Germany Monitoring visualization and recording of the Galileo Navigation Message for verification of content and test for plausibility and performance monitoring.
2013/2/7 United Kingdom Looking at differential performance improvement for low cost GNSS from a sparse network of reference stations vs for example SBAS corrections.
2013/2/8 Germany Mapping out wireless base stations and signal coverage for a small community-rooted internet service provider to use with GIS software.
2013/2/8 Kenya I am interested in broadening my knowledge in GNSS with a view of establishing a pilot NRTK in my part of the world.
2013/2/13 Bulgaria Development of non comercial software for android NTRIP corrections as part of univercity activities. Development of hardware for older GPS units in orfer to recieve corrections via bluetooth and serial port.
2013/2/13 Poland I am involved in a research project at my university concerning the possibility of sending aid to navigation (e.g. buoys) precise position report to a central hub thus allowing operators to better manage buoys and enhance safety of navigation. Time span of this project is 4 years.
2013/2/14 Germany Driver advisitory system for railways optimising the positioning unit that is needed for logging in databases via the internet from mobil units.
2013/2/14 Germany I would like to use the correction data for my GPS-Receiver. I am new in this and would like to experiment with it.
2013/2/14 Thailand GNSS RTK and Post Processing for land survey mapping.
2013/2/18 Norway I would like to have access to NTRIP in order to use the BKG NTRIP client to learn about NTRIP and its use for real-time.
2013/2/18 Romania I need this account as a backup of my regular NTRIP site because my regular NTRIP site is very week and often fails.
2013/2/19 France I want to test some submetrics GPS with different corrections.
2013/2/26 Australia The data will be applied for some research on kinematic orbit determination which is a part of my Phd study.
2013/2/26 South Korea We are developing correction data for SBAS. We will test ionosphere and troposphere correction terms using NTRIP IGS data. Also satellite clock and ephemeris error will be tested.
2013/2/27 Taiwan Would like to access data from NTRIP Broadcasters for research purposes. Will provide feedback through answering periodic questionnaires when needed.
2013/3/5 Russia Our organisation is engaged in engineering research. At the moment we set up own base station. We need access to the data to compare the data streams from our stations.
2013/3/6 Belgium Tests and experiments with GPS correction data, learn about the format of the data and try to find out about possible accuracy increase.
2013/3/7 Germany We want to use GPS for tracking an automated Drone as a part of our research project.
2013/3/8 United Kingdom This is for research and development of marine applications. Writing RTCM data decoders for these applications and testing of decoder as well.
2013/3/14 Singapore The NTRIP service shall be used for topographic surveys in support of the mission of the Earth Observatory of Singapore to conduct researches on volcanoes tectonics and climate change.
2013/3/15 Norway Research on small unmanned aircraft and RTK for auto landing and high accuracy real time positioning and navigation for instrument development. Accurate real time positioning needed for development of micro synthetic aperture radar (SAR)prototypes and processors.
2013/3/16 Austria Testing of an steering guide of an autonomous rover guided and controlled with GPS and used in agriculture for cultivating crops.
2013/3/18 Scotland Evaluation of the accuracy and availability of PPP correction sources. Integration and compatibility of PPP correction sources with existing and proposed PPP positioning algorithms.
2013/3/22 Malaysia I am a lecturer and I would like to have this access for the purposes of BSc MSc and PHd students doing their research.
2013/4/11 Bulgaria The main activity of the company is conducting survey work in the design and construction of residential and industrial buildings ground and underground infrastructure engineering monitoring of buildings facilities and cadastre settlements.
2013/4/12 Germany Geographic location sensing cablesare laid in the ground. Our cable Avoidance Tool transmits location data to our handheld GPS receiver.
2013/4/12 France I'm working on a GPS data traitement server for an internship. I would like to try connecting to a NTRIP broadcaster for testing my application. The purpose is to set up my own local NTRIP caster.
2013/4/13 Germany Positioning of geophysical surveys eg. geoelectrical GPR and seismic profiles. Positioning of measurements of the earth magnetic field and gravity field.
2013/4/14 Austria Real time or near real time ZTD estimation with GNSS observations and Network solutions such as VRS FKP and MAC applications.
2013/4/15 France Test on agricultural guidance system real time corrections.
2013/4/15 Indonesia Software for Dredging in sea. This software is intended to do mapping for operation history. Accuracy is needed to provide detailed map.
2013/4/15 Japan I would like to use the RTKLIB and BKG NTRIP Client and to learn about NTRIP protocol and realtime IGS service.
2013/4/17 Japan I will use these real time streaming data to process by our multi-GNSS orbit and clock estimation tool.
2013/4/17 USA Evaluating NTRIP protocol and support for possible use in future agricultural systems. This will facilitate testing of protocol handler routines.
2013/4/19 Netherlands Development of an RTK or PPP system for tracking athlete performance. Need to evaluate performance of technologies using available data.
2013/4/19 Russia Researching for precise agricultural etc.
2013/4/19 Spain Land Surveying for high accuracy applications in remote areas.
2013/4/20 Belgium I would like to conduct a feasibility study to asses the possibility for using NTRIP sources to provide ground truth in robotics applications.
2013/4/20 United Kingdom I am interested in the use of DGPS using RTCM 3 messages and I'm looking for a source of example data to help my understanding of the protocol.
2013/4/21 Canada I am a surveyor and would like to see what this is all about. I want to hook a base radio to my laptop in order to spit out correction data.
2013/4/21 Morocco I am Phd student working on ionospheric and tropospheric modeling (VRS case). We are placing our first CORS in morocco and I am testing BNC.
2013/4/23 Canada Our group is going to use the real-time corrections on our PPP software to analyze the positioning accuracy.
2013/4/23 China I am a GNSS researcher on positioning and I want to use GNSS data stream to do real-time data processing and earthquake early warning.
2013/4/23 Germany Scientific use for PPP processing in real time. Support of studies for troposhere parameter estimation in real time. Teaching of students for real time navigation.
2013/4/23 Russia Currently I am a graduate student doing refinement of ephemeris and clock offset GLONASS real-time. I created a model that allows you to get accuracy to within 5 cm with 100 stations. To continue the work I need to have access to IGS stations in real time.
2013/4/23 Switzerland We would like to test the progress of precise point positioning since last year. Compare the calculatet position from ppp with the position of the reference point.
2013/4/23 USA Augmentation of precision time and frequency efforts.
2013/4/23 USA Experimental use in support of precision timefrequency applications.
2013/4/23 USA I would like to test it to see if I can adopt the realtime stream for the ultra-rapid orbit products.
2013/4/24 Australia The service will be used for accurate tracking of mobile assets.
2013/4/24 Belgium We want to evaluate the IGS real-time service performance during development and offer the functionality in our commercial products. The latter depends on the terms of service of the RTS for the commercial community.
2013/4/24 Bosnia and Herzegovina Investigation of the achievable accuracy and possibilities with RTK PPP positioning and navigation.
2013/4/24 Brazil Relative positioning in real time on smartphones.
2013/4/24 Brazil Geodetic land survey services on rain forests in brazil.
2013/4/24 Brazil I am a surveying equipment dealer and would like to test the NTRIP conexion in our RTK equipments.
2013/4/24 Canada I provide support for our GNSS post-processing and GNSS+INS post-processing software. Many of our customers would be interested in low latency precise orbit and clock data as it would permit them to process a PPP solution shortly after the survey is finished. This may provide sufficient accuracy for some customers for their final products - whereas other customers may find it useful only to do a preliminary check on the results. Regardless - we think this is a very useful development that we would like to support in our software.
2013/4/24 Canada Used for testing and verification of our GPS receiver and NTRIP client protocols in our products.
2013/4/24 Costa Rica I request the access for educational and research reasons as part of my job as professor in the National University.
2013/4/24 Croatia Service test for surveying applications in Croatia.
2013/4/24 Cuba For topographic and mapping applications using RT GNSS measurements.
2013/4/24 Czech Republic I would like to use the free services for purpose of testing PPP. If the tests go well with our GNSS devices - I will incorporate PPP method in exercise in our course of GNSS.
2013/4/24 Czech Republic We are supposed to use your data for better navigation of our robots on contests.
2013/4/24 Finland We are planning to use this access for teaching and research purposes at our department. The students will be able to understand the capabilities of a real-time positioning system.
2013/4/24 Germany We are carrying out underwater objects identification in the Baltic Sea.
2013/4/24 Germany Testing and developing of low-cost applications.
2013/4/24 Greece Testing for real time monitoring of natural disasters.
2013/4/24 Malaysia I will use this data for academic and research purposes.
2013/4/24 Netherlands As a Satellite Service Provider I want to see the performance of RT-IGS. It may help in our Ionospheric Scintillation project. It may also help to identify satellite based issues.
2013/4/24 Peru Monitoring of deformations in subduction zone - for hazard assessment.
2013/4/24 South Korea National control points and Crustal Movements monitoring.
2013/4/24 Russia survey operations in real-time using RTKLIB
2013/4/24 Russia Our company offers in the russian market and CIS countries surveying equipment and software. We are working with well-known manufacturers from USA - Germany - Sweden and Switzerland. We will test this stream with different GNSS receivers.
2013/4/24 Russia To test existing and future receivers on territory Russia and CIS.
2013/4/24 Spain We want to become a user of RTS because we wish to learn more about this new type of real-time positioning service.
2013/4/24 Taiwan Study RTS and try it with RTKLIB.
2013/4/24 Taiwan To test this service on mobile device and check the point precision.
2013/4/24 United Kingdom Research aimed at providing a better understand of GNSS systems and their error sources.
2013/4/24 USA Used for mapping and GIS field data collection.
2013/4/24 USA We use survey-grade GNSS receivers to perform geomorphological surveys. I aim to use the IGS RTS to maintain certainty in the connection to the data frame.
2013/4/24 Uruguay I am surveyor engineer...and I will use this service in cadastral operations.
2013/4/24 USA I am working as an independent geophysical surveyor.
2013/4/24 USA PPP services by IGS would be used for testing purposes against our RTN network and post processed static obsservations.
2013/4/24 USA We currently use the posted ephemerides etc to obtain a PPP solution but have to wait till those products (the clock files) are available. We have great interest in shortening that latency as much as possible.
2013/4/24 Vietnam We would like to use RTS with RTKLIB for our precise positioning tests.
2013/4/25 Germany I want to start developing in tracking software for agriculture Software. It should high presicion automatic documantation for farmer. Backround is that more farmer have RTK steering systems for this it is interessting to use this exactly information for documantation.
2013/4/25 Italy Integration of Satellite-based navigation together with Inertial navigation within tracing; tracking tool with geofencing capability to be used in professional applications.
2013/4/26 USA I am a private programmer and I am interested to research and develop about GPS and DGPS with embedded board.
2013/4/29 Australia For real-time PPP positioning and navigation research and development.
2013/4/29 Australia I am currently completeing a masters degree (research) looking at various applications of PPP. Access to the data stream would allow me to complete testing as a comparison to other positioning techniques - and determine the various capabilities of PPP.
2013/4/29 Australia I intend to use the services as education and research. Applications we deliver include GIS mapping and data capture.
2013/4/29 Australia Using RTKLIB with L1 capable receivers and NRTK to locate mobile rovers.
2013/4/29 Australia We are a research group interested in using the data for our PPP software development and testing.
2013/4/29 Australia We would like to test PPP for possible usage in our CORS network.
2013/4/29 Bosnia and Herzegovina Geodesy measurements - exercises in Satellite geodesy.
2013/4/29 Brazil Location and quantification of coffee producing areas that have been replanted or eradicated in the south of Minas Gerais.
2013/4/29 Brazil Scientific usage - e.g. - the quality of ephemeris in the presence of ionospheric scintillation - obstructions - among others.
2013/4/29 Bulgaria For testing the real-time GNSS positioning over the territory of Bulgaria.
2013/4/29 Canada Application testing against currently used VRS network services.
2013/4/29 Canada Development of real-time Precise Point Positioning (PPP).
2013/4/29 Canada Our public organization owns and operates a RTK Network. In a case of major earthquake - IGS RTS could be utilized to establish reference coordidates.
2013/4/29 Canada Research and development in addition to comparison of results from various services.
2013/4/29 Canada Use for referencing RTK base station for surveying on ground and airborne.
2013/4/29 Egypt Mainly in scientific research about GNSS specially in middle East.
2013/4/29 France Responsible of development of a High-Precision positionning platform in a consortium called GUIDE.
2013/4/29 Germany For development of GNSS integrity algorithm and GNSS performance monitoring.
2013/4/29 Japan Real time watervapor analysis and validation.
2013/4/29 Indonesia Cadastral mapping for the land registration.
2013/4/29 Italy Receivers test for end users in comparison with regional RTK.
2013/4/29 Italy GNSS High precision institutional applications (Land Surveying) Precise approach applications.
2013/4/29 Italy Test the precision of this service in Italy (for academic use).
2013/4/29 Japan Control of outdoor mobile robots.
2013/4/29 South Korea We'll use your product as reference data for our GPS satellite orbit determination algorithm. It's a fundamental study for implementing Korean SBAS.
2013/4/29 Malaysia This application is to obtain real-time processing parameters to feed real-time processing engine for geodynamics and seismology studies.
2013/4/29 Norway Use for testing FPL corrections and see if use with navigation.
2013/4/29 Philippines We will be using this for verification checking of runway thresholds coordinates - and other navigational aides that are being established with in and out of the airportairfield - for the purpose of safe air navigation.
2013/4/29 Poland I would like to test and compare the results of the BNC software RTKLIB any others (maybe my own) for PPP-RTK.
2013/4/29 Romania I want to use real-time service in cadastral measurement.
2013/4/29 Saudi Arabia Hydrological studies and land surveying.
2013/4/29 Spain Open Source GNSS Software Defined Receiver.
2013/4/29 United Kingdom Testing of RTCMV3 PPP in conjunction with NTRIP.
2013/4/29 United Kingdom The test and evaluation of real time precise positioning algorithms utilising both GPS and GLONASS signals in an urban environment.
2013/4/29 Ukraine Surveying, topographic surveys and land registry.
2013/4/29 United Kingdom Real time and near real time precise positioning applications in the oilfield.
2013/4/29 United Kingdom We carry out research into automotive applications of high precision - low cost GNSS positioning. We also have an on-going research project involving the accurate mapping of an extensive vehicle proving ground in the United Kingdom. Our use of the IGS RTS service will be relatively low demand - typically a few hours per week (such as during a real world driving test).
2013/4/29 USA Verification of ground control monuments.
2013/4/29 USA We will be using GPS to map our geophysical surveys.
2013/4/29 USA At the moment I am interested in testing your service against our current local RTN providers. Possible future uses include photogrammetric ground control.
2013/4/29 USA GNSS equipment manufacturer seeking to understand better how to integrate this service into future hardware.
2013/4/29 USA Test and compare correction networks both satellite based and IP-based.
2013/4/29 USA We operate over 100 GPS stations in real-time along the San Andreas fault and across the Los Angeles urban area. We process all of these data - plus data from many PBO stations - in real-time with both RTK and PPP(AR) software of several types currently. We are developing real-time GPS for use in the prototype earthquake early warning system.
2013/4/29 USA We are engaged in the acquisition of geophyiscal datasets that often require high accuracy GPS locations. We are hoping this service will replace our need for a base-station or other subscription-based services.
2013/4/29 USA We would like to have access to RTCM3 data from a global set of RT stations to compute satellite clock and fractional cycle biases (FCBs) to support a prototype earthquake early warning system for the Western U.S. and precise point positioning with ambiguity resolution in the target area and other plate boundaries.
2013/4/30 Argentina We are a company that develops electronics for the agricultural market. We are evaluating a PPP solution and for such a goal we would like to have access to IGS real time streams.
2013/4/30 Germany We use the BNC and RTK software for test purpose.
2013/5/3 Hungary I would like to try the IGS and EPN products and services for testing purposes only. I am interested in the PPP solution convergation time, accuracy etc.
2013/5/4 Singapore I currently run a number of publicly accessible NTP servers as part our project. I am investigating the use of DGPS to improve accuracy.
2013/5/5 Germany I am a student doing my thesis in application of real time kinematics in micro aerial vehicles.
2013/5/6 China We would like to use the data to migrate the effect of atmosphere and increase the accuracy of interferometric SAR.
2013/5/6 Germany I'm a botanist working on a cross-boarder project of registration and evaluation of long-term-monitoring-sites. I want to observe long term changes in lichen communities of forested and non-forested in mostly montaneous areas. DGPS-use will be on base of registration of single trees and registration of monitoring sites between 01 and 05 ha.
2013/5/6 The Netherlands We would like to test our PPP engine in real-time. The data stream provided by your service will be a lot of help.
2013/5/7 Japan We would like to evaluate the use of multi-GNSS to observe in real time the trend (vehicle animal and human) of a object.
2013/5/8 Germany RTK-GPS-System used for quadrocopters equipped with u-blox and a mobile multi-GNSS precision-antenna in the framework of a project at our university.
2013/5/8 Germany RTK Rover and Processing of outdoor measurements. Also measurements of environmental plannings like Biotops and other natural areas.
2013/5/8 USA RTK survey Vessel RTK corrections. Using RTK corrections to apply to Multibeam Hydrographic studies. For use in remote locations and for testing and evaluation.
2013/5/9 Japan The main function of our application is the precise point positioning.
2013/5/9 United Kingdom Conducting a study of EGNOS performance at the extremes of the coverage area. Testing of applications based on the NTRIP protocol.
2013/5/10 Belgium Surface measurements and altitude correction of the GPS positioning on a smartphone or an android tablet.
2013/5/10 Romania I want to use use NTRIP correction for RTK measurements in Romania.
2013/5/12 Indonesia Our MobileMapper is the newest generation of GNSS handheld mapping devices. Designed for GIS data collection and mapping it integrates an open operating system with built-in communication.
2013/5/15 Spain Test and develop applications and solutions dedicated to land surveying, marine surveying navigation photogrametric UAV applications and any other GNSS related application suitable of making use of EGNOS assistance.
2013/5/17 Germany Monitoring rare species in nature conservation and field survey of vegetation boundaries. I need a precision of at least 1m for this work.
2013/5/17 USA We would like to experiment with corrections to improve the master position of an rGPS application that calculates multiple range and bearings relative to the master.
2013/5/20 South Korea We will setup a NTRIP caster similar to BKG NTRIP caster.
2013/5/21 New Zealand The data provided by IGS-IP will be used to evaluate possible positioning improvements in a smartphone application we are currently developing.
2013/5/22 Australia Equipment testing purposes and post processing of positioning data.
2013/5/22 Romania I would like to use your services for purpose of testing. I am currently in the research stage of my masters degree and I'm looking to discover the reachable precision of this technique. Access to the data stream would allow me to complete testing as a comparison to other positioning techniques.
2013/5/22 USA I am trying to test a native iOS client for NTRIP and need some test mountpoints to test it against.
2013/5/23 Japan Test of a real time PPP (Precise Point Positioning), Multi-GNSS Advanced Demonstration Tool for Orbit and Clock Analysis, Precise Orbit and Clock Determination System.
2013/5/23 Japan Learning for the purpose of the GPS positioning research, want to use a network server able to get real-time data.
2013/5/23 Spain Training for NTRIP and PPP capabilities for internal and external use. RINEX creation and streaming analyzing working together with GNSS Internet Radio.
2013/5/24 New Zealand I wish to investigate potential methods for real time processing of streaming CORS stations here in New Zealand for deformation monitoring.
2013/5/28 Dominican Republic I am a student of Surveying and I want to try a GNSS receiver. I want to learn to use RTK systems assisted by NTRIP since I have only one device.
2013/5/28 Germany Data are used by our urban administration to operate GNSS devices in the field of town planning and civil engineering underground.
2013/5/29 Japan In order to better study and research GPS position measurement and hopefully taking advantage of the IGS data.
2013/5/29 Taiwan Get differential correction information for DGPS function performance test on Personal Navigation Device (Consumer Product)- RTCM SC-104 Protocol study.
2013/5/30 Germany RTKLib (Base + Rover) connectet via WLAN + Internet to RTK-Server. First on PC, later Raspberry pi.
2013/5/31 Portugal Usage for education purposes only to be used in university classes related to GIS. We will be using the RTKLIB open source software to access the NTRIP broadcaster.
2013/5/31 Taiwan Studying RTCM SC-104 Protocol and testing the GPS module with the DGPS function.
2013/6/3 Deutschland Take measurements for research (forest grassland pionier vegetation). Take measurements, find again observation points and areas.
2013/6/4 The Netherlands Use of accurate GPS information on sailing ships via GSM internet connection. Will implement also with Raspberry Pi and plotter.
2013/6/5 Austria Testing NTRIP data streams on u-blox Hardware. u-blox 6 in combination of Bluetooth and android tablets for personal use at first.
2013/6/5 Poland We are a geodetic company which uses real time corrections for RTK land surveys and collecting data for post processing observations.
2013/6/5 United Kingdom We are developing analysis tools to establish performance of commercial GNSS service providers and to form new algorithms in differential and PPP GNSS solutions for offshore and agricultural markets.
2013/6/6 Canada I am requesting access to the real time data streams in order to conduct testing regarding the accuracy of precise point positioning compared with other techniques for position estimation.
2013/6/6 Denmark Personal development. I want to learn more about RTK and PPP by testing RTKLIB and NTRIP data streams.
2013/6/6 Italia I'd like to use GNSS data for academic research and for teaching to italian students of the department of architecture.
2013/6/6 Malaysia Study near real-time GPS meteorology. A real-time data stream from IGS station is crucial in support of GPS data processing.
2013/6/6 Russian I am an engineer researcher in the field of satellite technologies. Please give me access to GNSS data streams for improvement of the technology of calculation of parameters of orbits and hours of navigation satellites in real-time.
2013/6/7 Switzerland The real time data is used for the simulation of a GNSS based earth quake and tsunami early warning system.
2013/6/10 France We provide real time GPS tracking for outdoor sport. In order to provide new timing capabilities we need to get a more accurate location of all the competitor and then need to acces NTRIP servers.
2013/6/11 Germany DGPS application for geological applications such as georeferencing digitial elevation models and extracting river long profiles. Will be used mainly for teaching and Bachelor and Master thesis.
2013/6/12 Japan Study and research network GPS position measurements.
2013/6/12 Japan We would like to use your IGS01 corrections with BNC as a reference when determining misfixes with our PPP-AR processing.
2013/6/17 USA For real-time GPS data processing tests. Especially for retrieving and decoding real-time gps data stream and corresponding real-time data processing and output.
2013/6/18 India Project work related to case study of geoid modelling deflection of vertical in the field of geodesy.
2013/6/20 USA Access correction data over the internet for RTK surveying in the field.
2013/6/21 Germany I want to build an implementation of RTKLIB so that I can automatically generate a realtime trajectory. I use RTKNAVI with an u-blox and for the realtime I need Ntrip.
2013/6/21 Sri Lanka That data is made available primarily for demonstration and evaluation purposes and prepare online positioning user services.
2013/6/21 Thailand I want to improve GPS position tracking for amateur radio project. Right now we focus on amateur radio high altitude balloon tracking.
2013/6/23 United Kingdom We are working on a project to study movement of local sandbanks. We would like to use data to improve GPS accuracy.
2013/6/24 Germany We want to perform real time PPP of our local reference station using the correction streams provided and analyze the results. Also we want to use the data streams for teaching purposes. Here we can show practically the use of data and correction streams via NTRIP and explain the data flow and principles. Maybe we will test and analyze different correction streams in future.
2013/6/24 Germany We want to make tests with agriculture steering systems on wheel tractors for precision farming. We need it also for agricultural business trainings for young farmers.
2013/6/24 USA We are requesting access to the real-time GNSS streams for the production of space weather reports directly relating to affects on RTK positioning datum realizations and PPP.
2013/6/24 Vietnam I want to research and study NTRIP in order to position accurately.
2013/6/25 Germany The main application is about gathering heightlevel-information to provide them in a map which is accessable via tcpip. Therefore I want to build a beside-system to proof accuracy of our data.
2013/6/26 United Kingdom My company is working on Precise Point Positioning. We require satellite and clock corrections real time data.
2013/6/27 Estonia We are doing highway pavement defects classification using video GPS and tripmeters. We would also need sub-1m accuracy for location data and high update frequency (for vehicle moving up to 30 ms) and we are currently researching all the different methods for inceasing the accuracy of GPS to find the best solution for our application.
2013/6/28 Germany I'm a student and for my thesis I am developing and evaluating a GPS+GLO RTK System. It would be great to test my application by using your NTRIP products.
2013/6/28 Hungary We would like to test the real-time PPP for scientific research in the field of surveying. Later on some local tropospheric model refinement it will be tested based on real-time streams.
2013/6/28 USA We are planning to utilize two streams (Real Time ephemeris broadcast and IGS02 corrections) and implement them in our PPP algorithm to yield Real Time results in the field.
2013/6/30 China I want to use the NTRIP service for doing navigation works for the purpose of hydrolic and sedimentation research.
2013/7/2 Italy We are developing real time applications of VADASE (Variometric Approach Displacements Analysis Stand-alone Engine) for network monitoring and GNSS seismology.
2013/7/3 Ecuador Performance analysis of precise point positioning using NTRIP stream and BKG Ntrip Client. The RTCM messages are generate by the GNSS network of Ecuador.
2013/7/4 Germany This is for testing gps receivers with PPP and other application. Often it isn't possible to receive SBAS and the accuray is not good.
2013/7/5 China I am a technical support for GNSS RTK devices and I want to use this for demo.
2013/7/5 Indonesia We are educational based company who focusing on providing training for Non Government Organization on GIS and GPS technology. We would like to get the free stream for educational purposes
2013/7/5 Ukraine RTCM 3.0 from sulp station to input in Spider software for producing network RTK solutions for West Ukraine. Spider site server is used for connecting to base station to generate raw data and to provide streams to Spider Net.
2013/7/6 Germany I'm a student and currently working on my bachelor thesis about GNSS positioning via RTK etc. I need access to do some testing.
2013/7/6 Spain GPS used in remote areas for comparative studies of scientific and water infrastructure. Countries to use are Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA and Spain.
2013/7/11 Denmark I want to have access to the NTRIP broadcasters for test purpose of different GNSS receivers and for getting better position solutions during field test.
2013/7/12 Germany Investigation of RTCM streams for compression construction purpose. I want to prepare our software for the the new MSM messages.
2013/7/12 Norway Educational purposes. I'm a geomatics student with an interest in GNSS and will be evaluating positional accuracy in realtime vs post-processing.
2013/7/12 Spain Testing ppp precise point position application.
2013/7/13 Canada In order to have demo account for network RTK.
2013/7/15 Bangladesh Field survey of Bangladesh's coastline using existing low cost GPS receivers but at enhanced accuracy. Absolutely for research purpose (graduate research).
2013/7/16 France Test by geography students. We want to make Ntrip work on our phone.
2013/7/16 Iraq I am making a test application to provide assist data to GPS device in order to improve the GPS positioning.
2013/7/16 Japan For researches about multi GNSS localization. Particularly we use QZSS and Galileo. We attempt to improve localization accuracy in urban environment.
2013/7/16 Japan In order to better study by the line of satellite positioning-related work.
2013/7/16 Japan I research LEX signal broadcasted by QZSS and multi-GNSS real time kinematic. I want especially observational data of GPS GLONNAS QZSS and Galileo.
2013/7/17 Malaysia Recording RTCM to RINEX for software development purpose. Development is for local university in my country and data may be used for spreadsheet for student.
2013/7/17 Poland Real-time kinematic Precise Point Positioning (originalsoftware) and kinematic PPP in postprocessing mode (Bernese Software) with high-rate regional troposphere and ionosphere models.
2013/7/18 Czech Republic Multi constellation long term GNSS assessment application for monitoring of GNSS signals integrity monitoring (SPP + ARAIM - XPL computation) and so on.
2013/7/18 Switzerland Using the data for testing our in-development RTK products. In production environment we run base stations ourselves. Products are used for automated field cultivation.
2013/7/19 Germany Testing of a toolset build arround the Bernese GNSS Software for building up a new GPS Station network in Oman.
2013/7/19 Italy I need to evaluate performance of a commercial GPS receiver. So i need the information of a fixed station to perform my test.
2013/7/20 Morocco I am Phd student working on ionospheric and tropospheric modeling (VRS case). We are placing our first CORS in morocco and I am testing BNC.
2013/7/20 Poland I will use to enhance my knowledge and skills on Global Nawigation System Service positioning development learning testing private use.
2013/7/21 Portugal Test program for radiosonde tracking and monitor system development for use in meteo using GNSS for position. Hardware implementation phase.
2013/7/22 Namibia I'm currently doing a BTech dissertation project through our University of Technology studying the practicality and results of RTK PPP. The intent is compare results acheived through normal differential positioning by processing data in post process kinematic fashion and compare with the results acheived throught the RTK PPP method.
2013/7/24 Belgium Differential GPS implementation for location aware sensors. We want to evaluate the accuracy obtained with our DGPS system using EUREF stations and our single local reference base as providers of positioning correction data.
2013/7/24 Italy The application aims to collect RTCM 3.x data from already existing EUREF network in order to augment professional GNSS receiver performances.
2013/7/24 Russia I have been working with the RTKlib and I required correction data in real time. I check different positioning modes using the correction information in real time.
2013/7/25 Mexico For educational purposes only. I would like to obtain RTCM binary files and I would like to know how are composed RTCM packages and in order to perform statistical analysis in some analysis tool such as matlab or even excel.
2013/7/26 Chile I require GNSS connection to perform precision measurements in geotechnical investigations hydraulic and environmental. These studies include landslides debris flows fluvial geomorphology environmental pollution in general etc.
2013/7/26 Germany Just to do some tests with real time data transfer (NTRIP). Hopefully I get some more experience.
2013/7/27 United Kingdom AUV position seeding using internet generated RTCM corrections for test and evaluation purposes. Also other potential software development and comparisson exercises.
2013/7/28 Germany Test of applications quality control of exploration surveys accuracy evaluations of field surveys. Main area of activities is geophysical exploration.
2013/7/29 Australia An ability to output RTCM data is being added to the firmware that runs on our GPS receivers. To test this implementation access to RTCM casters is required .
2013/7/29 Germany GNSS Internet Radio. We need new account for GPS practicum. Application is about GPS and DGPS localization. Students should learn about GPS and graphihcal user interface to work with.
2013/7/30 Finland For research and technical study purposes. As we operate on aviation business and our customers are in cartography and arial photography. We also sell GPS products which are using SBAS and possibly use later NTRIP.
2013/7/30 Ukraine I have my own GPS base station but want to improve opensource RTK project (RTKLIB) so i need access to some NTRIP caster to get sample data no matter now accurate they are.
2013/8/1 Poland Real-time and near-real time estimation of troposphere products (ZTD STD) asymilation of numerical weather prediction models with GNSS based troposphere models short-time predictions.
2013/8/2 Switzerland Private project to assess the feasibility of EUREF and or IGS real-time corrections replacing a DGPS setup for control of small unmanned vehicles.
2013/8/3 Germany Explore RTKLIB in mobile phones. Training for NTRIP and PPP capabilities for internal and external use. RINEX creation and streaming analyzing working together with GNSS Internet Radio.
2013/8/6 Norway Experimentation with real time Galileo and BeiDou data coming from the MGEX experiment. Quality check of real-time data and assessement of RTCM-MSM format.
2013/8/6 South Korea I have been working on crustal monitoring in Korea based on Korean national CORS and IGS stations for nearly 20 years. The real-time data streaming services provided by IGS would be very useful for me to evolve from post-processing mode into real-time mode.
2013/8/8 South Korea I'm developing RTK-GPS application for smartphone. For this it is needed to utilize PPP-RTK by using BKG NTRIP service and RTKLIB.
2013/8/8 USA Data to be used as reference dataset to evaluate internally developed iono models. For test and evaluation only not for commercial use
2013/8/9 France Outdoor robotic application to reduce the amount of herbicide spraying in a field. The use of NTRIP corrections should be limited recoveries.
2013/8/9 Spain Software and hardware development for precision agriculture in open source. Need probe NTRIP servers and I'm making cheap RTK server and rover combining sensor whit u-blox platform.
2013/8/10 Spain Software development GNSS solutions use low cost GNSS receivers: ublox ... Use open source GNSS software: rtklib gpstoolkit ... Photogrammetry direct orientation methods Cooperation with scientific institutions.
2013/8/13 Scotland I am looking to receive some test CMR corrections in order to test my wifi GPS system before I leave port. When at sea I will be receiving corrections via a base station but need to verify the system before this.
2013/8/13 USA To be used for BNC vs RTKlib live testing work where we have placed a predictive model in each to overcome urban message fading.
2013/8/14 Germany Evaluation of Linux and open-source software (rtklib) based localization software for the research in the area of advanced driver assistance systems.
2013/8/15 Australia Access account for undergrade and master students in RTK and PPP related projects. Students will use it to access real-time streams for processing in BNC and RTKLib software.
2013/8/15 Brazil Evaluation using RTK-NTRIP in risk areas. Will be evaluated in the scope of the graduate - PhD in Geotechnical Engineering at the University of Brasilia the vulnerability of structures (buildings and roads) as well as people.
2013/8/16 Netherlands For agriculture applications like steering and fencing mobile agriculture devices. Medical tracking of patients as an add-on in alarming situations.
2013/8/16 Norway I want to test and compare the performance of an RTK-GPS based navigation system for a multirotor UAV platform with both local base-station and ip based corrections (NTRIP).
2013/8/16 Spain We work on survey and cartography in the east of Spain for different clients of public administration and private companies.
2013/8/16 USA Hydrographic surveying with real time kinematic vertical control. Coastal delta and riverine studies in Louisiana. For use in testing until we get a GSM modem.
2013/8/17 Denmark To determ position for solar energy calculations. To provide optimal solar panel placement and direction. This will be calculated before placing equipment with customer.
2013/8/17 USA Needed for testing NTRIP2.0 and validating backward comparability with basic authentication and the like. Also needed for testing other NTRIP features.
2013/8/19 Romania I want to test the NTRIP protocol in order to develop android applications to improve positioning as more and more devices are available with GPS embedded.
2013/8/29 France Creation of flight plans for civil UAV solution. We need the RGP-IP broadcaster access for tests to increase the GPS accuracy.
2013/9/2 USA Evaluation and testing of NTRIP client and caster software for the purpose of creating our own casterbase station system.
2013/9/7 Greece I am a civil engineer and an android developer specialized on topographic applications. My recent app has now more than 26.000 downloads and an average user rating of 4.75/5. This app helps users collecting and processing points of increased accuracy with a mobile device. My future plan is to implement RTK corrections for better accuracy. So I would like to provide me with egnos-ip account for test purposes.
2013/9/11 USA RTCM user testing NTRIP for model and compression, uses part of a field test work to make mobile vehicle type uses of NTRIP.
2013/9/27 Bulgaria My application is a Ntrip Server. I am software developer and I want to see demo information and to see the basic principles in GPS technology.
2013/10/4 China I'm a postgraduate majoring in GNSS. The ntrip data would be very helpful in my study and research. Thanks very much!
2013/10/8 India I am a research scholar using RTKLIB. I require RTCM input for testing our GPS accuracy of low end GPS device using software and post processing.
2013/10/9 Poland Application of real-time products into near-real time system for zenith troposphere delay estimation and water vapor retrival over area of Poland.
2013/10/9 Vietnam Surveying, mapping, fieldwork and related. Manage and load waypoints on the map in real time. Compute the area or distance directly on the map.
2013/10/10 Estonia For study purposes. Trying to understand what NTRIP is and how to use it when using RTK surveying and to complete my assignment.
2013/10/11 Germany I'm doing a selfstudy about RTK and RTKLIB. My equipment needs an NTRIP server so I have a longer baseline for my RTK experiments.
2013/10/11 Japan We would like to test the real time performance of a high resolution water vapor monitoring system by a dense GNSS receiver network.
2013/10/13 Germany Assessment of improvements for airborne camera position data using low-cost RTK in order to calculate a more precise 3D scene recostruction.
2013/10/14 United Kingdom We need to test the capabilities of software to decode RTK corrections. Just testing not doing real surveys. Our systems and software are used around the world.
2013/10/15 Philippines I am currently taking my undergraduate study on single frequency RTK-PPP application. I will use it for purely academic purposes and mainly for comparison.
2013/10/17 Canada Testing RTKLib using a home brewed beaglebone cape with a GPS/GLONASS chip.
2013/10/17 Italy Use of GNSS for the remote comparison of atomic clocks and time scales.
2013/10/18 USA I am doing some research using RTKLib and I need some raw data to test the software.
2013/10/21 Estonia Our project is a innovative and highly efficient road surface measurement and control system.
2013/10/23 Norway We want to test if RTK GPS can be applied to free-fall lifeboat tests and research. This can be very helpful for determining the forward motion of a lifeboat launch which is an important design criteria.
2013/10/25 Austria Tracking and steering a vehicle in agricultural Terrain in combination with RRTKLib and ublox test environment for checking usage of L1 receivers to cover good localization.
2013/10/25 Japan I'm a student of an research room in Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology. For some experiments I need to use RTKLib to get data from the GPS through internet.
2013/10/25 USA To support data processing for the Airborne Snow Observatory which requires automated aircraft trajectory processing beginning within a couple hours after flight.
2013/10/29 Canada I work in agriculture and I am experimenting with RTKLIB. I'm testing if a low cost receiver performing PPP could provide significant performance for ag tasks (machine guidance surveys). Currently ag receivers using SBAS are the norm in this area. A few local farms use RTK (double-difference).
2013/10/29 Slovenia The purpose of my registration is the creation of 15-Minutes Highrate RINEX files.
2013/10/29 Spain The purpose of this registration is to use this NTRIP service to performe some field and software tests to compare the results with our positioning services.
2013/10/31 Switzerland We are a manufacturer of high-precision GNSS surveying equipment. We would like to test the performance of IGS PPP correction streams compared to RTK and Network RTK.
2013/11/1 Indonesia We need NTRIP data to try our mapping GPS.
2013/11/3 Ukraine Test BNC software.
2013/11/6 Poland I would like to use the real-time streams for my PhD study on Precise Point Positioning subject and for Satelite Geodesy classes with students.
2013/11/7 Finland Possible test use of GNSS equipments and network (NTRIP) correction possibilities. Only used for testing and maybe software development.
2013/11/9 Germany Demonstration of NTRIP correction data in lecture sessions for students involved in agricultural engineering analysis of data transferred with respect to information content.
2013/11/10 Czech Republic Test of Android RTKLib software and Windows RTKLib and possible other dGPS software. Mapping in Openstreetmap project. Data will be used for demonstration purposes.
2013/11/11 Croatia My intent is to test BKG Ntrip Client in particular receiving RTCM corrections and sending them to my GNSS receiver.
2013/11/11 Russia Conducting research on the aggregation of navigation amendments to improve the accuracy of the location of moving objects in a complex electromagnetic environment.
2013/11/12 Japan We are distributor in Japan and some of our customers use RTKLIB. So I think we should use this to measure our receiver's coordination.
2013/11/13 Kenya We are distributor and would like to advertise and demonstrate the RTK service with a rover.
2013/11/13 USA GNSS station and realtime dgpsrtk monitoring (quality movement antenna PCV generation etc.) in various locations around the world. Study of near field effects on RTK field performance as it applies to RTK Network Rovers.
2013/11/14 USA Consulting as expert on GPS providing support to United States civil agencies. Application is research into GPS satellite outages and comparing these with published NANUs.
2013/11/15 Germany My company is developing an application in the agriculture sector (RTKlib).
2013/11/15 USA I'm doing a research project in school which involves realtime RTK. We need NTRIP service to receive correction data for our RTK GPS.
2013/11/16 Iran Data analysis for GNSS application in meteorology and doing research to find new insight of atmosphere structure ionosphere and upper atmosphere and find logical relationship for applied use.
2013/11/16 Iran We use the real time correction for many applications such as cadaster mapping, photo control point and other surveying jobs.
2013/11/17 Spain Receiving and using RTK and code corrections for GPS applications. Researching new solutions to GPS data processing development of software solutions to process GNSS data.
2013/11/18 Chile I'm a technical engineer in topography and want to evaluate the use of GPS RTK via NTRIP on topographical work in civil engineering.
2013/11/18 France Need for ionospherics studies and TEC estimation over Europe. Improving the methods of TEC mapping and knowledge about ionospheric state and little scale variation.
2013/11/18 Russia Hello! I represent a russian company specialized on development of GNSS receivers. We are going to test our receivers to realize PPP. For this purpose we would like to get access to you real-time data.
2013/11/18 Spain I am a student in spain and work with GPS PPP. I want Precise Point Positioning (PPP) to become a powerful tool.
2013/11/19 Germany GNSS receiver testing for more accuracy. Most receivers are ublox. We receive not often data from EGNOS satellites and so we like to check RTCM.
2013/11/20 Brazil Research in spatial climate in real time over brazil to do real time TEC maps and do PPP solutions with the BNC software using the correction of ionosspheric delay.
2013/11/21 Germany We are developing position tracking systems for sports. The intended accuracy is about 1m. Antenna movements are rapid and frequently - that means the set of sats used for calculation changes very frequently.
2013/11/22 Romania I need an account to study in college.
2013/11/22 USA I would like to access to real time GPS data around the globe to estimate our own satellite clocks for our real time PPP system and to compare results with IGS clock corrections and BNC's PPP.
2013/11/23 Belarus Digital Aero-Photogrammetry technologies and GIS for the 3D virtual shape models within the open source project. 3D measurement and surveying.
2013/11/25 France We are land surveyor's office and we have just equipped ourselves with GPS. We wish to use your service to connect our topographic surveys.
2013/11/26 Russia Orbit determination for GLONASS and GPS to assess the measurement information from laser stations and mining technology using laser ranging stations network ILRS.
2013/11/28 Spain Research in real time products such as ionosphere modelling hardware delays for both pseudorange and carrier phase estimation of satellite orbits and clocks.
2013/11/28 Spain We want to analyze NTRIP performances in order to compare them with the results provided by our new NTRIP caster.
2013/11/29 Japan We want to check a variety of precision by using an application called RTK-LIB a GNSS receiver that we have made.
2013/11/30 Venezuela Geodetic measurements and topographical studies for engineering projects and works to control the use of the internet via NTRIP system.
2013/12/1 France GPS top level training using windsurf RTK with maximum precision do analyze speed and run and to improve equipment evolution.
2013/12/2 United Kingdom I am a phd student and i need to register in your website to study the data and ephemeris from multi constellation.
2013/12/3 Germany Tests for a pedestrian navigation system with loosely coupled RTK and inertial sensor components which is part of our research project.
2013/12/3 Switzerland Low-cost GPS or GNSS monitoring of rock glaciers movements. We need broadcast ephemeris for post-process raw GNSS data of a local baseline.
2013/12/4 Bulgaria Test of Android RTKLib software and Windows RTKLib. Access correction data over the internet for RTK surveying in the field. Test and compare the results of the BNC software, RTKLib and others.
2013/12/5 Australia I would like to access the GNSS data stream as part of my undergraduate industrial training at our University.
2013/12/5 Venezuela The RTK system is used in surveys of urban cadastre cartography, remote sensing and topography. NTRIP opens a range of new applications and reducing costs.
2013/12/6 Brazil The main objective of my research is the application of GIS and GPS in land use planning, precision farming and hydrological studies.
2013/12/6 Germany My application wants to calculate precise positions and velocities for mobile applications on smartphones to create more precise GIS applications.
2013/12/7 Italia I need real-time GNSS data to complete a thesis about the navigation system Galileo precisely to perform some simulations of the constellation in MATLAB.
2013/12/10 Netherlands We would like to have access to the real-time data and correction streams to test and further develop our PPP software aimed at real-time positioning.
2013/12/12 Japan We are prototyping a handheld precise positioning device based on RTKLIB. We would like to use the broadcasters instead of some QZSS-LEX correction data stream servers which connect with our device for first step testing.
2013/12/12 Spain I would like to get acces to give support for MultiBeam calibration in Spain. We are dedicated to offshore business.
2013/12/12 Switzerland Doing research on PPP Solutions for school. Analysis and presentation of the MGEX and developement of positioning software solutions for mobile phones.
2013/12/13 USA Utilities mapping, GIS mapping of field bordersand points in a field. Trying to come up with a cheap real time RTK solution for field work especially for returning to an exact point in the field. Also... possibly guidance on farm tractors (precision agriculture).
2013/12/15 Germany Testing the precision of navigating a UAV (quadrocopter) with GPS and study how it can fly more precisely the predefined tracks.
2013/12/15 Turkey We will use RTK GPS solution as a position reference during tests for our inertial navigation system that we develop. We have a base station located in our site and a rover. We want to communicate both with NTRIP.
2013/12/16 Germany The BKG software is used for my master thesis project in the university. I require the PPP solution mainly for the project work.
2013/12/17 Canada Test RTK research project for setting up a high precision GPS system. This is a study project for research purpose only.
2013/12/18 USA I would like to use the Ntrip client to receive real time GNSS observations streams. This is for my GPS and GLONASS localization research.
2013/12/19 Ecuador I need to register to make a connection with my mobile Ntrip mapper ce computer so you can create links to a satellite and perform differential correction.
2013/12/21 Taiwan We would like to access GNSS data streams to evaluate RTK and PPP approaches.
2013/12/23 Germany Evaluation of Precise Point Positioning for localisation applications. Later on maybe for multiple quadrocopter navigation to precise positions. But at the moment it's unclear if it's usable for this application.
2013/12/24 Pakistan Development of multiple constellation GNSS Receiver for research on GNSS receiver for partial fulfillment of Degree of Doctor of philosophy from National University of Science and Technology.
2013/12/25 Germany Evaluation of applications for agriculture steering systems on tractors for precision farming using different NTRIP modems, different GNSS receiver with different protocolls.
2013/12/27 Indonesia Perform some field and software tests and compare the results with our positioning services.
2013/12/27 USA Testing will be required for graduate work to include a dynamically positioned buoy. The buoy will attempt to autonomously counter position offsets.
2013/12/29 Sweden Trying to get RTK position to a Raspbian Pi system (Rtklib). The system should work on a small vessel for hydrographic survey.
2014/1/2 Brazil Data collection for differential post processing and terrain evaluation. Using data for government agencies and road land and forest mapping.
2014/1/3 France Embedded application for buoy that needs precise GPS positioning.
2014/1/6 Germany The aim of this project is to develop lowcost applications for geodetic survey.
2014/1/7 Japan I am doing some evaluation and research using RTKLIB. I need real-time data to check NTRIP and BNC software.
2014/1/9 Belgium We're conducting a study of GPS receivers using real time kinetics. This is all based on the open-source RTKLIB library.
2014/1/10 Sweden Orbit and clock data will be used for realtime PPP processing of ground based GNSS observations and estimation of ZTD data. Sub-hourly processing is an aim for the future.
2014/1/11 Finland Testing of performance and application of low priced consumer GPS equipment with raw data output and studies related to geodesy and geographic information systems.
2014/1/12 France My application is a simple rover for test and demonstration with my children. The rover is developed with arduino card.
2014/1/14 France We try to locate riders (ski mountain bike) or animals with small low cost L1 receivers.
2014/1/15 Brazil Infield positioning for plant breeding research. The system would require the most precise as possible GPS position without the need of complex hardware and setup.
2014/1/16 USA GNSS corrections needed to accomplish GIS data collection and mapping for Civil and Environmental Engineering services.
2014/1/17 United Kingdom Evaluation of NTRIP data streams on GNSS receivers. Potentially for use in surveys of land potentially contaminated with radioactive materials (non-military).
2014/1/18 Tunisia To test GNSS radio transmitter as base to external rover over NTRIP.
2014/1/20 France I am working as field application engineer in and I would like to use corrections coming from your network for GIS application (float).
2014/1/20 France Real time application for accurate GIS. Combined with GIS GNSS receiver the EUREF access can deliver few dm accuracy on long base lines.
2014/1/20 Kenya We are a distributor of Surveying equipment and would like to promote the RTK GNSS CORS networks across the East Africa region.
2014/1/22 USA We use NTRIP for GPS location to provide free location services for users of our network services.
2014/1/24 Iran I want to use precise broadcast ephemeris to test it's accuracy in precise point positioning. I use BKG Ntrip Client software for processing.
2014/1/24 Netherlands Differential GPS for a sanitation application. Trucks are equiped with cheap GPS receiver and rtklib is used to post process the data.
2014/1/25 Serbia I would like to use your RTCM NTRIP data to test GPS precision in my country. This testing would be for educational purposes.
2014/1/25 Venezuela Studying the use of NTRIP for marine positioning and for the setting out of vessels for drilling works through PPP and RTK.
2014/1/27 Hungary Support and development of a hungarian AIS (Automatic Identification System). We want to improve the positioning accuracy and to create a DGNSS integrity monitoring station.
2014/1/28 Switzerland Test of different PPP-clients in order to get familiar with the PPP method (in comparison to existing VRS solutions in Switzerland).
2014/1/30 France GIS and surveying. I want to create a network in ivory coast with precision GNSS products.
2014/1/30 Germany I test RTK with a uBlox receiver in conjunction with RTKLIB. The second step is to build my own reference station.
2014/1/31 Japan I'm developing radio software for Galileo QZSS and GPS. I'll debug positioning function and calculate satellite positions and velocity.
2014/1/31 Malaysia As a system developer I need to access the caster for the DGPS corrections (integrity monitoring). The research is planned to deploy as a mobile application as an end product.
2014/1/31 United Kingdom To demonstrate functionality of NTRIP to undergraduate students. To be used during field work to collect topographic information for use in student projects.
2014/2/1 Iran Surveying and engineering applications for our company purposes such as location survey, land acquisition, pipe survey, GIS data management, topography mapping and cartography.
2014/2/2 Switzerland We are a manufacturer of high-precision GNSS surveying equipment. We would like to test the performance of IGS PPP correction streams compared to RTK and Network RTK.
2014/2/3 Estonia I would like to test the option to receive correction for GIS GPS instruments with MobileMapper 120 to compare real-time data accuracy with post processed accuracy.
2014/2/3 United Kingdom I want to test a new precision farming application I am developing in the UK. That requires short term access to a local NTRIP server.
2014/2/5 Germany At our university institute for pre- and protohistoric archaeology we would like to test using RTK GPS in archaeological field work (excavation and survey) in Germany and Spain.
2014/2/5 Canada We have an educational agreement with UNB which includes access to a NetR9 data feed. The easiest way to get the data is through this service.
2014/2/8 France I'm working in the survey market. My job is to advise how to use GNSS equipment in the field.
2014/2/8 Poland I am studying Geodesy and Cartography at Warsaw University of Technology. I need an account in order to write my master's thesis about real-time Precise Point Positioning GNSS analysis in the BNC software.
2014/2/12 Estonia I would like to try using NTRIP with RTKLIB and u-blox receiver. I'm a student and it's just an experiment.
2014/2/12 Venezuela NTRIP customer use for a study in the faculty of engineering at the University of Zulia (LUZ) in real-time using PPP.
2014/2/14 Spain I would like to have access to broadcast ephemeris and receiver observations through NTRIP Broadcast to study GPS performances in Spain in real-time.
2014/2/17 Azerbaijan Receiving and using RTK and code corrections for GPS applications. Researching new solutions to GPS data processing development of software solutions to process GNSS data.
2014/2/17 Germany We have to search for boundary markers in the ground in a forest and with simple GPS it would be a great digging job so we thought about using your service for a better precision.
2014/2/20 France We'd like to test DGPS correction through NTRIP on our mobile robots for automatic navigation. This is for evaluation purpose only in order to avoid installing our own DGPS base station.
2014/2/20 India We are Geo special equipment solution provider. This application we want to use NTRIP server to receive signals from field as well as to transmit the signals to rover as correction.
2014/2/20 Indonesia I am starting to learn about RTCM and NTRIP. I need a real live NTRIP data stream. I plan to join the NTRIP network and provide my stream to the world.
2014/2/21 Belgium Test the streams in a PPP solution in terms of availability, stability, and reliability for the final user in surveying applications in open sky environments.
2014/2/21 Germany We are testing some prototypes in the region of Albacete and we like to test them with the local NTRIP-Data.
2014/2/21 Taiwan Data process and analysis for fiducial ground station and data process latency testing for radio occultation satellite mission in the future.
2014/2/21 USA I am an Arizona Registered Land Surveyor. I would like to use the real-time data for land surveying purposes. Your COR stations seem to be located where the State of Arizona does not have stations.
2014/2/21 Vietnam I want to access to GNSS stream for studying and researching. I am from Hanoi University of Technology in Vietnam.
2014/2/22 USA I am an antenna experimenter and math geek who wants to start using RTK-GPS to do precise measurement of the geometry in my life. Also it's a great learning tool and a force multiplier for the mind. Antenna experimentation for making better GPS antennas is my main interest.
2014/2/24 Tunisia Within a project we intend to execute the GPS survey of our fields in a precise manner. We try to reach the decimeter precision.
2014/2/26 United Kingdom I'm developing a new GPS device for use in archaeology and would like to see how RTK works. I need to test various GPS boards how they work with RTKLIB 2.4.
2014/2/27 Belgium Compare multiple streams and generate different combined solutions to achieve a better Real-time PPP positioning. We will use public streams plus combined streams with local calculations.
2014/2/27 Italy Testing Lefebure Client on Android device for site georeferencing in urban and extra-urban environmental monitoring (noise pollution from various sources.
2014/2/28 United Kingdom I am working on a project to make an autonomous quadcopter. For this I need high precision positioning. I will be using RTK methods to get cm level accuracy but I need access to an NTRIP caster station so I can set up my base station using an accurate position. This project is solely for educational purposes as this is a MEng group project for the university. It will last around 6-7 weeks.
2014/3/3 Germany I need DGPS for my different UAV (muticopter and fixed wing) for research projects. I perform metrological measurements (turbulence temperature etc.).
2014/3/5 Finland Testing cheap hardware and free software in different modes including real-time. Will most likely also setup my own base station at some point. Right now it's mostly hands on learning.
2014/3/5 France Precise localization based on GPS INS and LIDAR sensors for autonomous robot guidance for agricultural phenotyping and surveillance research domain.
2014/3/6 Malaysia I would like to register for the purpose of undergraduate research at my university. It will only be used for educational research.
2014/3/7 USA I am developing an RTK based system using a new rover base and sonar for measuring depth of water to perform bathymetric surveys.
2014/3/7 Japan Data collection tools for measurement of data transfer delay caused by internet and test program for NTRIP protocol detail checking including PDU and raw data.
2014/3/7 Japan I use RTKLIB for RT-PPP. Our group carried out the seafloor geodetic observation. Our next step is real-time observation. Therefore I compared Starfire with RT-PPP using IGS products.
2014/3/7 Japan My application is continuously getting and decoding navigation data to present satellite positions on a web-page.
2014/3/10 Italy I would like to try real-time access to Galileo ephemerides for scintillation monitoring.
2014/3/10 Mali Testing real-time ephemeris correction via SSR message in Mali - there is no geodetic referential at all there. Using PPP for observations from a static reference station. I'd like to create the first precise point in south Mali for putting my own base station and broadcast it as a NTRIP cast.
2014/3/10 Singapore Exploring DGPS and PPP applications with RTKLIB for managing botanic gardens collections and exploring the possibility of setting up our own reference base station.
2014/3/11 United Kingdom I am an application engineer looking to incorporate NTRIP corrections with our navigation products output in Europe. We are looking to demonstrate this to customers in the very near future and would need some access to the service in order to be able to demonstrate its capabilities.
2014/3/11 USA We are experimenting using RTCM for DSRC based vehicle safety applications. Today we get around 3 meter accuracy. For pedestrian and vehicle safety we need much more accurate information.
2014/3/13 Estonia I need correction for testing GPS in forests. Later I want to compare my results with what is written in the specifications. The main type of instruments will be GIS handhelds.
2014/3/13 Germany Our application is measuring of trees and green area. We also analyze the damage of trees. At least we generate a register of trees and public green space.
2014/3/13 USA Testing for now. If applicable RTK for land survey purposes. I would like to purchase a network GNSS GPS Receiver for land surveys.
2014/3/14 Germany I am trying to calculate my own base station with RTKLIB and my Ublox 6T modul so that I can calculate a DPGS position in my home region. I need a stream from Borkum only for a first period until my base station is fixed.
2014/3/14 France The application is to use of the DGPS for vehicle precise tracking and to analyze the consistency of downloaded OSM maps. We also want to perform statistical data analysis to check precision of location.
2014/3/14 Germany The application is of private nature. I would like to understand the impact of factors deteriorating position accuracy of GPS data. Possible outlet is a student course on GPS technology.
2014/3/17 USA We are interested in evaluating GNSS observation data streams for understanding the ionospheric distortion affects as observed by different receivers around the world.
2014/3/18 Israel Our company is doing hydrographic surveys in Israel and use several GPS systems. We need a RTCM 2.32.1 caster to test some of the equipment.
2014/3/19 Denmark RTK evaluation based on L1 GPS and GLONASS modules for use in precision positioning of agriculture machines. Systems based on local base station and moving rover.
2014/3/21 Germany Experimenting with easier farming through precision maneuvering drones. A correction data stream is therefore necessary to test the coding of the base station and rover.
2014/3/22 France I am a land surveyor and I need real-time data for my work.
2014/3/23 Germany I need the data for demonstration and education. Further projects may be in the field of developing algorithms for precise farming.
2014/3/24 Austria Currently I'm writing my master thesis about a possible improvement of the precision of low-cost GPS receivers. Later I would also like to use the data for experimenting with my receivers.
2014/3/24 Lithuania For navigation measurements to test the data analysis.
2014/3/24 Spain The access to the NTRIP broadcasters will be in an small ship used for both research and educational purposes at the University of Barcelona.
2014/3/25 France Evaluation of the added value of the provided correction data in the case of asset tracking visualization in sport applications context.
2014/3/26 Germany We want to evaluate if an excavator guiding system is able to use PPP in an adequate accuracy. This could be an alternative to RTK for low accuracy applications (10-20 cm).
2014/3/26 Netherlands I would like to use the positioning information to help positioning my quadcopter graduation project. It is early in development but I am investigating solutions to find the GPS coordinates more precise and I was wondering if NTRIP data could help.
2014/3/26 Taiwan Our company has GPS modules with DGPS function. I would like to test the RTCM features.
2014/3/26 Thailand We intend to use the access for GNSS education process for students in surveying civil and electrical engineering. Various exercises and project topics will be developed in conjunction with this access.
2014/3/27 Turkey To develop high rate GPS processing tools and to study the earthquakes in order to contribute to available early warning systems in the Marmara Region of Turkey.
2014/3/28 Japan Evaluate and research real-time PPP technique using multi GNSS for automatic machine control, observe object behavior, estimate atmospheric propagation delays, and more.
2014/3/28 Poland Real-time monitoring of accuracy and reliability of GNSS products and services provided by local and regional GBAS networks for a study on instantaneous ambiguity resolution in real-time kinematic mode, educational purposes.
2014/3/28 Morocco I need an account for my PhD research on ionosphere activity over Morocco. So the application is ionosphere correction monitoring.
2014/3/28 Sri Lanka I'm working as a demonstrator for university of Moratuwa Sri Lanka. I need real-time data to configure my GPS receiver.
2014/3/31 Japan RTK, NTRIP, PPP, GPS, GNSS, GLONASS, BeiDou, RTKLIB, PostProcess, Ephemeris Almanac, DOP, VDOP, HDOP, Mask, QZSS, MSAS, SBAS, GAGAN.
2014/3/31 Norway I want to try out NTRIP for use with regular equipment such as Garmin and Furuno. Primary for yachting and fishing.
2014/3/31 Switzerland RTK correction for small civilian drones. The drones are used for cartography (agricultural GIS) purpose only.
2014/3/31 United Kingdom Real-time navigation using autopilot on sailing vessel. Low cost navigation system for utilization of publicly available RTCM corrections from international association of lighthouse authorities NTRIP and other sources.
2014/4/1 France I am working on ArcGis for the geographic information system for the city of Mougins and need to connect to the broadcasters for use a mobile GPS Trimble geo7x.
2014/4/1 Germany We would like to evaluate the use of RTK NTRIP data for the purpose of highly automated driving and driver assistance systems in the context of a research project with student participation in the area of Berlin.
2014/4/1 Germany Within the FP7-TIRAMISU Project we plan to develop a communication and positioning tool and want to get a better position accuracy.
2014/4/2 Thailand I want these data for my study on GPS signal processing and the RTCM Standard 10403.2.
2014/4/2 USA Testing NTRIP system configuration for offshore project. Testing internal software development for correct configuration. Cross platform support for Novatel, Trimble, Ashtech, and Hemisphere receivers.
2014/4/3 Mexico I need to gather data in real-time for my master thesis about Big Data with real-time services using GPS and GLONASS.
2014/4/4 Australia The application is to perform baseline experiments for my PhD thesis. Data will be collected from two stations and the positions will be estimated in real-time.
2014/4/4 Japan We are mobile GIS system development company in Japan. I would like to test real-time PPP accuracy with RTKLIB by Hemisphere GNSS receivers.
2014/4/4 Romania I need access to NTRIP broadcasters for testing capabilities of the PPP method in a school research. I will use the BNC software for casting needed corrections.
2014/4/5 England NTRIP is to be tested in an offshore positioning solution. It will be compared to systems such as C-Nav and Fugro Starpack.
2014/4/6 Singapore I would like to investigate the improved positional accuracy that can be achieved using DGPS correction data in an asset tracking application.
2014/4/7 Czech Republic I am a student of Faculty of Science Charles University in Prague and would like to practice work with GPS data.
2014/4/7 Japan Research and Development of Multi GNSS Receivers. Observations are necessary in order to achieve high precision positioning.
2014/4/7 United Kingdom Studying the multi constellation in terms of ambiguity resolution and time convergence. Data for many stations on different places and with multi constellation will be valuable for my study.
2014/4/8 Sweden I am working in the company that develops SMLCE-SMLC products used in the mobile networks for positioning of mobile devices mainly for emergency calls. In the case when a mobile device is A-GNSS capable SMLC sends assistance data to help the device get the first fix on the satellites in view. I was planning to use messages of type 1019 and 1020 to create assistance data.
2014/4/10 Netherlands Testing RTK resolution for drone navigation. If accuracy is enough it can be used to increase GPS flight capabilities and expand its capabilities.
2014/4/11 USA Applications where this technology would be useful to me and my organization would include GPS navigation, time transfer, GPS surveying, and aircraft flight test research.
2014/4/13 Morocco As I am a surveyor I usually use Trimble or Leica receivers. I would like to test accuracy using the NTRIP corrections from Morocco.
2014/4/14 Sweden Performing tests for a master's thesis on low cost GNSS and sensor fusion. A L1 GPS/GLONASS/Galileo receiver is used. Especially the mountpoints ONSA0 and SPT00 are of interest since they are very close to the test area.
2014/4/14 United Kingdom We are developing analysis tools to establish performance of commercial GNSS service providers and to investigate RTK performance in solutions suitable for offshore and agricultural markets.
2014/4/15 Spain Use with RTKLIB: RTK low cost NV08C-CSM and Tallysman antennas to position objects with centimeter accuracy with good visibility of the sky and static.
2014/4/16 Ecuador It is necessary to develop projects and activities in our research group for science applications. Access to GNSS data and products is required for improving the technology through the development of new methodologies in our own solutions.
2014/4/16 Estonia I want to test EUREF-IP service for our product under development. It is basically data gathering on the go. We are most likely going to use this service for kinematic real-time Precise Point Positioning.
2014/4/16 Ireland To test a version of RTK network generating software we are developing. We have our own small network in Ireland but wish to test with longer baselines.
2014/4/17 India I am currently involved in a research regarding the precision and accuracy of corrections for GLONASS and GPS.
2014/4/19 Germany Development of a special GPS and NTRIP supported device in Maschine2Maschine environment. The target is to add dynamic precision to the system by using NTRIP.
2014/4/21 Portugal This user registration is intended for testing GPS receivers with DGPS and RTK for evaluation purposes. The results will then be used to aid on the selection of a future GPS solution.
2014/4/23 USA Conduct university research in real-time kinematic GPS for mobile phone applications. Connect in house receivers to support NTRIP network.
2014/4/24 Malaysia Real-time GNSS application such as clock, ZPD, TEC, and coordinate time series, DGPS and Network RTK estimation. It will be for academic research.
2014/4/27 Germany I need a reference station for exact positioning of a robotic lawn mower. This is for evaluation purposes and may be exchanged with a private NTRIP caster someday.
2014/5/1 India Post process data taken by handheld GPS receiver and correct it and check the systems function.
2014/5/1 USA I simply want to learn more about GPS and how NTRIP works with RTKLIB. All for personal projects. I have a Ublox lea-6t from Synergy Systems. I want to learn how differential GPS works and apply correction data to GPS traces.
2014/5/5 Spain Surveying jobs into the army to work in real-time with GNSS connections with data from different stations providers.
2014/5/6 France I am a Brazilian PhD student developing a project about PPP in real-time in France.
2014/5/6 France Testing self-implementation of DGPS-CP algorithm and testing performances of real-time PPP among Europe. I cannot afford the purchase of a GNSS receiver.
2014/5/8 Australia Interested in getting real-time GNSS data. I have a Trimble R8 receiver and some old Novatel RT20 receivers.
2014/5/9 Germany Outdoor robot testing with improved accuracy. Looking for cm range by using local reference stations. Use of available robot and GPS hardware.
2014/5/9 Norway I want to have a closer look at IGS correction data and potentially see if I can manage to write an application which can send it to a GNSS receiver. Non-commercial use as of now.
2014/5/10 United Kingdom Investigating possibility of setting up own RTK network utilizing phone network to send corrections. Need to understand NTRIP further and play around with client servers and casters to understand more.
2014/5/11 Germany Research of real-time PPP. We are going to use the carrier-ranges strategy to speed up the real-time clock estimation.
2014/5/11 Slovakia I would like to ask you to grant an access to the real-time GNSS data stream. This is for evaluation purposes of the customized application.
2014/5/12 Germany We would like to use these data to compare them with those we receive from our service in order to analyze the differences.
2014/5/12 Netherlands We would like to use the service Europe wide for calibration purposes of hydrographic or other survey related industry vessels. We could provide a new GPS base in de center of the Netherlands. This base station is a former QPOS station.
2014/5/13 Canada We are requesting access to the real-time satellite products and correction streams in order to conduct testing regarding the accuracy of various techniques for position estimation. This is a component of a project for research and evaluation purposes. We wish to ensure that high-rate low-latency GNSS data complement other geophysical monitoring networks (e.g. strong-motion accelerometers) to better assess and report hazard related to great earthquakes along the southwest Canadian margin.
2014/5/13 Indonesia I currently lead a research to provide low cost high precision GPS for the technical university in Borneo island in Indonesia and need this NTRIP server as part of my research.
2014/5/13 Russia Testing accuracy of RTK depending on distance to base station. Scientific activity regarding the VRS technology.
2014/5/14 Norway We are developing a new software system and want to evaluate use of NTRIP GNSS data streams to improve rover positioning accuracy.
2014/5/16 Spain We are testing and developing PPP applications so we want make use of precise clock and orbit products on real-time
2014/5/16 Finland I will use stream reference in research development and testing of low phase noise correlator-discriminator algorithms in FPGA VHDL Open Source domain.
2014/5/20 Germany I just want to get centimeter-level accuracy using my ultra-low-cost NavSpark-RAW board. I am an Electronics Engineer and currently GNSS is a kind of hobby for me.
2014/5/21 Australia I wish to use DGPS and PPP to allow for precise positioning to support academic research on ad-hoc network localization.
2014/5/21 Germany Improving reference receivers during the development of qualification procedures for satellite based localization systems especially when moving in an urban environment.
2014/5/21 United Kingdom The intention is to get precision locations (1cm) for a roving UAV for signal strength measurement in three dimensions in a five meter hemisphere
2014/5/23 Austria We are currently doing research and development of SLAM algorithms for outdoor autonomous robot systems based on our stereo vision system S3E. To evaluate the developed algorithms we are in the need of a ground truth reference trajectory of the robot movement. With the use of RTK algorithms in combination with NTRIP correction streams we would be able to provide this ground truth information for our evaluation process.
2014/5/26 Brazil Using GNSS data processing for PPP in the Brazilian network of continuous GNSS monitoring located in Presidente Prudente state of Sao Paulo.
2014/5/26 Japan To use the real-time data to access the broadcaster of NTRIP. We want to get the observed data for long distance RTK research.
2014/5/26 USA RTK data corrections for surveying with Sokkia GRX2 and GRX1 receivers and Trimble Nomad data collectors for boundary and construction surveying projects.
2014/5/28 Australia I am doing PHD research in precise positioning method using GNSS and broadcast corrections from IGS for vehicle monitoring platform systems. This research application requires real-time broadcast clock and ephemeris corrections from IGS.
2014/5/28 Australia Real-time position reference for mobile service robots running ROS. Data will also be used as a baseline for comparing low cost RTK receiver accuracy.
2014/5/28 Italy Tests on laboratory instrumentation. Test on microcontroller boards. Comparison of instruments in order to assess the accuracy of RTK. Use for purposes related to teaching.
2014/5/30 Czech Republic Provided real-time data and correction streams will be used for long term testing of stability of my GNSS reference station.
2014/6/2 Spain Mobile robotics and autonomous vehicles, localization maps, building sensor fusion and autonomous path planning in urban scenarios. NTRIP data will be used to obtain accurate reconstruction of test vehicle paths which will be contrasted to theoretical models of vehicle dynamics. Also localization will be used as ground-truth data for map-building and localization algorithms.
2014/6/4 Japan What we want to do is human tracking.
2014/6/4 Poland Access to this GNSS services can help us test and evaluate our mobile applications and learn more about DGPS and RTK measurements.
2014/6/4 Netherlands My application is to conduct surveys on the spatial distribution of submerged aquatic vegetation in rivers in France for research applications.
2014/6/5 Brazil Test with Ublox LEa-4t Bluetooth with android 4G GSM Cellular and RTKLIB software for real-time PPP without SBAS.
2014/6/5 Russia Making a prototype system for real-time kinematic earthquake's co-seismic displacement detection. This will be used for real-time rupture modeling for tsunami prediction.
2014/6/5 USA Test vertical accuracy of a GPS system in a variety of inland water environments and offshore locations. Compare vertical data at sites with data collected by a variety of different methods.
2014/6/6 Germany We need to develop a parser for a SAPOS-HEPS application using RTK. I am doing this registration because I need example files for developing our decoder. I would like to apply for free real-time access to GNSS data streams from Germany.
2014/6/6 France The TERIA network provides RTK corrections for France. We would like to test applications like PPP and for that receive some data from IGS stations.
2014/6/6 Sri Lanka Checking the ability of improving the positional accuracy of single frequency GPS using IGS data with comparing dual frequency GPS.
2014/6/9 Italy I would like to have access to the NTRIP data from EUREF-IP and IGS-IP networks for the GNSS lab of the European Commission JRC in Ispra Italy.
2014/6/9 New Zealand To test and check accuracy of RTK base line lengths on varying antenna positions i.e. built up areas over growth etc.
2014/6/9 Ukraine I am engaged in research work in the field of geodynamics. For further research I need to access to data streams.
2014/6/10 Australia Testing of cheap PPP L1 single frequency chipsets. Hopefully the results are good enough that they can be used as part of a tablet system for non-surveyors.
2014/6/11 Germany We have a few horses and a few acres of grassland which we make hay on and I'd like to experiment with GPS tracking for guiding the tractor in parallel lines.
2014/6/11 USA I would like to use the service to determine whether it increases the accuracy of the recordation archaeological and historic sites.
2014/6/12 Austria Testing low cost RTK with RTKLIB and a NVS NV08C-CSM module and TW 3430 GPS/GLONASS antennas from Tallysman.
2014/6/12 Germany I will give an introduction and demonstration on NTRIP within my lectures as well as for research studies for geodetic and geophysical applications using Precise Point Positioning.
2014/6/12 Japan I'd like to estimate real-time orbit and clock for PPP solution using Multi-GNSS observation data. And I also try long baseline RTK.
2014/6/12 Poland Application would be the graphic user interface for forestry GNSS measurements. It will allow user to make a Precise Point Positioning measurements with IGS-IP service.
2014/6/13 Iran Tracking my boat when fishing or travelling more safely.
2014/6/15 China Using the data streams to debug and test our real-time orbit and clock software, using the product streams to test our RT-PPP software.
2014/6/15 Italia Scientific research to guide the visually impaired in mountain paths via an accuracy GPS system developed on an embedded system.
2014/6/15 USA I am developing embedded-Linux tools facilitating PPP with low-cost GPS/GLONASS hardware. This is an educational and non-commercial project. I am using a Raspberry Pi to host raw NMEA over TCP and I plan to correct the inbound data on a 64-bit Linux server that will host on an another port in near real-time.
2014/6/16 Romania Gas pipes map processing in Romania using mobile mapping office and other supporting tools.
2014/6/17 Brazil I'm a cartographic engineer at IBGE and use a NTRIP applications in Geodesy with GNSS Brazilian Network of Continuous Monitoring.
2014/6/17 France Testing Differential Global Positioning System in real-time for landslide hazard mapping. Points will be integrated in a geographical information system.
2014/6/17 Sweden I am just learning RTK for now and would like to work with the RTKLIB client to see if I can get a RTK fix with a valid server.
2014/6/18 Germany Near real-time reference for regional and global monitoring of Galileo satellites. Galileo EIRP calibration assessment. All of them non-critical applications that can accommodate service disruptions.
2014/6/18 Germany We would like to evaluate the possibilities of NTRIP augmented GNSS positioning for inland navigation and also other vessels, beside position height may be of special interest.
2014/6/18 India Trying to use smartphones for Precise Point Positioning, smartphone would be connected to a GNSS receiver to act as a broadcaster.
2014/6/18 Moldova I am a student of technical university of Moldova. We develop a low cost GPS/GLO device which can be connected by NTRIP protocol and we are excited to test it whit EUREF-IP stations.
2014/6/18 United Kingdom I am funded by the FP7 project CompLACS. I am requesting NTRIP access to improve the real-time positioning capabilities of our quadrotor platforms. Each of the five platforms has a NVS08C-CSM positioning module.
2014/6/19 United Kingdom I am a PhD student from Nottingham university. For working on multi constellation PPP it is valuable for me to register to this website.
2014/6/20 Germany Precise positioning of unmanned aerial vehicles (quad-rotor helicopters) for civil research purposes at the Institute of Control Systems which require accurate autonomous flight capabilities.
2014/6/20 Vietnam Low cost precise positioning system based on RTK-GPS applied in precise farming environmental monitoring and remote sensing purposes in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
2014/6/20 Germany Precise positioning of unmanned aerial vehicles (quad-rotor helicopters) for civil research purposes at our Institute which require accurate autonomous flight capabilities.
2014/6/20 Vietnam Low cost precise positioning system based on RTK-GPS applied in precise farming environmental monitoring and remote sensing purposes in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam.
2014/6/23 Germany Improvement of existing trails on OpenStreetMap and own hiking maps. Planning and execution of walking events. Accurate measurement of hiking markers and signs.
2014/6/23 Germany I am a Phd student and my current research is focusing real time GPS for geohazard early warning, especially for tsuanmi early warning. I need real time GNSS data and products for my algorithm test.
2014/6/25 Germany I want to study the EUREF Ntrip service and test its performance. On a second plane I want to test the stability of a GNSS sensor from long baselines interpolation from EUREF stations.
2014/6/28 India I want to use RTK via internet to do surveying work for transmission line survey. We do transmission line survey works.
2014/6/28 Philippines I am developing a low cost RTK hardware for asset tracking and inventory management. I would like to explore on using NTRIP as part of the solution.
2014/6/29 USA We need to get GALILEO satellite data such as almanac ephemeris UTC etc from this web site. The purpose for it is to compare data we have with the data in this web site.
2014/6/30 Denmark I want to run a automative lawnmover with RTK library for private use. It will also cover an magnetic sensor and gyroscope.
2014/6/30 Russia I take part in the development of a navigation device for precise positioning. I study Ntrip technology possibilities for progressing positioning accuracies. I want to investigate the posibilities of improvement of positioning by means of data information transfered via Ntrip Service links.
2014/7/1 Venezuela Access to this GNSS services can help us to test and evaluate our mobile applications and learn more about DGPS and RTK measurements. Support cadastral surveys.
2014/7/2 Poland We will test coordinate deltas between different networks, test compatibility between units and NTRIP sources, compare results (inicialisation time etc.) between different networks.
2014/7/2 Vietnam PPP-AR solution provided at, but not yet tested with any station located in Vietnam. This area is well-known for its complicated ionospheric condition. Therefore I would like to make a comparison of the ppp-ar performance between Vietnamese stations and EU stations.
2014/7/3 Canada Testing accuracy of RTKLIB software. For personal use experiments. Using ublox GPS single freq. Maybe work towards agricultural software navigation. Reduce overlap in operations.
2014/7/3 Poland Educational purposes for students learning at surveying courses as well as testing and using in future scientific projects. It will also include use in students thesis and also creation computer applications for navigation monitoring and surveying.
2014/7/3 Poland I am an engineer in Poland. My company is young in this market, but full of optimism and willingness to work and development. I would like to get access to the system, because field work is much easier associated with GPS measurements.
2014/7/3 Romania I work in the field of cadaster land registration, surveying, photogrammetry and remote sensing science research in Romania. I want to use data from GPS stations located in Romania.
2014/7/5 France NTRIP on android phone and RTKlib on windows actually for testing the software to see if I can use it for geo referencing aerial pictures.
2014/7/6 France We are selling geophysical equipments. We want to be familar with the NTRIP technology. We also want to test the NTRIP data integration with aquisition software delivered.
2014/7/7 Austria We are searching for a solution for tracking KanuPolo sport games and we therefore want a local positioning system with better than 1 meter accuracy. We would currently like to evaluate the usage of GPS+NTRIP.
2014/7/7 Panama I study a SIG master at our University in Panama, and I would like to compare RTK standard with Ntrip Protocol.
2014/7/10 Brazil My interest is in applying research to college applications using android platform for correction points. I hope to get good results using this data.
2014/7/10 USA Applying for the purpose of gaining real time data to supply a real time plot of scintillation interferences across the globe.
2014/7/11 Germany I'm a computer science student and I would like to look into the use cases of DGPS and NTRIP.
2014/7/12 Poland I want to check the possiblility of using RTCM data to get precise field measurements in agronomy and soil science.
2014/7/15 Germany I would request NTRIP access to improve the real-time positioning for OSM mapping.
2014/7/15 United Kingdom I would like to evaluate the possibility of using NTRIP enhanced GPS positioning for planning local infrastructure rollout where detailed knowledge of the lengths of surface types are required.
2014/7/15 USA I am interested in learning about GPS technology and have purchased a copy of GPS software. I would like to try it out and see how accurate I can be with corrections, then build a remote controlled vehicle that use GPS satellites for navigation.
2014/7/16 Peru For inter-seismic monitoring projects on Peruvian coast I need to upload GNSS streams from my different bases ntripservers to the caster using the ntripserver program.
2014/7/18 France I'm working on PPP and would like an access to IGS stations raw measurements to study the accuracy of several PPP methods.
2014/7/18 Germany Provision of GPS and GIS services for agriculture. For example surveying of drainages and fields soil samples surveying forest areas.
2014/7/18 Germany Research in Robotics specifically marine robotics but also land-based and aerial. DGPS will be used as ground truth for various experiments.
2014/7/18 Poland I'd like to use the NTRIP streams to compare with my national reference stations network and with some other competitors networks.
2014/7/20 Germany Exact coordination for a Rover in Garden. Use NTRIP HomeGPS sation an the moving rover. This will be done by 2 raspberrys running on linux and connected to 2 GPS receivers.
2014/7/20 Hungary We are developing a small autonomous vehicle as a hobby and merely experimenting with GPS. It would help a lot if we would be able to experiment with NTRIP as well.
2014/7/21 Poland The purpose of the application is to provide tests for underwater acoustic devices positioning for scientific investigation of marine environment.
2014/7/22 Czech Republic Just testing GPS corrections with RTKLIB, planning to use NS-RAW module and use this solution for mapping of our non-profit optical network infrastructure.
2014/7/22 Italy I want to study the GPS system and try different algorithms to correct GPS coordinates. In particular I want to study the real time correction.
2014/7/22 Singapore We are exploring the NTRIP technology as it may become useful to us by providing real-time streaming of data from our instruments in Sumatra. At the present time we have installed the RPM ntrip package on our Red Hat server but we need some kind of Ntrip broadcaster for testing and to see how the technology works.
2014/7/28 Czech Republic Usage for university students education in the field of processing GNSSS real-time data testing purposes at research orientated on GNSS meteorology.
2014/7/28 Hungary I would like to access your NTRIP data while we're testing RTKLIB in a position-correction project with ublox 6T GPS device Linux operating system and embedded platform.
2014/7/29 Brazil We are a company involved with offshore surveying activities. We would like to test the precision and accuracy using the NTRIP corrections and RTKLib packages.
2014/7/29 Germany We are a robotics start-up developing a navigation solution for mobile robots helping in agriculture horticulture and maintenance of public spaces. Precise GNSS measurements help us to navigate in open terrain where no reliable landmarks are available.
2014/7/30 United Kingdom Experimenting with the use of NTRIP client on some new GPS receivers, need a NTRIP caster to connect to.
2014/7/31 Germany Application for precision navigation in agriculture and coast protection control by using lidar and photogrammetric data obtained from UAV device.
2014/7/31 Germany I am a student of electronics and would like to use NTRIP for my hobby agriculture for testing the accuracy of different low cost GPS systems.
2014/8/4 Spain Use the NTRIP client to compare it's performance to standard GPSEGNOS positioning and see the improval in accuracy and test real time corrections on GPS raw data.
2014/8/5 Romania I am an student in Bucharest and I would like to test the RTKLIB with some low-cost chipsets and maybe later will try to see if RTK can be used for UAV flights.
2014/8/7 Germany In a research project in cooperaion with a big german automobile manufacturer we want to build an RTK system with portable base station. For an absolute positioning of the rover the base station must first determine its position accurately. We want to do this by precise point positioning with correction data from IGS.
2014/8/7 Germany I need them for a PPP application by RTKLIB for steering on the fields. I need the broadcast ephemeris and the clock corrections to broadcast ephemeris from GPS and GLONASS.
2014/8/8 Germany Evaluation of RTK with readily available GNSS receivers for exact positioning of RC UAV planes and exact georeferencing of arial images.
2014/8/10 United Kingdom Learning RTK and would like to work with the RTKLIB client to see if I can get a RTK fix.
2014/8/11 China I was an engineer employed by a GNSS manufacturer. I need to test the product about Real-Time CORS technology in your state.
2014/8/11 Finland We wish to test the use of real-time GNSS correction for positioning of laser scanning registration targets in an international scientific project taking place in Estonia.
2014/8/12 France We are trying to have a accurate GPS position for our base station and our drone by using RTKLIB and 2 raw GPS we hope to have at least 1m accuracy.
2014/8/14 Bulgaria I will use NTRIP and try to develop own software decoder for tablets with Visual Studio 2012 and XCode.
2014/8/18 Colombia Evaluation of precision for low cost GNSS receiver with NTRIP service and their applications on the land surveying around the world.
2014/8/18 Serbia I try to test NTRIP RTK casting for making our own NTRIP base for surveying our family's farming fields with high precision.
2014/8/19 Hungary Multi-rotor UAS navigation. We need DGPS data to enhance the onboard GPS precision for multi-vehicle applications.
2014/8/22 Brazil I want to test the PPP correction in real time for a job of my college graduation in Brazil.
2014/8/23 Germany We are taking pictures with small UAS and want to reference them with higher precision. We want to test if these free correction streams help to increase the accuracy of our pictures.
2014/8/23 South Korea I want to get real-time GPS position data. I will use it to research the prediction of GPS orbit errors.
2014/8/25 China Get NTRIP data and generate realtime stellite orbit and clock. This application used to generate products of GPS, GLONASS and GALILEO.
2014/8/26 Germany Monitoring of the GALILEO satellites and display status information including provision of status information about of GALILEO via a website.
2014/8/26 United Kingdom Auto steer cell modem testing using a NTRIP connection for the correction source. This is for testing purposes only.
2014/8/26 USA I'm a software engineer at a GPS hardware company based in San Francisco CA USA. I'm currently prototyping a software NTRIP caster using a variety of data sources and as of the moment this is for testing purposes only.
2014/8/27 Germany Bathymetric Surveys in recultivated gravel pits. GPS + Sonar are mounted on a small boat. Data collection is managed via PC.
2014/8/28 Germany Advanced development activities in direction of Navigation Positioning in the field of automotive applications. Target of this applications is to improve fuel consumption HMI for the driver and vehicle safety.
2014/8/28 South Korea NTRIP client program test for Tsunami detection algorithm and marine safety system using PPP algorithm (included PPP-AR Single PPP or GNSS-PPP).
2014/8/29 Deutschland Developing of positioning applications for trains. Testing of hardware connections. Logging correction data for post processing. Comparision of different GNSS solutions.
2014/8/29 Taiwan Our company is in Taiwan. We apply this account for our company to test our products' GPS RTCM function.
2014/8/31 Austria Need of RTCM 2 or 3 date for my test system for GNSS autmatic landslide monitoring in mountains. For private use.
2014/9/2 Chile Our app is a tool for the mining company. The app use data of NTRIP casters to improve your position.
2014/9/5 France Compute tropospheric delays in Real Time PPP mode. Applications deal with the PPP monitoring of stations in real-time with a short convergence time.
2014/9/8 Sweden I would like to test out a NTRIP client for a brief test for our project before signing up for a paid service.
2014/9/8 USA Data collection to include locations of infrastructure utilities boundaries and other project-specific applications. Data collections will be conducted by personnel from our GIS Office.
2014/9/10 Japan The research and development of GNSS receivers to measure the position and orientation can be equipped with small vessels such as fishing boats.
2014/9/11 Nigeria Research on accuracy estimates and effects of orbital and atmospheric errors in GNSS positioning. Estimate station velocity from the obtained results of the processing done from the data.
2014/9/12 Germany Trying to improve the accuracy of a smartphone GPS with the data from EUREF stations and an external GPS receiver.
2014/9/13 USA Log GNSS MSM streams, conduct interoperability tests and evaluate network connection performance and real-time IGS product quality as well.
2014/9/14 Czech Republic Realtime processing of radiosonde GPS position data. RTK PPP and DGPS experiments using RTKLIB software. SDR processing of GNSS satellite signals.
2014/9/15 Czech Republic It will be used for testing a old L1 GPS receiver and for testing and development RTK software on platform WindowsCE and Android.
2014/9/16 USA Testing of RTCM messages and their usage and testing of Positioning Systems.
2014/9/17 Germany Development of an Android GPS application with external GPS receiver. The application will get NTRIP support for advanced precission GPS positioning.
2014/9/17 Spain In the frame of the RT IGS project as AC we would like to generate a multiGNSS stream based on the MGEX stations.
2014/9/18 Japan Navigation system with small portable computer as technology survey for personal use. Built system will be tested in Japan by logging position during walking or on bicycle.
2014/9/22 Australia I am an Australian university student and I need access to this service to complete an educational tutorial assignment.
2014/9/22 Australia I am a student studying GIS and GPS. I would like to have register to perform the lab works. I need to do couple of the Assignment using this website.
2014/9/22 Germany My friend and I need to get the european or the world base station NTRIP data for the real time positioning research.
2014/9/23 Canada I am a MScE student from Canada. I am requesting NTRIP access in order to gain experience with real-time GNSS data feeds and RTK positioning.
2014/9/23 Canada Research and development of high precision positioning for machine auto steering and guidance system deformation monitoring of structures and land features.
2014/9/23 Netherlands I need to take a survey of my plot of land.
2014/9/24 Germany For an archaeological project in Spain we would like to have to your NTRIP-service to give us the possibility of precise measurements of the archaeological features spread over a large area. The project is part of a PhD-thesis.
2014/9/25 Canada We need NTRIP connectivity for our newest UAV.
2014/9/25 Russia Precise positioning for GIS with low-cost receivers, RTKLib Software testing, marine and inner water navigation and construction. I have 15 years experience in precise marine navigation for oil exploration hydrographic sonar and seismic surveys.
2014/9/28 Germany Private interest in GPS research and geocaching.
2014/9/28 Malaysia Recording RTCM data for post processing a control point network along a highway in West Coast Peninsular Malaysia. This is to tie up local control points into international reference control points.
2014/9/29 Espanya We will use this connection to do tests with our equipment and use it for rental equipments or have some caster alternatives from our country.
2014/9/29 Nigeria To be used with a GNSS differential Receiver around the southern region.
2014/9/30 Estonia I would like to test Real-Time PPP measurements for my Bachelor's work. I would also like to test RTK measurement using NTRIP protocol.
2014/9/30 Poland I try to program a DIY electric lawnmower with GPS positioning without wire fence. I search some methods to achive better accuracy in GPS positions.
2014/10/1 France My project is to treat data by using PPP mode in order to show this in my lessons for my students.
2014/10/1 Switzerland A cat tracker solution which is based on an collar for the cat, a base station at the cat owners home, a cloud service and an App for mobile consumer devices. The radio link is provided by Semtechs LoRa technology (long range very little power consumption very low data rate). Step one will include positioning via GNSS. Tests are now underway to benchmark different GNSS approaches.
2014/10/5 USA First person video systems providing surveillance for law enforcement operations within a rural environment also it will be used for local municipality police investigation.
2014/10/5 USA Mapping and monitoring equipment for farms and gaming control. Precision position reporting and control for farm equipment and crop management activities.
2014/10/7 Japan I aim to locate our temporal seismic sensors (seismic array) on volcanoes with an accuracy of less than 15 cm during rapid installation. For that purpose I would like to use your data stream in GPS PPP analyses.
2014/10/8 Indonesia I work as an engineer to develop the monitoring system of space weather. I need the GNSS data to develop ionospheric real time monitoring (to calculate TEC and scintillation in real-time).
2014/10/9 Poland I am a PhD student in Poland. Research topic which I deal with is the PPP method in the post-processing and in real time. Tests performed with the data stream will be used in publications and doctoral thesis.
2014/10/10 Australia We are conducting research about real time precise ionosphere modeling based on ppp and are planing to do some experiments with real time data stream.
2014/10/10 Germany I want to use it for private research to get more accurate GCP's for arial mapping. The target is to have produce georeferenced orthophoto's.
2014/10/10 Russia I study RTKLIB. My application wasn't defined yet, maybe it is for automobile system.
2014/10/11 Greece The streaming of data via ntrip may be useful for developing and testing a real time Android Application for navigation purposes.
2014/10/15 China I want to develop an App, running on Android, which is using RTCM data to correct GPS positions. I need a free RTCM source.
2014/10/16 Portugal My application is for my MSc. research work. I hope to extend this research outcome to my country Nigeria by implementing BKG in our NIGNET network.
2014/10/16 Spain We are working with multibeam and seismic surveying and we need RTCM corrections for seapath 330. We need the BKG Ntrip Client.
2014/10/17 Germany Test RTKLIB together with Ublox M8N for inventory with dm accuracy using Android equipment.
2014/10/17 Poland We would like to use the NTRIP streams to compare with our national reference stations network and with some other competitors networks.
2014/10/18 Japan I will use the data for my research of automatic flying robot control. This system will be applied for monitoring disaster and taking pictures.
2014/10/18 Spain I would like to get and to check the corrections to the satellite ephemeris and clocks and to check also the PPP solutions for a GPS rover station.
2014/10/19 Canada I am a grad student and I would like to have access to the NTRIP data in order to test a real time deformation monitoring system.
2014/10/19 France We would like to use some active station for our Hydrographic survey. The access to active station would allow us to increase our real-time precision.
2014/10/20 Germany Control the path a lawn mover takes. Precondition is to determine exact position. That's the reason why I would like to get a Ntrip account.
2014/10/20 Spain Add one of your stations to our free access ntrip network in order to offer strong network RTK corrections in case one of our stations get lost.
2014/10/21 Brazil Testing of a RTK open source system for my master degree. I will use a base station here in Brazil and I want to use your Broadcast Corrections.
2014/10/21 Germany Early-stage development and proof of concept of a prototype system for accurate relative positioning of swarms of autonomous small vessels for recreational purposes.
2014/10/21 Italy Kinematic RTK for mobile application to acquire data for a GIS application. Collect GPS data in real time for trajectory quality control.
2014/10/22 Japan I am a college student. I study about GPS. I will make a graduation paper about GPS. So I need data of IGS.
2014/10/22 Uganda I will test my GPS data for post processing work.
2014/10/22 USA My firm is doing a survey for the Department of Energy.
2014/10/23 Australia I plan to use this for testing and development purposes only. I will write software for use with the l1 piksi gps.
2014/10/23 France Evaluation of NTRIP casting solutions to enhance Android GPS based solutions. Test of RTCM reception and insertion in place of SUPL server distribution for internal Android GPS chipset.
2014/10/23 USA Using RTK Smart Rovers to capture ground truthing sites used for quality control of aerial lidar data.
2014/10/24 Japan Just for experimental and study purposes, to have virtual fence with PC. Units to measure which supports RTK and NTRIP will be borrowed. Once well-done I'll choose module.
2014/10/24 Thailand Land survey, geodetic survey, construction survey, mapping, aerial photo, environment, road design, railway tracks.
2014/10/25 Norway For testing single and dual frequency GNSS-receivers in RTK and static modes using nearby IGS stations for corrections. Developing low cost open RTK solutions.
2014/10/27 China Using the data streams to debug and test our real-time orbit and clock software. Using the products streams to test our RT-PPP software.
2014/10/27 Poland The RTCM dat will be used for teaching purposes as well as for research at Institute of Geodesy and Geoinformatics.
2014/10/27 Spain The main objective of our company is to provide our clients specialized services in surveying using this advanced technology and experience of highly qualified professionals. Our approach is framed within the commitment to quality integrity speed and efficiency. We adapt to any kind of work since both have GPS total stations and levels of precision.
2014/10/27 USA We'd like to perform CDGPS using the NTRIP streams made available by IGS as reference stations in our solution. Our goal is to obtain centimeter-level positioning for our research.
2014/10/28 Canada Researching the viability of utilizing GNSS data stream in field data collection in Ontario Canada instead of using base stations with drones.
2014/10/28 France I'm currently developping a board for a customer that will have GPS frame as entry point and should send back associated NTRIP correction as output.
2014/10/29 Italy I would like to access NTRIP data to test the RTK system I am setting up. This system is for personal surveys.
2014/10/30 Venezuela I am dedicated to the measurement of land by GNSS instruments. I have a station operating as GNSS reference.
2014/10/31 France We would like to use these data to improve our robot location system. The goal of this robot is to detect intrusion on protected sites.
2014/10/31 Nigeria A study of GPS TEC data occultation from GPS receivers GNSS and GLONASS and analysis of scintillation in the ionosphere.
2014/11/3 France In the frame of a project for ESA we need to implement a NTRIP server sending GPS L1L2L2CL5 Galileo E5aE5b GEO and HEO L1L5 data in RTCM format. We need to learn more about the RTCM format and how to define custom messages for unsupported frequencies. The access to your caster will let us learn how to deal with multiple constellations and frequencies.
2014/11/3 Germany We develop a vehicle communication module which includes a LTE Mobile communication GPS and Car2Car 802.11p communication. I would like to test DGPS in this module for improving the Position detection.
2014/11/3 Switzerland I am a student in geomatics. I want do make a study about the application RTKLIB and precise point positioning.
2014/11/5 Germany Application is RTKLIB, especially RTKNAVI or RTKRCV. Used GNSS receiver is Ublox Neo 7P. We want to find out the RTKLIB's PPP algorithm accuracy of all practice.
2014/11/5 Germany Personal education, better knowledge and understanding of GNSS technique tools and procedures. Testing compatability with a handheld DGPS device.
2014/11/7 Cambodia My research is on topographic survey under the study on drainage and sewerage improvement project in Phnom Penh metropolitan area. I need to collect the height of 10000 spots using DGPS. I would like to use a GSM modem to improve the range of distance for DGPS. So I need the NTRIP service for my configuration. I have 1 base station and 7 receivers.
2014/11/8 USA I will use this application to teach students about real time GPS in my GPS class and Plane surveying classes.
2014/11/9 Slovakia I am working on my diploma thesis (Stochastic and parametric modeling of GNSS receiver clocks by using external frequency normal) with software PPP-wizard which need access to data through streams.
2014/11/10 Switzerland We are preparing a public tech demo for interested geocachers to show the capabilities of GNSS beyond ordinary hand held receivers.
2014/11/12 Canada I will like to use the IGS NTRIP network for development and testing of GNSS equipment for the Geomatics industry.
2014/11/12 Dominican Republic This access is for educational purposes.
2014/11/12 Germany Evaluation of different GPS devices for private navigation purposes. Main goal is to achieve ~50cm precision for landbased robotic vehicles.
2014/11/12 Schweiz First to learn the basics of this kind of GPS. Secound agricultural big data and analyse application or herd management and precise farming.
2014/11/13 France I need just a temporary access to test my receiver that allow NTRIP connection. I like mobile mapping applications.
2014/11/13 Germany Evaluation of real time position accuracy via NTRIP stream data on ARM embedded Linux Operating System with RTKLIB for mobile rovers.
2014/11/13 Germany I'd like to use RTCM for a research project at university (UAV related). My reference station is fixed to the roof and I cannot move it for testing in other places far away.
2014/11/13 USA Marine geo-location of small rovers for development of swarm robotics. Using u-blox lea 6t receivers and attempting to stream RTCM corrections to group.
2014/11/13 USA Will be using my credentials to test some NTRIP related proprietary software. Agriculture has a great need for NTRIP and precision applications.
2014/11/15 Bosnia-Herzegovina I am student and need real-time access to GNSS data streams for studying and practice purposes. This is private educational use, not comercial.
2014/11/15 Norway Machine Control for tunnel instrumentation system using a combination of global positioning system and other navigation systems such as an inerent navigation system.
2014/11/15 Poland Analysis of the possibility of upgrading the accuracy of historical terrain researches using GPS equipment and DGPS and RTK corrections. The application will be used for historical researches of Polish cities of 19th and 20th century.
2014/11/15 Romania Establish a real time network in my field area. I want to build a real time network but first i need to know if that can work.
2014/11/16 Australia To investigate some of the uses of real time GNSS data to help improve our participation and contributions to the IGS real time project.
2014/11/16 USA I am developing an NTRIP client as a project with a few different programming languages. I would like to test against some real world streams.
2014/11/17 France I would like to test RTKLIB software with the Ntrip client service. Afterwards I plan to build my own Base and Rover Station in order to implement a RTK solution.
2014/11/18 France We would like to collect informations from Continuously Operating Reference Stations to compute, modelize and to do ionospheric error maps.
2014/11/18 Germany I am currently working on the implementation and evaluation of a Software Defined GNSS Receiver. I would be glad if i could use the EUREF- and IGS-IP NTrip Broadcasters for improving my measurements.
2014/11/18 Germany We develop an augmented reality mobile App to visualize network data (e.g. underground water pipes). We need the NTRIP access to improve the real-time positioning on a mobile device (Smartphone Tablet) with an external low-cost GNSS receiver.
2014/11/18 Russia For applications which use real-time observations of global net stations for calculate satelites clocks and ephemeris. This data will be used for precise point positioning.
2014/11/19 Germany Need correction data to improve accuracy for ground control points to match airborne images collected by a remotely piloted aircraft system.
2014/11/19 Japan Evaluation and research are done about PPP positioning in real time using multi GNSS for machine control and behavior of the observational data of real time is considered.
2014/11/19 Russia My application performs real time data processing for investigation purposes. Application developed under C++ and Qt in Visual Studio 2010.
2014/11/20 Australia Gathering of performance data associated with receiving and decoding ntrip data via a C based client before passing onto a FORTRAN compute engine. This is an initial investigation aimed at identifying possible technical constraints of the proposed technologies for an eventual real time positioning platform.
2014/11/20 Germany Testing the software RTK-Lib and the new App (GPSRTK+) for Android on my Smartphone. Testing the achievable accuracy with the smartphone using the ntrip-caster.
2014/11/21 France Interested in near real time applications eg.troposphere. Developing PPP processes in kinematic airborne trajectography. The main goal is to propose near real time products for rapid post processing.
2014/11/23 Malaysia I am a Msc student in the area of research satellite surveying. I am using real-time GNSS applications, such as clock ZPD TEC and coordinate time series DGPS and Network RTK estimation. It will be for academic research.
2014/11/24 Canada Doing some preliminary testing for an RTK robot guidance system using inexpensive GPS receivers (ublox lea-4t) and antennas while making use of the RTKLIB project.
2014/11/30 Indonesia I want to build an application which is using RTKlib. This application will be used for measuring heading of a ship on the sea.
2014/11/30 United Kingdom Incorporation on a fixed wing UAV of Piksi GPS modules to receive and utilize RTK correction through an R6 base station.
2014/12/1 Ukraine We are a international organization that brings together leading industry international experts implementing scientific research and industrial projects in the field of earth sciences in today's highly professional information and technological level.
2014/12/2 Canada We are performing RTK accuracy experiments using u-blox and GNSS receivers to see feasibility for a variety of academic or industrial applications.
2014/12/2 Japan We are planning to use your data for research, development and performance evaluation of the device with the functionality of the new RTK-GNSS and ppp for continuous operation by the sunlight.
2014/12/2 United Kingdom I want to access this data to help test a GPS system for use on farm specifically through RTKlib. My plan is to test the accuracy using only ntrip data and if that is insufficient to develop a base station network.
2014/12/3 Poland I am a student at the Warsaw University of Technology. I am studying a geodesy GNSS course. I would like to use the data for my thesis.
2014/12/4 Australia I am hoping to register to the IGS MGEX services to use in rtklib for RTK positioning. The GNSS resources will be used as part of an undergraduate thesis at UNSW.
2014/12/4 United Kingdom Investigation into compression of RTCM23 over low bandwidth low power VHF and UHF local radio links. To be applied on mobile devices that cannot host a GSMGPRS or other high power radio data link. Most mobile devices will be receive only. Will use NTRIP to get bulk data to local hub then distribute over low bandwidth RF link.
2014/12/5 Canada I need the real-time products for GNSS for my PhD research studies. This products will be used for develop GNSS PPP developed models such as the undifferenced and BSSD models.
2014/12/5 Indonesia We need real time GPS data for monitoring ionospheric dynamic over Indonesia associated with solar activity seismic activity and meteorogical phenomena. Ionospheric waves caused by tsunami will be used to clarify tsunami early warning system.
2014/12/5 Russia I need to get the european or the world base station NTRIP data for the real time positioning precision research.
2014/12/5 Turkey I try to understand the RTCM new messages which covers RTCM 3 standart logs and RTCM MSM 1071-1077 1081-1087.
2014/12/7 Germany I want to try the Android App RTK GPS plus with an ublox m8n. Especially I am interested of the position deviations with a ntrip caster.
2014/12/8 Argentina We are developing logging systems for agriculture works as spraying harvesting seeding NVDI index measure. We are testing different antennas to evaluate precision and need a low error reference station.
2014/12/8 Malaysia For academic purpose. Using RTKLib and need the correction to process the data. To study about the Reverse RTK technique. Create a topography mapping.
2014/12/9 Austria Evaluating and software testing for integration in GIS solution for pipeline management on mobile devices. On successfull implementation we will switch to austrian APOS service provided by bev.
2014/12/9 Austria I develop a mobile App and want to test this service if i can get better GPS data. Im also interesting to set up a reference station if it is successful.
2014/12/9 Italy Test application for SEME Project. We are designing a system that correct the raw GPS coordinates to obtains more precise measurements.
2014/12/10 India Testing GSM RTK features in India. We are trying to use it for testing purpose. Heard about the service you provide and was curious.
2014/12/10 India To test GSM RTK possibilities in India. This field is not explored and we dont have any data regarding the user base.
2014/12/10 Russia We have education project in our department for the students. And we want to use this for ambiguity resolution of PPP mode.
2014/12/11 Germany Precice cartograpy of drainage systems for advanced agricultural economics. This system allows to log the position data of a rotary cultivator to retreive buried drainage tubes.
2014/12/11 India To understand GPS receivers and the PPP algorithms in noisy environment and closed room applications time to first fix base station support requirement etc.
2014/12/11 Scotland Research and development aimed towards integration of PPP into positioning systems and small scale mapping projects for use primarily in marine and subsea applications.
2014/12/11 USA Used for referencing permanent locations for various forestry projects including soil sampling timber measurements botany surveys vegetation surveys stream surveys and locating permanent survey markers.
2014/12/12 Poland I study geodesy and I am working on my master thesis about the possibility of determining the tropospheric delay in near-real time. As a part of my thesis I would like to analyse the tropospheric delay retrieved from a permanent station.
2014/12/15 USA I am having a very hard time connecting to my USA NTRIP server. Want access to this so I can connect merely to test the ability to connect to an NTRIP server.
2014/12/16 Bulgaria I'm requesting access to the streams for experimental and educational purposes. I intend to experiment with differential GPS algorithms for future projects involving Precise Point Positioning applications.
2014/12/16 Germany Research for a swarm of autonomous robots. Providing RTK for UGVs using NTRIP correction data and RTKLIB with a low-cost receiver.
2014/12/16 Russia Need GNSS observations to calculate the precision ephemeris-temporal information in real time calculating the corrections to the navigation personnel with the formation of correction information RTSM SSR.
2014/12/17 China We want to use IGS MGEX products to do some tests in our normal working so apply for your approval. Thanks so much!
2014/12/17 Germany I would like to access the IGS real time data and product streams for some experiments data processing and scientific analysis.
2014/12/18 Canada Looking at building my own RTK based GPS using openrtk for surveying. I am using the Android software RTK + GPS.
2014/12/18 Hungary Hobbyist to experimenting with free RTKLib and cheap ublox receivers in robotic navigation. Extending local mapping with absolute position.
2014/12/18 Sri Lanka I hope to enhance a accuracy of single frequency GPS using IGS data and using RTKLIB Software.
2014/12/19 Greece I am a civil enginner using RTKLIB. I require RTCM input for testing our GPS accuracy of low end GPS device using software and post processing.
2014/12/19 Russia Real-time PPP with IGS products for evaluation scientific and commercial usage. Use of the real-time data streams for ionosphere research and modeling.
2014/12/19 Ukraine Our company is the owner of the underlying small network of base stations. We are interested messaging service 1019 1020 for generating navigation Rinex files.
2014/12/20 Germany I am involved in developing low cost precision GNSS solutions for the Openstreetmap community. The goal is developing a hardware base utilising smartphones and integration in existing GIS schemes. Therefore access to EUREF would be appreciated.
2014/12/20 Switzerland To test a differential GNSS Setup with RTKLIB and a Ublox GNSS Receiver.
2014/12/22 USA I would like access to these streams for testing purposes.
2014/12/23 Australia I have been studying the GNSS precise point positioning (PPP) technique. The real-time PPP data processing is my research focus. Some demonstrations will be conducted using these IGS real-time broadcast clock and ephemeris corrections in Australia.
2014/12/24 France Use of NTRIP RTCM streams to develop and evaluate accuracy of long base line RTK network processing solution in the field of precision geographic information systems.
2014/12/25 Russia The RTCM data are used for solving of scientific task: real time remote sensing of total electron content (TEC) of the ionosphere.
2014/12/26 France I would like to use Ntrip caster for educational purposes (GNSS and PPP). My students are intended to use real time GNSS for offshore applications. Real time PPP is becoming the most important tool for that.
2014/12/27 Italy I need to calculate the exact position of mine experimental domestic robot. The ntrip caster is very useful to have precise real time datas.
2014/12/28 Italy I need the NTRIP caster services to allow to have an high accuracy position for mine experimental domestic robots. I want to avoid any possible collision.
2014/12/29 France We need to get accurate positions of several sport competitors (cars horses) in realtime to establish a live ranking during events.
2014/12/29 Germany For my PhD thesis I would like to use live GNSS data in order to evaluate nulti-constellation multi-frequency concepts mainly for aviation applications (A-RAIM).
2014/12/30 Belgium We would like to evaluate the possibilities of NTRIP augmented GNSS positioning for multi-constellation PPP-AR cm precision beside position height is of special interest.
2014/12/31 USA Forest health research in Oregon Washington and California using fixed point sampling over time in a continuous monitoring design study.
2015/1/1 USA Test SDR timing application. Currently using USRP with GNUradio. Testing in-band messaging to output timing pulse that will be calculated with RTK. Rover data will be received on same USRP with a sampling clock only accurate to 10ppm.
2015/1/5 Spain My intention is to configure a receiver in a UAV using ultra-rapid corrections SP3 from internet to do a kinematic PPP. Moreover I want to use RTKNAVI.
2015/1/6 Germany Usage of different IGS data and products MGEX data NTRIP streams for personal training visualisation and for teaching students at the university.
2015/1/6 Japan We are planning to use realtime orbit and clock (IGS03 and CLK11) for realtime analysis of PWV in Japan. Then we will conduct evaluation of real time analysed PWV and assessment of its provability for meteorological applications.
2015/1/7 Vietnam I am a lecturer at the HCMC University of technology Vietnam. My subject is GNSS. At the moment I am doing research and teach real time PPP.
2015/1/8 Germany I'm a PhD student working in the field of navigation sensor integration and GNSS positioning. Currently I investigate possibilities of Precise Point Positioning for a UAV.
2015/1/8 Poland I study geodesy and I am working on my master thesis about the possibility of determinig the tropospheric delay in near-real time. As a part of my thesis I would like to analyse the tropospheric delay retrieved from a permanent station.
2015/1/9 Sweden Research in GNSS error sources such as atmospheric propagation path delay. Applications in geodesy geophysics and Weather Prediction. In the spirit of the Onsala tradition.
2015/1/11 Russia I am developing software to process RTCM2 and RTCM3 data and I would like to use data streams to test it.
2015/1/11 Sri Lanka I want to enhance the accuracy of a single frequency GPS receiver.I hope to do it real time or post processing mode.
2015/1/12 Vietnam We are developing an accurate positioning board for marking objects on maps and for creating inputs for Geographic Information System.
2015/1/13 France Use of real time access to EUREF and IGS real-time GNSS streams for testing purpose in development of positioning service prototype.
2015/1/13 Germany Feasibility study on cm level real-time positioning using low-cost GNSS receivers. The solution should enable precise navigation in a predefined area.
2015/1/13 Russia Developing of real-time PPP engine for scientific goals. Need to investigate what orbits and clocks product will be more accurate.
2015/1/14 Czech Republic We are evaluating possible usage of NTRIP for Intelligent Transport Systems. Observations could be useful in order to achieve high precision positioning.
2015/1/14 Germany We want to evaluate Ntrip for access to GNSS correction data. We therefore want to use EUREF-IP as a generator for Ntrip data to test the connection.
2015/1/14 OMAN Testing RTK and interested in NTRIP technology .Testing low cost GNSS receiver and hope I will have my own ntrip station and share it with others.
2015/1/15 India I want to do RTK survey using ntrip. using gsm network. I am doing transmission line survey works in india.
2015/1/15 Puerto Rico I am running a BNC client for Puerto Rico geodetic stations and would like to do PPP with the BNC client to monitor motion of sites. I would like to have the Broadcast Ephemerides to do PPP.
2015/1/15 Republic of Korea I would like to access real time streams to do scientific researches to develope precise point positioning related algorithms and regional augmentation system analysis.
2015/1/15 USA I am learning how to use RTKLIB in hopes to integrate it on a quadcopter for autonomous flight. I plan on connecting my flight control board to a Raspberry PI for the processing of data. I also hope to incorporate this into the OpenPilot software I use for telemetry.
2015/1/16 Germany Welotec supports some router which uses Ntrip. The account will be used to test the NTrip client on this Routers.
2015/1/16 Russia Our company is interested in road construction cartography. Searching for reference points. This service will be extremely useful and will be of huge benefit to research local coordinate systems and their relationships with global systems WGS84 and ITRF08.
2015/1/16 USA Plan to compare the percision and accuracy in the state of kansas in the United States of America. Also to evalute different open source software and possibly hardware as related to making crowd source mapping.
2015/1/17 Canada Research and development work related to Precise Point Positioning. For example evaluating the performance and compatibility of the RTCMV3 feeds. Access both to the IGS and CNES feeds is required.
2015/1/18 Thailand UAV Mapping, try to correct errors from consumer_gps receiver grad to the UAV during flight with RTKGPS to arduplane flight controll board.
2015/1/19 France In Uav photogrammetry. I am testing the potential RTK with low cost L1 GPS glonass first as surveying (static) for ground control point.
2015/1/19 United Kingdom Our company would like to test NTRIP functionality with our Inertial Navigation Systems for use with Ground Surveying Vehicles to receive corrections. To confirm that the NTRIP method works we need to test it.
2015/1/20 United Kingdom Request for access to NTRIP broadcasters for use in Academic study in Coastal Dynamics for surveying change in beach profiles in North West Scotland as part of European Project related to Marine Renewables.
2015/1/21 Italy Access to real time data is required for GNSS software development and test purposes. Only short time connections will be setup.
2015/1/21 Kenya I would like to access so as to experiment and learn more about the NTRIP Casters and how this can be implemented in Kenya.
2015/1/21 Turkey I am research assistant in turkey.I will do GNSS data post processing with BNC.
2015/1/22 Switzerland Testing of NTRIP as part of a thesis project comparing with self build (low cost) NTRIP servers software development in GPS environment.
2015/1/22 Japan Because the accuracy of the positioning becomes low when measuring in GNSS the lively time of the solar activity it does this evaluation.
2015/1/23 Austria We are measuring instruments company and doing all kinds of measurement. One of the segments are navigation measurements for Automotive Aerospace Marine market. Now we have a customer where we want to show demo with RTK Network because they will test vehicle on normal roads and no possibility of RTK base station.
2015/1/23 Canada We would like to test and confirm that U-Blox GPS card used on our new product does support DGPS and allows achieving sub-meter accuracy using real time NTRIP data stream obtained from Internet. The data stream is required for the DGPS feature test and validation purposes only.
2015/1/25 Poland I use RC octocopter to get photosdata for agricultural application inventarization etc. I am interested in getting more precise localization data trying to use RTK data connected by mini android pc to octocopter. I would like to test it as mobile RTK solution.
2015/1/27 Algeria We try NTRIP RTK corrections in algeria. We want to check real accuracy and work with dependent to our needs.
2015/1/27 Belgium Using real-time products to test a PPP software for near-real time monitoring of atomic clocks. The ultra-rapid orbits are not enough to perform PPP for time transfer purpose.
2015/1/27 Republic of Korea Precise Point Positioning test using GPS pseudo-range and GLONASS pseudo-range also study of precision satellite orbit and clock accuracy improvement.
2015/1/28 Republic of Korea I developted the algorithms of PPP with IGS final products. Next I want to develop the advanced PPP algorithms using IGS-RTS data.
2015/1/28 Thailand Studying how to send and receive survey data from GNSS station and GNSS data processing which are part of pilot project to establish GNSS stations in Thailand.
2015/1/28 USA Looking to use NTRIP corrections to improve position accuracy of robotic vehicles. Plan on setting up local NTRIP servercaster but want to test against a setup that is known to be reliable.
2015/1/29 Ghana We need accurate GPS locations for research purposes. CTED is a research center at New York University Abu Dhabi that focuses on the development of innovative and cutting edge technologies that can significantly impact economic development with a specific focus on problems faced in under-developed areas around the world.
2015/1/30 Poland The access to igs-ip products and mgex is crucial in the GNSS and Meteo team for which I am working. The data will be used for simultaneous PPP ZTD estimation in real-time.
2015/1/31 Germany At the moment I'm writing my bachelor thesis on Precise Point Positioning in SAPOS®. In this thesis I would like to perform an absolute point determination with the BKG NTRIP Client (BNC).
2015/2/1 Iran I need to get the real-time igs products for doing my PhD thesis about real-time PPP with ambiguity resolved career phase observations and real-time ionospheric corrections model.
2015/2/3 Republic of Korea I'm studying Precise Point Positioning to research PPP application algorithm. So I use this precise data for application of GNSS software development using PPP. I'm planning to research for PPP-RTK and PPP-INS technologies. My projects are releted this research area.
2015/2/4 Germany To improve the accuracy of a RTK system with two neo-m8n using RTKlib. An accuracy below 1m is desired. The Ntrip caster is especialy used to compute the exact position of the base station.
2015/2/4 Sweden I am working as a technical support engineer in Sweden. I would like to test PPP service performance on our L1 RTK capable receivers. Letting me access to your data stream will be highly appreciated.
2015/2/5 Germany Calibration of RTK systems in use for machine control (cranes stacker reclaimer etc) in the port of Hamburg. We use a local RTK base for machine control however require an external reference for the initial setup.
2015/2/5 Netherlands Research purposes. As a geodetic department we are currently executing a research project about using various tablets combined with a external GPS antenna. Developing a easy to use RTK solution to achieve cm accuracy for simple position purposes.
2015/2/5 Taipei We want to use the data stream from your NtripCaster in order to test RTCM function of GNSS module base on MTK's platform.
2015/2/8 Germany Experimenting with the use of NTRIP client on low cost GPS Receivers in forestry (tree cutting). I want to check the possiblility of using RTCM data to get more precise field measurements.
2015/2/8 Germany Tests with different steering systems and software for precision farming. Also for software and hardware training for farmers and students.
2015/2/9 Italy GNSS application supporting RTCM protocol. This module are used in tracking application and car race environment where the high precision is a requirement.
2015/2/10 Chile Try to put a free net for survey students. Here in los angeles we have a sirgas net, but i dont know how it works.
2015/2/10 Japan I would like to evaluate the station clock variation which calculated by real-time PPP for the time and frequency transfer.
2015/2/12 Brazil Work in the area of engineering surveying geodetic services of accuracy land registry analysis surveys use of GNSS RTK.
2015/2/12 France In UAV photogrammetry. I am testing the potential RTK with low cost L1 GPS GLONASS first as surveying (static) for ground control point.
2015/2/13 Australia We are preparing the NRT ZTD estimation service for Victoria state. Access to RT streams of Victorian IGS stations as well as to IGS RT products will be greatly appreciated.
2015/2/13 Canada My application is for post-processing and real-time (RTK PPK fast static static).
2015/2/13 Italy High resolution reconstruction of the kinematics of car crashes using data from an ensamble of sensor: accelerometer, gyro, OBD and GPS.
2015/2/14 USA Testing my own VRS network. Want to understand how realtime networks work.
2015/2/15 USA I am looking to current supply ephemeris information to mobile phones running Firefox OS that don't support SUPL in an open format (JSON).
2015/2/16 France I just want to test my own system for agricultural guidance machinery based on own ntrip client modul and standart guidance system on machine.
2015/2/16 Germany Evaluation of RTKLib capabilities. Scope is a private quadcopter project. Access will be sporadic only.
2015/2/16 USA In order to test RTCM messages for providing real time GPS corrections. Correction comparisons to be applied during marine surveying activities versus post processing.
2015/2/17 USA Small UAV NTRIP integration for greater accuracy in determining positions of pictures and video taken during flight. This is to test our software.
2015/2/18 Hungary I'm developing an NTRIP client for android and windows platform and i need some real life data for the developing process.
2015/2/20 Greece For academic use for demonstration and evaluation purposes in order to test GNSS receivers at various distances and satellite constellation geometries.
2015/2/21 Indonesia Just for educational research and socal activity purposes only and not for commercial and bussiness.
2015/2/22 Germany I am currently building a lawn mowing robot for private use and need a way to accurately (below meter accuracy) detect it's position. That's why I am currently researching the accuracy of GPS extensions which are based on base stations for example real time kinematics. To achieve that I'd like to have acces to real time EUREF data.
2015/2/23 Thailand Try how lowcost GPS works with ntrip caster DGPS. Trying to improve the accuracy of a smartphone GPS with the data from EUREF stations and an external GPS receiver.
2015/2/23 Venezuela Geodetic engineering student interested in the data generated by NTRIP and other resources and information that the product can provide.
2015/2/24 France I would to test our receivers on different configurations with and without bases in short and long distances between bases.
2015/2/24 Ukraine For geodetic measurements in static mode and real time.
2015/2/26 Canada I am a grad student at York University doing research in real-time GNSS positioning. Our short term goal is to expand our post-processing PPP software to perform in real-time.
2015/2/26 France Our small company tries to implement PPP algorithm for different kind of products (railway robots ...) and we must have corrections stream to try and develop theses programs.
2015/2/26 Germany GNSS application in forestry to optimize processes. Replacement of conventional measurement methods using paper and measuring tape. Test of cost-effective raw data receivers ublox M8N with android tablets (+ ALKIS-WMS) in combination with Ntrip.
2015/2/26 Hong Kong Our company is specialized in structure monitoring and precise navigation engineering. Our project included tunnel and bridge monitoring. Real-time precise positioning and orientation for marine barge and large structure.
2015/2/26 USA Application for data streams to evaluate feed data compare against alternate positioning methods and to troubleshoot acquisition settings before paying for services.
2015/2/27 USA Our agency uses GPS data to locate plant disease sites and potential hosts. Locations of a single tree in heavy canopy is one example.
2015/2/28 France Precise Point Positioning performance study (using CNES PPP Wizard software). A second purpose is access observations to study ionospheric delay over Europe.
2015/2/28 Malaysia The simultaneously retrieving decoding and converting real-time GNSS data streams from NTRIP broadcaster are required in the development of continuous deformation monitoring system.
2015/3/2 Germany Usage of NTRIP data streams in current and future GNSS research projects for RTK PPP positioning. The service will be used to test different RTCM streams (message combination) for case by case testing of developments.
2015/3/2 Malaysia To test the coordinate consistency and repeatability on several sites in Peninsular and East Malaysia. The results will be compared with post-process PPP derived from Bernese GNSS Software 5.2.
2015/3/2 Taiwan We are intended to contribute a RTK-Network in Asia region so we need GNSS observation in this area for our research. We need these data to analyze and verify our purpose.
2015/3/6 Switzerland I would like to use these corrections streams to test positioning accuracies of software suites like RTKLib. Also I am interested in PPP solutions achievable in real-time.
2015/3/6 USA We plan to experiment with using NTRIP data as a correction source for agriculture GPS navigation in seed drilling and spraying applications.
2015/3/9 Germany I am going to test the RTKlib with ublox m8 reciver. For this I need a base station with RTCM to test.
2015/3/9 Germany I founded a new company in the domain of agriculture. I only want to use IGS for testing purposes of a GNSS receiver. My customers have to apply for their own accounts or have different Services or own basis stations for RTK.
2015/3/9 Malaysia The data is used for research purposes and for real time processing for ionosphere studies. Further on the data will be used for real time processing for ionosphere in Malaysia area.
2015/3/9 Netherlands Experimental processing of GPS GLONASS GALILEO and BEIDOU measurement data for the monitoring and evaluation of ranging and positioning performances in real time.
2015/3/10 Germany To realize a more accurate positioning of our Aibotix UAV Aibot X6 we want to use a RTK Solution. An Ntrip-Server will be used to get RTCM correcture data to Transfer it to the UAV.
2015/3/10 USA Correcting GPS position data from construction equipment. Need RINEX files to post process data collected from GPS antennas on machine.
2015/3/11 Australia Using BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) to retrieve real-time Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data collected by IGS stations for ionospheric research.
2015/3/12 Hungary We would like to assess the real-time estimation of ZTD values using the PPP technique.
2015/3/12 Malaysia We have been distributed 6 GNSS Station to IGS. I want to use this application to check the data streaming and do the Comparison for accuracy and consistency between double difference and PPP method.
2015/3/12 United Kingdom I am experimenting with low cost L1 GNSS for the purpose of creating Ground Control points for archaeological survey in remote areas where conventional topographic control is difficult. I would like to access to IGS products for PPP positioning and access EUREF Ntrip broadcasters for real time correction.
2015/3/13 Romania I am a surveying engineer and I need RTK corrections for most of the activities related to my job. Also I need them for a better controll of GNSS determinations.
2015/3/14 Italy Correction streams will be used for GNSS research in our team and for performance evaluation of Real Time PPP and RTK on consumer grade receivers.
2015/3/14 Venezuela Study the feasibility of NTRIP applications in surveying cartography geography civil engineering topography used in the oil industry in Venezuela.
2015/3/16 Czech Republic Testing mapping applications with support for GPS and creating maps for realtime use.
2015/3/16 Germany I am studying geodesy and I would like to use BNC and Ntrip for my lessons.
2015/3/16 Sweden For private usage I’m learning and testing a little GPS-technique better than the consumer model I have. I’ve purchased an Ublox neo-6p receiver and experimenting with RTKLIB. To do so I need data from a base station.
2015/3/16 Turkey We are going to use IGS NTRIP stream for our field applications in oil and gas industry particularly seismic studies. The initial goal is to test the stream whether it fits our accuracy requirements and the stream steability.
2015/3/16 Vietnam I want to make a high accuracy and more stable navigation solution for uav's auto takeoff and landing.
2015/3/17 Australia I am Testing RTK GPS for a university project in a feasibility study for a high precision proximity detection system using a GPS receiver and RTK correction.
2015/3/17 Hungary The study of a GPS receiver built around the u-blox NEO-7P GPS module. Measuring achiveable precision with different augmentation methods.
2015/3/17 Taiwan I use GNSS internet radio tool application and I hope the RTCM can help my GPS work well.
2015/3/17 USA GNSS receiver stuff to make survey in field more accurate and better... we are a bit lost on how to get this setup.
2015/3/18 Australia University of New South Wales undergraduate wishing to evaluate the performance of open source precice GNSS positioning systens for oour thesis project.
2015/3/19 Australia Testing RTK GPS with android devices on samsung and on linux devices and other mobile devices and unnamed devices.
2015/3/19 Australia I am a PhD student trying to reduce the ambiguity convergence time using network FCB and would like to get access to IGS data stream for testing.
2015/3/19 Germany Academic research and teaching. We are building up a fleet of mobile exploration robots which are to localize themselves by means of DGPS.
2015/3/19 Taiwan I am a student who majors in geodesy. I want to receive my base station'data simultaneously. Therefore I need a ntrip address.
2015/3/20 Bulgaria I work with geodetic activities and the use of the network is of interest to me. I want to use it if possible in my phone.
2015/3/21 USA Testing of a new NTRIP utility tool we are developing to monitor recovered data quality and state space models.
2015/3/24 France Test of a 6D GPS receiver for embedded motion measurement and high precicions positionning with RTK corrections in real time.
2015/3/24 Spain I am interested to get RINEX v3 1Hz from MGEX network. Nevertheless for some of the MGEX stations RINEX files are not generated. Therefore I would like to create the RINEX from RTCM data.
2015/3/25 Germany I am applying for access for evaluation and test of GOGPS Matlab and GoGPS Java for personal education in this field.
2015/3/27 Germany Surveying tasks in the context of the tasks to comply with EU regulations. Test of cheap solutions for end users.
2015/3/27 Poland The GNSS stream will be used for the educational and research purposes. I would like particularly use service to collect data for GIS and cadastral surveying.
2015/3/28 Spain The application for this service is the investigation on portable devices (android) to use in surveying jobs and to see the accuracy of this system. I have always tested on GNSS receivers and I want to test now on android devices.
2015/3/29 Spain The application is real time PPP analysis using several products global and regional with multi-constellation streams from a set of stations.
2015/3/30 Romania I'm from Romania and I want to access your RTCM3 stream from the RTCM3EPH mountpoint of the caster. I need acces to this broadcast ephemeris stream to speed up the fix process of my NV08C-CSM based receivers.
2015/3/30 Tunisia The purpose of this application to get the credential for NTRIP casters is to test Low cost RTK solutions.
2015/3/30 Venezuela For academical use and testing about RTK protocol with android app. Want to test the accuracy and latency for local 3g networks.
2015/3/31 Netherlands As a hobby i'd like to try rtknavi in PPP Kinematic mode to obtain better accuracy with a low cost ublox gnss receiver.
2015/3/31 Norway Evaluation of ntrip features in gpsd and rtklib for use with GNSS modules. Intention is to learn more about GNSS positioning and how to gain more accuracy in the field by using readily available hardware and software. Pure personal interest.
2015/4/1 France Research and development of low cost RTK high precision positioning in order to increase the precision of Intelligent Transport Systems positioning.
2015/4/1 USA Trainee and object tracking for outdoor augmented reality training application using inertial measurements fused together by RTK filter with high precision GPS fixes.
2015/4/2 Germany We would like to locate landmarks in agriculture . Often large excavations must be made to find the landmarks (Stones). We want to avoid this. This is a private plan.
2015/4/3 USA Evaluating the potential benefits of higher accuracy clock and ephemeris in order to provide guidance to customers on higher accuracy PPP.
2015/4/4 Poland I would like to use GPS orbit corrections to compute position of satellites and compare coordinates. My main goal is to evaluate the accuracy.
2015/4/4 USA NASA Search and Rescue program second generation beacon research and development. We are implementing the orbit propogator and have need for real time Galileo data.
2015/4/4 USA I wish to use NTRIP to educate students on DSGPS within our courses and competitions.
2015/4/6 Indonesia Education for student practice and research for sub meter positioning in static and kinematic survey real time kinematic GPS GIS application.
2015/4/7 Canada We will use the Ntrip network for testing in two concurrent projects the first is a collision avoidance system that employs small RTK GNSS roving receivers the second is to test a small GNSS antenna with an embedded RTK receiver.
2015/4/7 Puerto Rico Research of RTCM messages for testing in my region and which one equipment used in this applications. Compare precisions of the equipments used.
2015/4/9 Germany Test of external antennas with different correction methods to increase accuracy of positioning with mobile devices running Apple's iOS with AppleMaps.
2015/4/9 Japan Development of NLOS satellites detection method with 3D map for improving GNSS positioning accuracy and availability in an urban canyon.
2015/4/9 Japan I am doing research on GNSS and searching way to improve precision of GNSS. So I want use data of IGS as reference.
2015/4/9 Spain I´d like to use it for agricultural machinery guidance using RTKlib. I´m looking for an accuracy for about 10cm.
2015/4/9 Sweden I am working in the company that develops SMLCE-SMLC products used in the mobile networks for positioning of mobile devices mainly for emergency calls. In the case when a mobile device is A-GNSS capable SMLC sends assistance data to help the device get the first fix on the satellites in view. I am planning to use messages of type: 1019 and 1020 to create assistance data.
2015/4/9 Sweden Time metrology. We are the Swedish NMI and process GNSS for different purposes mainly for time and frequency links between NMIs but even for atmospheric studies and geodesy together with Onsala Space Observatory CTH.
2015/4/10 Canada We are developing a high accuracy position tracking system for agriculture robots using RTKLib. The stream will be used as an input for RTK system.
2015/4/10 Italy I am going to participate in the Real Time Point Positioning demonstration campaign organized by the Working Group 1 of the COST Action GNSS4SWEC.
2015/4/11 Vietnam I'm surveyor. I have found a ntrip signal for my research. I often go to offshore for navigation. I hope i can use ntrip signal to improve my gps signal.
2015/4/13 Italy I'm trying to develop a TEC calibration algorithm (hopefully working in real-time) to investigate physical processes driving to ionospheric irregularities. The use of this data streaming will be primarly devoted to the retrival of ephemeris for GPS and Galileo satellites.
2015/4/13 Italy I'm a geologist and nowadays I have to perfom some of the more mundane tasks in the field such as precisely locating oneself with a GPS unit displaying multiple images (maps, satellite images, aerial photography etc.) plotting strike and dip symbols and plotting different physical characteristics of a lithology or contact type (e.g. unconformity) between rock strata. In particular I want observe, analyze and record geological features in the field and display in real-time with sub-metric accuracy on a computer or tablet or smartphone.
2015/4/13 Portugal I am a Phd Student from Portugal and I would like to apply to acces your free real time GNSS data strems for academic research.
2015/4/14 Argentina I work in the University. I need the streams in order to research about RT positioning, its characteristics and accuracy. My final objective is to teach this new technology to engineering students.
2015/4/14 Brazil Master and PhD Thesis development using data from Brazil. PPP and relative positioning either in real time or post processing using data of Brazil and South America.
2015/4/15 USA We are doing PPP CDGPS and SBAS research for our University work. It's great to have a real-time reference station near-by. Thank you for this great service.
2015/4/16 Germany Try to get coordinates for survey water networks with low cost Android devices. For projects in Africa and East Carribean.
2015/4/16 Germany GPS tracking App for Android for finding cross points on a farming ground. Use it with RTKplus App on a smartphone.
2015/4/16 Netherlands The primary purpose is testing GNSS time and frequency transfer techniques relying capabilities on the real-time streaming of GNSS especially Galileo data.
2015/4/17 Armenia I am evaluating the possibility of getting good relative positioning using cheap technologies. I'll be using Android phone with RTKGPS+ application to access the correction information.
2015/4/19 Canada Temporary stake out of land development conceptual designs for nonprofit community associations. Work is performed free of charge. Future work may also include creation of accurate geocaching reference points.
2015/4/21 Spain Academic use. Improvement of the GNSS features of civil aviation using data from the broadcasters of southern Europe (Spain area). We are a team of two partners studying a degree on aeronavigation.
2015/4/23 Australia I am a GPS enthusiast that is interesting in using NTRIP corrections for Projects and Hobby use. I have used other services in the past but wish to investigate the NTRIP concept. I am hoping that I can eventually provide an additional NTRIP Server to this service in my area. I have been investigating hardware but at the moment can not afford the survey grade antenna.
2015/4/23 Denmark Data will be used for learning about RTK and in the end be used to calculate precise racing lines during motorcycle racing.
2015/4/24 Poland To develop real-time multi-GNSS PPP algorithms using raw observations. To estimate troposphere delays with gradients in real-time and to provide slant delays for GNSS tomography.
2015/4/27 St Lucia We would like our GPS unit to obtain correction data from this IGS service so that our GPS readings will be more accurate.
2015/4/28 Germany Different development projects: (1) Augmented Reality for pipelines cables under ground as well as operations in the forest e.g. marking trees which should be cut (2) Feasibility study of parking unmanned cars.
2015/4/29 Germany GNSS- survey for forestry mapping applications and tree cadastral applications as well as environmental inspections in Germany.
2015/4/29 Malaysia The requirement of the Ntrip application is to stream the GNSS data using Ntrip server and to manage the data using Ntrip caster. All these valuables Ntrip functions are totally utilized for research purpose.
2015/4/29 Puerto Rico Graduate student course requires usage of this program for an assignment. I will be using this program to better learn about GPS systems.
2015/4/29 Venezuela Sensing Remoto surveying and geodesy cadastral studies in urban areas orthorectification of satellite imagery. Precision Agriculture and geographic information systems.
2015/4/30 Australia I would like to test a ndgps hardware platform. I need access to a NTRIP server to test and optimise the hardware configuration for future applications in Archaeology.
2015/4/30 Germany Test for studying with RTKlib and single GPS with rassbery pi, linux, debian!
2015/4/30 Germany An account for gaining access to RTCM NTRIP data over internet is desired for educational purposes as well as helping in development of GNSS Receiver hard- and software.
2015/5/1 Sweden Evaluating the need for easy access to a precise positioning service for local ecologic farmers. This service is very interesting to test.
2015/5/1 Sweden Using the stream while testing different GPS products and apps aimed for the agriculture sector and specifically seeding and spraying.
2015/5/2 Australia Our target application is for UAV in agricultal sector. We hope to use RTK for accurate GPS positioning to implement UAV service station such as landing refuelling.
2015/5/2 USA Looking to play around with RTK with my 3dr iris using ntrip for corections and RTKlib on the drone for better GPS quality.
2015/5/3 Germany Students project regarding the navigation of a vehicle on our campus with a single GPS receiver. Navilock receiver with Ublox6 module in combination with RTKLib or similar Software.
2015/5/3 United Kingdom I am working on portable GPSRTK technology for precise farming including unmanned rovers. Access to NTRIP streams is for an evaluation purpose.
2015/5/5 France This access will be used for the real-time monitoring of the EGNOS performance.
2015/5/5 Israel Unmanned Ground Vehicles application. Positioning a vehicle on a road and controlling it from afar. The vehicle needs centemeter level positioning in order to close control loops.
2015/5/5 Poland I am a PhD student and my main issue of interest is GNSS positioning. I would like to use the data from your service in my resarch.
2015/5/6 Bulgaria Test project for RTK navigation on robot platforms. We evaluate accuracy of RTK positioning on rover platforms and the ability to use positioning information for precise photo mapping and 3D modeling.
2015/5/6 Hungary RTK research and development. I would like to use NTRIP data stream to develop high-precision positioning software (RTK DGPS) for vehicles.
2015/5/7 Germany In an Project on humanitarian demining for radar measurements, the exact sensor position an hence GPS correction data are necessary online during outdoor measurements. Here the access to nearby EUREF-caster is essential.
2015/5/7 Romania I need access to your broadcast ephemeris stream to speed-up the fix process of my NVC08C based RTK GNSS receiver.
2015/5/8 Egypt I like to try the free RTCM stream to use it in my research about using GNSS corrections. Also to see how can depend on free correction service.
2015/5/8 Italia I would like to do some tests on laboratory instrumentations and try to integrate RTK corrections on microcontroller boards for real time precision coordinates output.
2015/5/8 Puerto Rico I am a student and I would like access to the data for a GPS class I am taking.
2015/5/9 Greece Test CORS station network EUREF with our local network.
2015/5/11 Germany We want to evaluate the accuracy of RTK with RTKlib for localization in public transportation. Later we want to build our own reference station.
2015/5/11 United Kingdom Use of corrections to provide RTK solution for our receivers to allow us to survey our antenna locations accurately. Require a UK location.
2015/5/12 Australia I'm gonna use the data for a demo of PPP solution by using RTKLIB Software. This is part of the exercise in principle of GPS class.
2015/5/12 Germany An aerial photography platform based on a raspberry pi + raspicam and a Ublox GPS receiver. First iteration will use a kite as means of transportation. Second iteration will use fixed wing or copter airplane + ardupilot.
2015/5/12 India GeoTrack application for use in firmware that tracks vehicles. This application is for use in India. The units are mounted and used in buses and taxis.
2015/5/14 France We realize marine survey mapping purpose with multibeam echos sounder and RTK GNSS system and would use real time correction with Ntrip.
2015/5/15 Malaysia For research purpose only.
2015/5/18 Indonesia To test CORS station network EUREF with our local network. I would like to study about CORS data via streaming access.
2015/5/19 Germany We are doing cooperation with our geology researchers for real-time application.
2015/5/22 Canada We will be using another Caster for GNSS streams but we're looking to use this for testing purposes. Our application is industrial equipment anti-collision.
2015/5/22 Indonesia Terrestrial measurements including measurement area manufacture BM point construction of roads construction of new areas creation of housing map updates creation of irrigation channels.
2015/5/22 Spain Corrections will be used for hydrography. Our company is engaged in maritime work. We work with topographical equipment.
2015/5/23 Norway We request access to study RTCM 3.x message streams from a variety of GNSS reference stations for RTK rover usage.
2015/5/25 Bulgaria Communications in maritime mobile services, maritime and land precise positioning, global maritime electronics communications and systems research on possibilities of ships radio equipment for use in data communication networks.
2015/5/25 Canada Ntrip corrections for survey work using dual freq arrow 200 unit in remote locations. Testing accuracy and reliabiliy to verify accuracy level with specific equipment compatibility.
2015/5/25 Germany RTKLib. Testing from Ntrip and from GPS signal for a Bachelor Thesis with GPS Receiver.
2015/5/25 Estonia I'm evaluating different NTRIP providers for best accuracy for my localisation project. Would love to test your service also to compare it against local providers.
2015/5/25 Turkey I want to convert network correction from RTCM to RINEX. For this application I use Cors-TR. In addition I want to learn how I can use this program for GNSS application.
2015/5/26 Germany I want to evaluate some modules with RTKLIB.
2015/5/27 Germany To analyse the performance of GALILEO, GLONASS and BDS signals in kind of availability of service in postprocessing and later in realtime.
2015/5/27 Poland Project of autonomous lawn mower for my garden. It will use to navigate GPS system LIDAR and gyroscopes. This is only hobby project.
2015/5/28 Germany I would like to get detailed information data about GPS DGPS in order to write my Bachelor thesis which is about the difference between GPS and DGPS. Therefore I would like to illustrate the difference by concrete measurements.
2015/5/28 Germany Set up a navigation system for the Universal Robot. Target is to build a local station-rover system by using the RTKLIB for the Robot Operating System.
2015/5/28 Netherlands Using NTRIP datasources for validation of hardware and software testing purposes and other related activities without further redistribution of data or usage for critical applications.
2015/5/29 Austria Build an remote controlled unnmanned ground vehicle. For position and autonomous drive I use an raspberry pi2 with navio+ shield and RTK GPS.
2015/5/29 Austria Development of a free driving unmanned plattform for moving a dummy object on a preplanned trajectory across the road in vehicle test scenarios.
2015/5/29 Greece I am currently conducting my Diploma Thesis in order to complete my 5-year Program in the Technical University. I am researching about the PPP performance and I would like to make use of the Real-Time Service in order to evalute the real-time PPP solutions compared to weekly solutions.
2015/5/30 France I am doing my masters research project on Navigation of drones under constrained environments. That requires GNSS sensors to retrieve data along with the vision and INS sensors. For an improved accuracy of receiver position I am interested in Precise Point Positioning technique.
2015/5/31 Poland I am learning RTKLIB software package and I need input data for RTKNAVI application.
2015/6/1 Germany We are a small (two person) start-up company and we are developing video based localization systems. These systems are very precise locally but not accurately referenced in a global coordinate system. We recently purchased a GPS receiver to reference our local position estimate in a global coordinate system. We think that the euref community can benefit from these experiments since our video based methods are so precise that the GPSRTK might at some time be benchmarked against them.
2015/6/3 Ukraine Our company specify about developing security systems which based on the locating whith GNSS and cellural module. Tracking positioning objekt location planning.
2015/6/5 Japan Access to Ntrip streams is for evaluation of usefulness of checking the GNSS receiver located on overseas. Checking of GNSS receiver means alive or not.
2015/6/8 Austria PhD student researching and testing low cost Global Navigation Satellite System receiver based on RTKLIB GNSS toolkit used in precise farming.
2015/6/8 Brazil I am a land surveyor. This technology is new to me and I wish to start learning and using it.
2015/6/8 Czech Republic Academic use. Evaluation of RTK and DGPS with long baselines. Low cost GNSS receivers are used with RTKLIB. May be used for testing a receiver which is being developed.
2015/6/8 France As CIO for the town I'm working for I'd like to test NTRIP client for my mobile GNSS solution.
2015/6/8 Netherlands I would like to use NTRIP data for positioning in the field of archaeology. I am working in remote places without the use of Total Station where I need accurate GPS measurements.
2015/6/9 Slovakia Test some softwares: BKG Ntrip Client, GNSSurfer and mostly RTKLIB software.
2015/6/10 Australia We are an educational training organisation teaching diploma level courses in surveying. We will be using the NTRIP server to stream corrections to our Trimble GIS grade recivers to demonstrate to students.
2015/6/11 Chile We are working on RTK gps systems for precise positioning on terrain survey using low cost drones. The idea is to evaluate the use of ntrip casters instead of a base station.
2015/6/11 Germany The Faculty of Automotive Engineering perfoms different road tests as a practical part in academic education of automotive engineers. It is important to measure the exact position of the vehicle during the test. We use a Data-acquisition-system with GPS and included Real Time Kinematics-Option.
2015/6/11 Italy Application for aeromodel precision position for landing control and testing gps manufacturing monitoring the accuracy position of model during the flight.
2015/6/11 Russia RTKLIB for parrallel driving in samara region.
2015/6/11 USA Our application is investigating the use of real-time precise positioning using RTKLIB running on small form factor devices as vehicles traverse a course using.
2015/6/11 USA We will use the real time kinematic corrections for improving accuracies in detailed bathymetric surveys conducted in shallow oceanic environments.
2015/6/12 Australia Connection to ITRF datum streams for Network RTK validation for use in determining offset corrections from a local datum to ITRF and other IGS orbit and clock products.
2015/6/12 Germany Evaluation of online RTK GNSS systems on board of small unmanned aerial systems. Special interest: geo-referenced orthophotos for surveying and agriculture.
2015/6/12 Italy University research for UAV systems. Add a offline capability of High accuracy position estimation using GPS systems and data fusion. Project in cooperation with governative and industrial partners.
2015/6/12 Poland We use the measurement technology of GPS and GLONASS to monitor natural and artificial obstacles to air navigation including the study of geometric parameters, declines changes in the value of longitudinal and transverse, runway and taxiways at airports state.
2015/6/13 Belarus RTKLIB test for my diploma project application based on ublox lea-6t. Ntrip is needed for estimating unscented kalman filter positioning accuracy.
2015/6/13 Greece We need RTK DGPS corrections for improving the accuracy of UAV flight paths over forest fires.
2015/6/13 South Korea I'd like to use the NTRIP data streams as well as real-time products to test RTK and RT-PPP software packages.
2015/6/14 Argentina To double check positions of benchmarks and locations with another source of corrections. To be used for land and marine survey positioning.
2015/6/14 Malaysia To use for combination of structure and earth plate deformation analysis study and compare result with post processing using bernese software.
2015/6/15 Germany We are monitoring rare species in a large area. We want to know if a real time precise positon is good enough to see the devolpment of the population.
2015/6/15 Russia We develop new Ntrip caster and RINEX converter software and we need data streams to test it.
2015/6/15 USA I would like access to data streams for research into real time earthquake and tsunami early warning systems at several tectonic plate boundaries. The global data will allow us to perform precise point positioning with ambiguity resolution within the regions of interests for deformation analysis.
2015/6/17 France We operate a CORS network and we provide RTK corrections to our customers mobile GNSS users (surveying civil engineering etc.). We plan to set up new stations. But for now we want to test the feasibility of such a network: delay of streaming transmission delay in forwarding RTK corrections telecom networks coverage (for GPRSNTRIP) general availability and accuracy. After a initial period if the tests give good results we plan to set up about 3 stations (+-1).
2015/6/17 USA Investigate PPP using RTKlib and compare with results obtained using local NRTK corrections for possible future development of systems or services.
2015/6/18 Italy My application is about precision farming software using GPS receiver and RTKlib libraries for submeter positioning coordinates.
2015/6/18 Norway We aim to build more experience with realtime-PPP applications and therefore a few researchers would like to request access to the service.
2015/6/18 Spain Educational activities for last courses students of Telecommunication Engineering (Grade and Master). Practical use of clock and orbit corrections and ionospheric effects.
2015/6/18 Switzerland Raspberry Pi2.0 and RTKLib experiments for hobby and fun. Attempt to build a small autonomous Rover to verify if the opensource code is really as powerful as described.
2015/6/20 India We execute a project for the Government on Cadastral Forestry and Utility projects. As existing field infrastructure is inadequate we require the use of NTRIP broadcast.
2015/6/20 Romania GNSS experience for my local CORS network. The network is located in S-E of Romania. I have already 28 sensors in my area.
2015/6/21 France Personnal use to evaluate RTK for Android (RTKGPS+) and if possible use in a robotic personal project.
2015/6/22 Germany Trying to check out and test the features of RTKLIB open software library with PPP and NTRIP on an experimental basis.
2015/6/23 Germany We will use a low cost GNSS system based on two ublox m8t to measure position and altitude of groundwater observation wells worldwide. We are going to use this service to install our base station. General purpose is mainly for research.
2015/6/23 USA My application uses precise real-time aiding to provide centimeter to decimeter level accuracy for low-power devices in kinematic motion. Readily available local NTRIP casters provide excellent reference measurements.
2015/6/24 Netherlands I want to test precise GPS for the dutch sailing federation to use it for the elite sailors to give more precise indication of speed etc.
2015/6/25 Italy I will use this account to test the GPS corrections and to study how it works.
2015/6/25 Netherlands I would like to use Ntrip services for archaeological research and survey in both the Netherlands and Italy in combination with DGPS.
2015/6/26 Australia For use in bathymetric survey oceanographic measurements seafloor mapping and the conduct of a variety of environmental trials and experiments.
2015/6/26 France For a research project we try to use RTK GPS on a rover for precise positioning navigation. Ntrip caster solution evaluation instead of deploying a base station.
2015/6/26 Switzerland I am trying to develop an RTK system to support sky training and mountain rescue. The project should be low cost; so I am using RTKlib running on raspberry pi.
2015/6/27 Norway For use in research and development of autonomous vehicles for sea ground and air. Mapping and hydrography precision navigation post processing of position data.
2015/6/28 Ukraine I am developing a RTK app for Android and I want to use the data for testing purpose.